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  1. Hi guys.. We will get more riven capacity ? Please give us Umbra polarities ? Flying eidolon release dates ? Operater tennogen suits when ? When next Double Resource Weekend? Last one was more than 1 year ago ? What you guys decided to do with future prime unvaulting ? Are you guys changing the system drastically or it will be just mass unvaulting 3 or 5 frames ?
  2. Hi guys 1. We will get more riven capacity ? 2. Please give us Umbra polarities so we can mod warframes without wasting 8 or more formas ? 3. Flying eidolon release dates ? 4. Operater tennogen suits when ? 5. Can we please use 2 pets at the same time because farming kuva with smeeta kavat and doing eidolon capture with adarza kavat we have to put one in stasis and then use the other one it will take 30min if you don't rush the recovery ? 6. Universal vacuum when ? Thank You DE Love your work and everything you are doing ...
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