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  1. What is the plan for ember prime drops? The void rewards tables seem a little crowded for current mission types? Will we be seeing a void assassination perhaps? Because not only Ember Prime, but the Glaive Prime and Sicarus (I assume that's what that is) Prime need a place to drop. I also think a Dual Skana Prime would be a great (and very fitting) gift to the founders on top of the headband and or shirt. It would also give a method to release another prime weapons without needed more space in a void reward table.
  2. I'm thinking Zaunka is something along the lines of taking capture tenno in cryo pods and turning them into something like the berserker. Maybe under the control of the Corpus... c'mon new heavy unit.
  3. I'm really hoping we see this game type return at some point. It was a blast!
  4. Has there been any thought to perhaps making the alert system similar to how the rewards for the invasion event went? I think it'd be great to choose between 2 resources, say neurodes and orokin cells, before you start the alert. This could also be good for alternate helmets as well, you could have an alert for a frame, and give the option of either of the two helmets. On that note: is there any update on the season 2 helmets for nova and nekros?
  5. Any plans for the ember prime drops? I would love to see a void assassination. I think the stalker would be an amazing boss, but I'd love to see him using shadows of the dead to summon defeated warframes (with random color schemes so they look like players). Or at least, are there any plans for a void assassination, maybe against whatever is controlling the corrupted?
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