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  1. I still have my collection i used in raid build back in the day to min max, don't care if they come back meh.
  2. Now the problem is what is peculiar, some people agree that some ephemera are fine some agree that all of them are bad, some say some sesonial are bad some good, some say that some tennogen are also bad. There is no good anwser and that's the problem, only arbitrary anwser. Is a pink rhino with butterfly wing immersion break and should be in this option ? well no one complain about them before (and wings will go away with time since it's a new thing). Same for candy melee weapons..... You say yourself that Ephemeral Bloom, Ephemeral Growth, Norg Mask are fine... But why ? they
  3. Not that it's people that prefer old don't have place in the game, but for deciding of where the style go it's not going to get as much weight as the majority. Funny thing is that harrow quest is dark, but dark fantasy in style, not dark sci-fi like in the old days.
  4. In case it's not anymore, the old style is not used by the official art style anymore and the majority of the playerbase prefer the new fantasy tech style that we have since there was not a lot of player back then. Now the question is, if the majority of the playerbase and the oficcial art team prefer the new style that is here since some years than the first one, do it's become the true one ?
  5. I kinda like them, they will better fit warframe style to please the one that don't like the classic one i guess <.<
  6. I'm kinda not sure about that, how do you define what is not fit the "warframe design", since pretty much 1/3 of the game don't fit the warframe design anymore, except if you speak about the power fantasy design they use theses days, but that not even the original one (which was dark). And even there you have different opinion of what people think is not in design, asking a button for hiding all ephera ok, but a button for hidden things that do not relate to warframe design is ... well impossible to implement since it's will diverse according to which people you ask to implement it.
  7. I kinda have enough of the argument "wing is for trash tier korean-mmo" to, maybe you don't like wings or don't want to break warframe style to be tainted ok i kinda understand, but just saying wing are trash, that is stupid they are really interresing to make beautiful design honestly even if this one is basic (but have nice touch of color because of the fact the tips are affected by the color energy.
  8. Nice falacy, it's not because you didn't find anyone liking them in the environement beside you (a casual one i guess ?) that it's mean that it's the percentage of people liking them, you know my clan which was a small one had everyone playing and liking them, because you know, it's was a clan that actually played them every day.... (and a lot of others stuff to). By the way all my clanmate love the raids but can certifcy that there was ton of bugs in raids, (jv in peculiar it's was a bugfest, lor had some bug but not a lot and it's was rare to get them) And steve say they will
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