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  1. I love her Deluxe. She looks sick, like literally sick and decaying, pure body horror.
  2. Rank 30 to 40 still grants Mastery Affinity. As for Kuva Weapons vs. Mech... at least the mech needs that extra mod capacity.
  3. Sadly just a very lame forma sink. Awesome weapons but... insanely unreasonable forma investment. I still haven't finished a single kuva weapon to 40 BECAUSE NO WEAPON NEEDS IT!!!!!!
  4. This is all great and fine but shedding your skin with Vast Untime completely ruins the fashionframe aspect of what is one of the most interesting looking frames capable of excellent fashion. Any chance we might get some form of "does not look boring when using an ability you want to have on AT ALL TIMES?
  5. It can also be maybe you are trying to pay with My PayPal Wallet instead of directly PayPal?
  6. Bought a 17" Acer Predator Helios 300 for my girlfriend. It's good a lot of power behind it, it's got excellent cooling... of of the best cooling in its price range actually :) Very customizable, metal surfaces, buttons are extremely comfortable to use... I really see no downsides to it really. 6 Core i7 9750H, GTX 1660Ti, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 144Hz IPS screen... it's a beauty and a beast.
  7. But the platforming was the most basic. Imagine if we had to do wall jumps, dashes etc to actually use that mobility. As for Nora... I am so disappointed she didn't get killed... would have been nice to finally be rid of her godawful narrations. Aside from that disappointing thing and the snowball fight, the boss was dope. Loved his rage.
  8. Only issue I take with Nihil is memory game and snowball fight. The animations, enviroment and platforms as well as his rage were all real nice.
  9. Agreed. The lift is so damn annoying and disruptive it's beyond me why it is a thing. Not in any way better than Impact knockdown procs were and staggers are on guns.
  10. It's not like you have to jump through 20 gates like in EVE.
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