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  1. Oh my god YES!!!! Heavy Ammo from regular enemies oh thank you DE!!! YES!!!!
  2. Very unusual design 😄 Only thing I'd really change is to make the grip longer so it looks more practical to hold.
  3. Sapping Ospreys are the reason why I avoid high level Corpus content.
  4. Welp... it was burried 😐 nvm, I retract my previous statement.
  5. Salty... but yeah, I know you're talking about the riven. Let me look it up since you can't.
  6. No, it was clearly mentioned up front. Look it up.
  7. Well, always presume skins and armors coming from Baro will be Baro exclusive, like all the other such items that came before. It was said you'd get a riven.
  8. I'm always excited about new weapons. Which is why it pains me that we no longer have regular Tenno Reinforcements.
  9. I don't see a problem with this. This has been the case with all the previous event weapons from events that do not repeat. Look at the Wraith and Vandal episodes. The year of exclusivity for those weapons is more than fair for bragging rights, and the people who buy the Ignis Wraith from Baro still don't have an infinite amount of those blueprints, blueprints which you can just list on market and sell for 5 platinum all day for weeks on end and earn hundreds of platinum, trading a one or more between your every farming mission. This isn't DE spitting in the faces of those who earned the BP, this is respecting all of the players who play the game and would otherwise have trouble staying in the game or play often because they know they'll miss weapons and never get it.
  10. And you cut out on school aparently when you can't read straight. Yes it fkin bothers me! I like this game! I like its design and what we can do in the game with our frames. Yes it bothers me to miss out on amaizing cosmetics and utilities because of a broken system originaly designed to milk players by other companies. I don't pull out anything, I state facts. I'd leave it up to you to understand what is said but so far your kind has repeatedly failed at that and so we have to interpret everything for you, sadty that too doesn't work because you find a way to argue against it for the sake of argument. I'm done with you. Next reply you can post on a wall it will be the same. You people can't be argued with, a change wouldn't hurt you in the least but would greatly benefit a lot of players who are suffering to this system. But god forbid... This post, and thread, are hopefuly something more DE can draw from and make changes to this horrifying "battle pass".
  11. Let's see... alerts would run for an hour or so, if you missed it you either didn't know or you missed it. Never felt stressed about missing something in an alert, we knew it would come back. It never forced you to grind for weeks, it took like a few minutes to complete, at worst 10 minutes. It amazes me how you people completely miss the point just for your arguments of "if I can hurr durr". We don't have to pretend anything, some of us liked Alerts better over a stressful quota system. Rewards from alerts now cost "insert Credits" and are obtained on a weekly basis. Means instead of 5 minutes + 12 hours to build, you now have 7 days of waiting and 12 hours to build. Cosmetics and such should be added to the store at the end of the Season. Season = Free Chance, after that it's Platinum on the market. I wouldn't have anything against a system as that. That's my compromise.
  12. And we get to the crux of the problem of arguments of your kind! Why does in your demented logic real life invalidates us of ingame content? Not an event mind you, BUT A WHOLE DAMN THING MEANT TO REPLACE ALERTS AS A PERMANENT GAME ADDITION THAT IS MONTHS OF GRIND FOR POTENTIALY NOTHING. I will commend for at least adding the catch-up mechanic instead of giving players a weekly quota. That's a fkton of stress off our shoulders. Still hate the idea of grinding for days, weeks and months to get your simple reward that used to take 5 minutes on an ALERT. And the damn exclusivity of items tied to "seasons"... that's most of all what people are afraid of. In a game where fashion is endgame, cosmetics are mighty important. Hell, even a weapon is important as a cosmetic. I could have but lol.... mate.... seriously don't be a $&*^ -.- As for the "real life" stuff, IT'S CALLED REAL LIFE. It's called being with people, friends, family. It doesn't mean someone lost their leg and now you can't make it and have to "handle what happens in real life". Dude... REAL... LIFE. Like... is there something here that people don't understand and think "real life" absolutely means rush, stress, deadlines and threatening situations?
  13. You haven't taken any "read with understanding" in elementary school, huh...
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