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  1. I need an absolute answer on this. Are our, even mass produced models like non-primes, SENTIENT beings. Because here's the thing... Ballas describes warframes as beasts of destruction who knowing only pain, and only the Tenno calm them and bring them peace. And even mass produced frames show sentience because we can see in Second Dream that they CAN AND WILL act on their own, even in a limited manner, when your frame breaks War in two. And now we're supposed to just execute them ala Cloud Atlas style to steal their power for our own benefit, betraying the frame who finally found peace in OUR TRUST? If people who sacrifice their frames don't end up paying the price in some story fashion later, I'd be deeply disappointed. But then there's the other side, the real life side, where YouTubers will be sacrificing frames left and right to demonstrate the mechanic, dooming them by default to a "bad" story outcome. So... will sacrificing frames affect individual player story in any way? Are Waframes, even the mass produces ones, thinking beings? Or are they literally just mindless husks? This is very important. From a player viewpoint, from a story-stand point and from a moral, ethical stand-point. I'd very much like to swap some frame abilities, absolutely. But we have to know will murdering a frame for our own benefit affect the story in any way. As a game mechanic this is great and a bit worrying, but from a story viewpoint... this could be extremely amoral and selfish.
  2. Any enemy ensnared in the strangledome 🙂 Same how Hydroid's tentacles work. Only condition is AUGMENT + Enemy Affected by Ability. An ability kill is not mandatory 🙂
  3. If the drops went chronologically I would have gotten the drops ages ago since I was on when there was like around 40k people watching. Or does the drop count only from TennoLive onward? Aside from that, thank you for the streams and effort that went into them 🙂 They were a blast to watch. Say hello to the paint sniffer Taylor 😛
  4. I'll hold my reservations on that. Remember, any frame that was Stalkered in the Second Dream still broke War on their own.
  5. So we all saw what DE plans with the Helminth chair. We can sacrifice a frame and permanently take an ability from it to put on other frames. While I do not agree with this and think it will take individuality from the frames and kinda... pollute the themes and construct of the frames, it is not what we are going to talk about. Instead. I am here to ask how many of you will refuse to sacrifice any frame to the Hemlinth. I will not give it a single one. I refuse. I feel bad for the frame honestly. They are more than mindless puppet vessels. We've seen it in the Second Dream, we've seen it with Sacrifice. They are people who have been subjected to hell and more. Tenno bring them calm and peace. The last thing I want to do is betray them and execute them like that. Another thing I'm hoping with this is that down the line there will be a "you done bad" or "you done good" if you fed frames to the Helminth.
  6. I know there were like 280k people watching but after 12-17 hours since the Tennocon Stream you'd think Twitch would have sorted its backlog by now... I still haven't received anything either.
  7. I know there were like 280k people watching but after 12-17 hours since the Tennocon Stream you'd think Twitch would have sorted its backlog by now... I still haven't received anything either.
  8. Semi-related question, @Letter13 if you have any info. Usually I don't get this issue so I am a bit concerned. My Twitch and Warframe are linked and the Warframe page confirmed that when it said that they are already linked. I am not getting the drops in my inventory or inbox. I tried re-entering the ship and restarting the game. I suppose it is just a delay due to the number of viewers?
  9. Then I hope you never have to deal with riven traders. The maddest of the bunch.
  10. Yeah well I thought it was materials for the sniper 😛 Anyways, my bad. I don't remember having to craft weapon skins we got before, like the dagger axe skin or that +5% damage skin for Fragor.
  11. Went to Forge.... SERIOUSLY?! It is a skin! Why does it have to be crafted? Since when does it have to be crafted?! Since when are skins crafted? I've only been gone for three weeks.
  12. I'm back. Checked after game restart. NOPE. I cannot equip it. https://imgur.com/VWgypK0 https://imgur.com/snIY4Bn https://imgur.com/r93b8wX
  13. I couldn't. All I had was Alamos to pick. Hmmm.... maybe server delay or something, it showed it on Nightwave and in Inventory but I couldn't equip it still.... Let met reset and see how it goes.
  14. BUYER BEWARE! Rubico Synoid skin for Rubico sniper CANNOT BE APPLIED TO RUBICO PRIME! Buyer beware. The skin has to be CRAFTED 😐 Yes, you read it right 😐
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