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  1. so i just got back to my orbiter after collecting every hashcode scan in a single session with a little help from a map(because they don't show on the scanner outside 30m lord help us all), post patch. orbiter ui says undiscovered for 100% of them. what the heck? i have relogged, and reentered vallis to check the one closest to the entry from fortuna which reads "codex entry complete". now i believed for a bit it might be only displaying progress as complete when enough people communally discover them all, but some individuals show that some or all of them show complete for them in the same ui. so, uh.. which is it supposed to be, or which is the bug? i ask this as this seems like the place for official clarification, and cursory perusal and a quick search for a couple word salad combos didn't turn up any(clarification).
  2. can you find your ee.log after this happens before starting another mission or closing the game and see if you have something similar to and/or a ton of spam of note that the numbers at the start of the lines will absolutely differ for you each run. also are you solo?
  3. ayy, i know it was somehow fixed *most of the time but not 100%* for the moas starting dead if the submersible mission started underwater somewhere AFTER 24.0.10(experienced once after, then not again), but i presume this fully fixes those "sometimes", so hurrah for that! any eyes on the insanely slow new sentinel weapons leveling? half the speed of a moa or sentinel from radial affinity, and half that again if equipped on a moa not a sentinel. ie 0 sentinel 0 cryotra, no precept beyond vacuum to grant xp, no firing precept, sentinel winds up lvl 7, cryotra winds up lvl 4.can't be from using the gun to get kills thanks to no applicable precept. 0 moa, 0 tazicor(sp?) same no precept, moa hits 7 sentinel weap hits 2. moas fire even without an attack precept(which they don't have so???).. then theres the no mastery for k-drives t1 and t2 i've build, potatoed and leveled. do we have to file a ticket on these now on an individual basis? also does the clients inability to see cache consoles fix also address invisible consoles on starchart missions if client? last saw this a few hours ago during axi fissure on hydra as client. anywho, good on you fellas. keep on keeping on.
  4. so moas will still start missions dead(as in need to suicide to get them alive dead) on submersible missions if you start in a submerged state? who knew a shorter uptime than shy's banshee was a moa feature.
  5. after testing this during .5 or .4 hotfix, i found that if you are using the new spears that happens. can't see nameplate of the fish, no good. old (cetus)spears generally ignored whatever the problem was.
  6. did you fix moa companions starting the mission DEAD if you run a tileset that spawns you in archwing on load in. like ophelias "start under the water tile"? i don't see that there. how about the missing mastery for bought or crafted k-drives?
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