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  1. Teach them a hard lesson in life. It will be a valuable lesson going forward.
  2. I am not a dedicated Eidolon hunter or anything of the sort but I absolutely agree with you that Arcanes should stay with Eidolons. It's not a ridiculous niche like raids and anyone can participate. Top shelf stuff should be hard to grind, not given around freely.
  3. Just please for the love of god do not have co-op puzzles! The very reason why I stayed away from Raids as if they were a baby under laxatives.
  4. YES PLEASE! P.S. FK! Pumpkin heads, bunny ears and candy canes!
  5. Being able to freeze certain stats in order to create more specialized rivens would kill the idiotic prices set on rivens, resulting in the riven market finally gaining its senses back and everyone being happy. I mean, we don't intend to nerf anything anways, right? We just keep buffing everything to match overly powerful stuff already instead of scaling things down.
  6. All hail the bringer of Darkness! She who extinguishes the Golden Sun!
  7. Wait, is this for real? Does it always do this or? Went to check. Yap, it reduces the quality of the weapon. I mean it figures, it's an infection from EPIC... instant drop in quality. BUT! Is it just a visual stats bug or does it actually impact the weapons?
  8. Kohm is and always was an ammo glutton. That will never change. My suggestion, use it on a frame with High Duration with Energized Munitions on. It is absolutely worth it. I use it on Wisp and Gauss with their RoF buffs and let me tell you... sht is crazy yo!
  9. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Necramech_Repair Anyone used it? Is it worth anything? Or easily outgunned by engine/hover/slide efficiency mods?
  10. Well... it looks mighty stupid when you put any helmet on your Voidrig that isn't its original if you turn on your Shield and it spins like that girl from Exorcist but on drugs. Looks stupid. Can we just have the effect if the original helmet is not on? Thanks :)
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong after so many years of playing... but aren't non-prime frames and a lot of weapons also available for platinum in the store? Since like... forever?
  12. I'd say you need a certain Turian to help you with calibrations. Sadly, archguns are the meh weapons of the game. THE ALL POWERFUL AND MENACING MOMENTS OF POWER FANTASY, it is why they have such bad ammo economy. Power fantasy and low levels where anything is strong enough, even Viper.
  13. Usually those who choose to speak are those without much shame. So they choose to be shameless. HOWEVER, I only remember like... two times? I ever heard someone on PC use a mic, and they played music over it. So... must be a console thing?
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