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  1. It is something DE has struggled with since Rhino turned completely gold with Iron Skin. Xaku just becomes stupid and loses all fashion when using her 4, Loki and Ivara just disappear instead of now maybe looking like Wisp when invisible... some frames cannot be fashioned because their abilities which are usually 100% time active cover or outright remove all fashion. Enter Nidus Prime, a lesson not yet learned.
  2. Buff EVERYTHING on the weapon. As it is right now fully modded and buffed by some frame ability it does less than a half modded Halicar Wraith.
  3. Short and sweet, will we ever be able to trade the now useless Hemocyte Cystoliths for Operation standings? 325 to 750 standing per I hope. So it's half or a full forma for 4 cystoliths to reflect the mission, 4 Hemos for 3000/1 Forma ratio.
  4. Along with any other magazine size, accuracy and reload mods.
  5. So there I was minding my own business in Arbitration Survival when suddenly the team decides to leave... I decide to stay. I'm killin some foos, timer runs down and then BLAM! I'm extracted with them despite being on the other end of the map. Worst yet, no rewards, no affinity, no nothing. A complete waste of time. So yeah. Arbitration Survival, 10 minute mark team extracts, I stay, game extracts me with the team, I get no rewards.
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