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  1. Any chance we can get a rework on Chroma Prime? Based on general community feedback (and my own experience), Spectral Scream and Effigy could be examined at the very least. Warframe has evolved many times over. DE is one of the most talented developers out there, and I have no doubt they can improve where Chroma stands in the meta currently. Pablo has come up with shrewd, creative solutions and effective abilities. If anyone can do us proud with a rework, he can. Chroma is more or less my favorite Warframe. But instead of despairing, I'm willing to cut the devs a break since they are hard at work on Fortuna, Codename: Railjack (and I can only imagine what else). Thanks DE for any consideration. And thanks for reading.
  2. From what I've read, Maiming Strike/Blood Rush and other combo-related mods might be on the chopping block with the upcoming changes to melee and combo counter. On paper, the obvious would be since light attacks dont affect combo counter, Blood Rush viability would transform from mandatory on many weapons/builds to the next Ammo Drum. I am hoping instead of scrapping or hard-nerfing the combo mods they will be instead reworked into something that is powerful but requires investment, like Condition Overload. Condition Overload is probably the best-designed mod in the game, at least in my opinion. The other thing I'm slightly concerned with is how many Riven Mods are in the game with Slide Critical stats. Got one just the other day from Sortie. You can't reasonably implement something extremely powerful into the game and then expect the majority of the player base to ignore it. If combo counter doesn't apply to quick melee, all of those rivens go from the strongest mod options in the game to mediocre because there is no scaling. If basic melee can no longer scale up, enemy armor scaling might need a downgrade. Melee is currently our strongest, most flexible damage source in the game. I sincerely hope great care is taken before any changes go through. With that being said, I understand seeing something overpowered from the development perspective and desiring to balance it. The main question I am asking DE is if you are firm on getting rid of spin2win, can we please get a full rework/revisit for Blood Rush/Maiming Rivens etc as opposed to nerfs? Thanks for reading
  3. please do not remove synergies with abilities unless you absolutely have to. less options in combat is rarely a good thing this will make Saryn's synergy/strategy with another very specific warframe go from excellent to ineffective. While I admit that isnt my preferred playstyle, I would rather not take the option away from the portion of the community that enjoys it. if this change was intended to nerf that team composition in particular, I would humbly suggest buffing underused and/or underperforming frames instead. Corrosive Projection has been nearly omnipresent in the meta since its inception. Corrosive damage Spores does not sound useful in a party using 4 CPs. We do not need a tool to remove armor when it has already been removed passively. We already have an overused warframe that removes armor called Frost. Viral was useful. please consider another option with CP in mind. thanks for reading
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