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  1. I would be happy to get 1k traces instead of some stupid sigil 😄
  2. Choosing to use a certain thing because it provides a certain benefit is not game breaking, it is called strategy. Context: In the clip below Scott says that limiting the choice of archwings to Itzal if a player wants to be fast is game breaking and should therefore be removed. EDIT: embedding the clips doesn't work. https://www.twitch.tv/warframe/clip/MistyLivelyGoblinWoofer How is making a choice to get a certain benefit (speed in this case) a game breaking thing? If I want to deal massive aoe damage, my choice of Warframes is limited. If I want to put 200k corrosive damage into a grineer face, my choice of weapons is limited. I don't understand how limitation of choice (even strict limitation) is game breaking. Can anyone explain the logic behind this? I can see that strict and repetitive meta would be game breaking but that is solved by providing alternatives and not by nerfing useful equipment. On a sidenote: I would hate so see Itzal being nerfed for the supposed goal of making K-Drives more useful. K-Drives were one of the worst things of 2018. Much wow at Tennocon but they make no sense whatsoever: Why do they provide mastery? This is a space ninja game with exploding arrows, not a skateboard simulator. Why are the stats not varying? What's even the point? Ah, yes... mastery. Otherwise nobody would care. Why do Ventkids have 5 ranks? We have enough syndicates already... I have to wonder why DE invests in gimmicky useless stuff like K-Drives and floofs when there is so much open work to do (bug free host migration, enemy scaling, difficulty, Warframe reworks, etc.). I actually do not wonder since it's pretty obvious that floofs attract more players than a well rounded difficulty rework would. Although I wanted to voice my opinion of K-Drives I hope it doesn't distract from the point I am making on Itzal (being that strategic choices do not break the game, in my opinion). I intentionally did not put this into feedback since I am not providing solutions, alternatives or anything of substance...
  3. I like this approach, thank you for your hard work!
  4. I predict that DE will extend the duration of Wolf for 1 or 2 weeks as an apology for some of the more "experimental" challenges. Basically as an innovation cost for doing the first battle pass ever and not knowing how the community will react.
  5. Rivens were more of a mistake than I was.
  6. It is good to see that you react to the criticism of the community. The back and forth between devs and the players influencing the game brings Warframe forward.
  7. I just abandoned a Level 5 Bounty because no Carriers spawned for solid 15 min (solo). Would it be a good idea to increase spawn propability with 'time since last spawn' so that you're guaranteed to get a spawn after 60 or 90 secs for example? Edit: with 'just' meaning after the hotfix, this being posted ~15 min after the bounty.
  8. I don't mind to wait a few days if it means more content, Garuda in this case, and an experience of higher quality. Keep up the great work and take the time it needs! (Don't make the dev life a sad life by promising unrealistic release dates.)
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