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  1. Please significantly reduce the flashing when hitting enemies with melee. It's agressive on the eyes. Every time you hit an enemy during your demonstration it felt like something strobelighting my face.
  2. Then they are welcome to leave. Those who do not want people like that will utilize this restriction and filter out the unwanteds. As always, Warframe gives you an option instead of just making it so.
  3. This is for all those people that just look for a clan to nab research and then never participate in the clan. This would limit the member so he actually acts like a clan member before earning the priviledge of replicating the research so many put effort into.
  4. Awww..... no Reinforcements or anything again 😞 Every time while I am grateful for constant fixes and touches, I am disappointed every time I open patchnotes and see nothing new added.
  5. + on this from me, moreso on Furis Prime so we have a reason to use its Augment on a functioning weapon.
  6. AGREED. Would love to have some menacing as fk Scythe weapon. Maybe some scythe skin comes out from Tennogen.
  7. Ignis Wraith BP (and there is only BP, no parts required except for resources) is available for dirt cheap credits in Clan Dojos of those who scored in top 10% during the Pacifism Defect event. Ignis Wraiths literaly go for pocket change on the market so it doesn't make sense to have them be tradeable.
  8. No, you will not get the sword if you bought the Revenant bundle as the Bundle price was not priced with the sword in mind.
  9. Mmmm, yes please I want those. If we make enough noise about it DE will look into it. Spam Steve's Twitter or something.
  10. Still nothing on getting stuck in Peacemaker if you use it while holding an Archweapon, resulting in Archweapon being unequipped and you being permanantly stuck in Mesa's Waltz while using your Primary weapon despite not even having the Waltz equipped. Dunno about other frames, just know this happens in 100% cases on Mesa. A HUNDRED PERCENT OF CASES, every time. This can without a single exception be replicated over and over again.
  11. Crits are a very good damage multiplier and some weapons do need it. Hell, do you know what Embolist does? It strips armor before it even gets the enemy unit to half health! And then it takes its time killing it. Ogris badly suffers against armor because it lacks that crit multi. Why do you think Condition Overload exist for melee weapons to increase their damage output? Because they don't need crits? Yeah, because they got Condition Overload for it instead of CC/CD.
  12. Guides of the Lotus. 152 active Guides on the PC Larunda Relay (90 Juniors and 62 Seniors). 62 active Guides on the PS4 Strata Relay (39 Juniors and 23 Seniors). 66 active Guides on the XB1 Vesper Relay (44 Juniors and 22 Seniors). Yeah, I think you'll have trouble with that list 😛 HOWEVER... guides can be found on: Larunda Mercury Relay (PC) Strata Earth Relay (PS4) Vesper Venus Relay (XB1) So just head out to one of these relays on their respective platforms and ask on Relay chat for a Guide.
  13. If you can get enough CC to push your Synapse over 100% then yeah, go for it. Otherwise, don't waste a stat on CC. CD, DMG, MS are always a good stat to get. Negatives to go for are Zoom, Status Duration and if Synapse rivens get it, any of the IPS damage types.
  14. Honestly I'd love if we got a Shock Rifle or a Link Gun. Phantasma and Drakgoon are sadly the closest we'll get to a Flak Cannon.
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