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  1. Same with the Garuda skin. I can confirm. Edit: and ivara skin as well
  2. I just got home from work... I wanted to get some sleep.. oh well
  3. Would be a great opportunity to fill up the zero's on our stats page. I've only been on two operations since I started playing (plague star, and ambulas reborn).
  4. I'm starting to believe that it's a myth. edit: nevermind, now I can die happy - also, it literally took me 8 hours of non-stop grind
  5. Just a curious question, because I seem to only get Gyromag, and Repeller Systems all the time, and probably Meso Z2 Relic radiants which will be enough supply forever, i think.
  6. Even Sortie hacking isn't that over-the-top complicated. From my experience I feel like that the Corpus one (my personal favorite) requires 2D (which I noticed an improvement after starting to play osu! a year ago), and the Grineer one is just muscle memory.. which somehow I still cannot master.. feelsbadman
  8. I asked for 3 days off from work for this weekend! Let's do this! #WeLiftTogether
  9. https://imgur.com/a/tWctv9T was this intended?
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