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  1. I don't think there will be a Kuva Zarr because it is already a "kuva related" weapon through the Kuva Fortress.
  2. Not surprised. The contest probably had more bots than actual people, trying to farm those moneys.
  3. They're not gonna buff it. We've always been fixing weapons with mods. Also it is a comfort pick, to reload faster or fire longer...
  4. Then offer him advice, not shaming. Since you're so observative.
  5. Mag size, Max Ammo, Reload, Recoil, Zoom, Range, Projectile Speed.... thing that are not DIRECTLY damage should be Exilus mods. I hear the argument "hurr durr but those do increase dps"... well then... why is Projectile Speed which increases shotgun DPS at range allowed and why is Power Drift an exilus mod when POWER DRIFT DIRECTLY INCREASES YOUR WARFRAME'S DAMAGE?! DE, I've been saying this since the release of exilus slots for weapons... please... gameplay over nitpicking. Comfort over rock solid rules. Some weapons don't even have a single possible use out of an exilus slot... because the things they need like reload (akbronco, twin roggas...) or magazine size (hystrix, ocucor....) ARE NOT EXILUS.... what gives?! Exilus is supposed to be utility.
  6. Agreed. I also think it was kind of a stupid idea to let anyone be the captain. I mean, why? There is supposed to be absolute command or unanimous STAY vote. A single vote on my crew is always DryDock for that person and then back to missions. Now... it's anarchy.
  7. Well here you are sounding like a child, while I suggest an adult thing to do... which is to suck it up and get on with it!
  8. That's right. I prefer some content that would make you go "fk", instead of having the content raise its @$$ and call you senpai. Imagine if content didn't pat your back and call you "a good, good boy, who's my good little baby boy, we don't want anything to huwt youw wittle feewings."
  9. Take responsibility for your actions. Stop thinking others will solve your own made problems for you.
  10. Ouuu I'd like that. Just a random surprise mission. Dunno where or what, it could be someone just having fun, it could be a newbie opening all the lockers in a mission.
  11. Any kind of inter-player competition results in a lot of toxic and foul play, exploitation of bugs and glitches and general lack of sportsmanship. Even PVE oriented things with leaderboards.
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