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  1. Suggestion don't put suggestion in the general category, DE will never look into and their a special category for that I'm +1 for the suggestion himself
  2. Wind_Blade

    When did 5-10 minutes become the norm?

    no the game dons't hide his mechanics, he just don't say it's exist at all
  3. Wind_Blade

    Warframe without Multi-shot

    it's the meta
  4. Wind_Blade

    Last Baro visit this year....

    the only new item for his inventory is Prisma Rostam Kubrow Armor nothing else mirage imortal skin is not new for his inventory
  5. Wind_Blade

    Unlock the consciousness of our primes

    actualy every warframe still have their concienousses,
  6. With the sacrifice we learned that all the consciousnesses of the warframes were locked. (although in the era of the orokins some could keep it temporarily as gara). So I wonder if one day we will have a system like gravimag to give them back consciousness and help us as umbra does. They can already do it if their operator is in mortal danger (the second dream and a dialogue of ballas in the sacrifice) so I'm sure it can be manually triggered.
  7. Wind_Blade

    Upset about Prime Noggles.

  8. Wind_Blade

    Never nerf this.

    I love when someone use an image to base all their topic but you can't see the image --
  9. Wind_Blade

    Infinity loading chat

    So now mesa prime is here, i want to recruit pll in recruitment chat. But their is no tabs and only a loading.... mesa prime just get out... it's not the moment to do this kind of bugs, because she will lost value quickly
  10. Wind_Blade

    Nyx second deluxe skin?

    I defenetly agree I mean who want to play as an disguting insect.. I'm not against the insects ... but their existence is a proof that god donsn't exist
  11. Wind_Blade

    Nyx second deluxe skin?

    At first they was but they changed they mind and create a new collection called proto collection and put in it .. But frames can still have multiple deluxes or even proto skins.
  12. Wind_Blade

    Baruuk Feedback/Ideas

    So make zephyr even more irrelevant basicly xD
  13. Wind_Blade

    Nyx second deluxe skin?

    No it's his first deluxe skin. We have two differents collections in warframe now. The Deluxe Collection and The Proto collection Nyx has already his proto skin but still don't have his deluxe skin Volt has an proto skin but don't have an deluxe skin (before some month proto was considering deluxe but DEV cleary say their is two differnts collections recently)
  14. Wind_Blade

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    Yea chat moderation rework 😄
  15. Wind_Blade

    Warframe Black Friday Sale

    Their is nothing for no-newbie . Common DE 😩😥