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  1. such a beautiful kubrows ❤️
  2. I was in arbitration with a couple of mates and i figure out that after one of them died and we revived him , we were able to revive him and his kubrow like in a normal mission , then his kubrow start falling many times and before die he went in to the bleeding state , and i wonder , how is that possible ?
  3. Hola , soy de colombia y juego con un amigo peruano , comparando precios me percate que mientras en colombia cuando tengo 75% de descuento 1k de platino me sale en mas o menos 18 soles , pero en peru 1k con ese mismo descuento sale en 44 soles , es mas del doble apesar de que el tipo de cambio es muy similar entre ambas monedas (soles y pesos colombianos ) , alguien sabe a que podria deberse esto ?
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