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  1. Exactly what I pointed out before about the flaw of this "catch-up". It is very limiting and does not fix the stress factor of Nightwave. Nightwave is still just as infuriating as it was before.
  2. Well then prepare. Don't like someone being as pro as you? Quit the match, save everyone the trouble of dealing with you. Or go play Sekiro, oh right, that has revives too.
  3. Aaaaaaaaaaand there goes any reason for people to even enter the Conclave room.
  4. This is what worries me when I finaly get my PC up and running. I haven't played in over two months and I worry do-a-once-per-day-thing-multiple-times will lock me out of doing in time once I finaly get my RX5700XT. #*!% Nightwave! So much good stuff in this Nightwave, all locked behind the vile and... dear god I hate Nightwave so #*!%ing much.
  5. Why limit yourself? Why think in what you will or will not try? The frames are free, slots cheap and easily farmed. You will try them all. You will. Ooooh you will.
  6. Oh my god YES!!!! Heavy Ammo from regular enemies oh thank you DE!!! YES!!!!
  7. Delayed?! AH COME ON! 😞 That means I'm not going to see the update in weeks if not a month+ because I'll be going away for a good while... fk sake 😞 Thanks for the notice 😞
  8. Cyath Croni-visitis 124,4% Damage 66% Critical Damage 43.9% Attack Speed DASH polarity Rank 0 MR10 UNROLLED 500 platinum
  9. YOu still don't get it, do you? SEASONAL NATURE OF IT is what people hate the most here. I am completely stressed by it. I am tired.
  10. I will be home until 18th of May so I hope the operation is not in phases. Wisp if she is still the same as on Devstream will be DoA, her abilities aside from wisp projection and solar beam are extremely stationary and boring micromanagment. Beautiful and unwanted. But that Nyx.... ohoho that Nyx I have been waiting for since you showed us concept Nebezial made ❤️ Jupiter is almost as pretty as her but still worthy of licking her boots clean, if you know what I mean.
  11. You didn't make the rotations last a normal amount of time, therefore you didn't earn anything from the feedback.
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