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  1. I don't know how to breed Kubrow's with the Imprints. Any tutorial for me would be nice. Found a video about it. Problem solved.
  2. Can someone explain cross-PROGRESS without rage
  3. So cross-play could be coming in the future?
  4. I'm really asking myself that because I want to progress on my PC account on the Nintendo Switch.
  5. It is good for Ivara? Can someone make a build for that?
  6. Sadly it only works if you find a Energy Orb, even with Fetch or something else, it isnt that good. Any tips?
  7. So the only thing you did is telling me to do the same survival mission I just played. That's some (good) help
  8. That's a great idea but does the orokin missions drop something good for one hour?
  9. I got a God-Tier Inaros and I have been asking what is actually the hardest survival mission to survive in the first 5 minutes.
  10. Imagine a blank Inaros Ramses skin with the canopic/anubis helmet + Shadow Stalker's full armor. What colors would you pick?
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