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  1. Sure you can get as much as you find in other missions. But you can only get one from Maroos treasure hunt mission every week.
  2. I believe you can only get one sculpture a week. You are able to replay the mission but you wont get more sculptures, if you already completed it.
  3. There is so much you could do in Warframe. There are Relicts you want to open or you want to get your mastery lvl up and leveling Warframes/Weapons... Then there are all the Syndicates and Sorties. Maybe you want to get a new Warframe and need to complete a quest before or defeat a boss for all the parts. Farming for Endo, Oxium, Credits, [...]. And now the Game got even bigger with the Plains of Eidolon Update. (At the moment I hunt for the Kuria statues btw). But you just don't have the time to do all this because of work, school, family or other reasons. Now it's weekend and again
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