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  1. Where the option to put "Stay of where is it for now".... conclave take quasi no ressource from DE and have a small dedicate community.. Why even remove it. Raids was because the code himself was rotten from the core so they need to recode it from zero but their is no reason to remove conclave.
  2. Wind_Blade

    Nyx second deluxe skin?

    I defenetly agree I mean who want to play as an disguting insect.. I'm not against the insects ... but their existence is a proof that god donsn't exist
  3. Wind_Blade

    Nyx second deluxe skin?

    At first they was but they changed they mind and create a new collection called proto collection and put in it .. But frames can still have multiple deluxes or even proto skins.
  4. Wind_Blade

    Baruuk Feedback/Ideas

    So make zephyr even more irrelevant basicly xD
  5. Wind_Blade

    Nyx second deluxe skin?

    No it's his first deluxe skin. We have two differents collections in warframe now. The Deluxe Collection and The Proto collection Nyx has already his proto skin but still don't have his deluxe skin Volt has an proto skin but don't have an deluxe skin (before some month proto was considering deluxe but DEV cleary say their is two differnts collections recently)
  6. Wind_Blade

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    Yea chat moderation rework 😄
  7. Wind_Blade

    WF's Player Retention Epidemic

    We still need to see the player count after the new content get released with update 2
  8. Wind_Blade

    WF's Player Retention Epidemic

    Trials 2.0 .... that all we need an setient/orokin raids with tenno and railjack gameplay
  9. Wind_Blade

    The Redtext Codex (Redtext Archive)

    Yea ofc give the link ^^
  10. Wind_Blade

    Quest: The New War

    Actually DE make update to allow every missions of main quest where their is no choice more than 1 player, i test a long time before with me friend every mission with cinematcis was solo only and i test yesterday and i was able to do the beginning of the war within and 3/4 of second dream with my friend. For those who wonder you see yourself in the cinematics even if you're not the one who have the quest
  11. Wind_Blade

    Endgame = Objective Completetion Time?

    Well, raids are designed that as long you know what to do and cooperation you can do it so yea newbie can do it with some friends. But eidolons ask a bigger level and more mods and weapons.. I'm not against, after all their are not designed for newbie to do it. Some gamemode in the game need to be not for newbie i'm not against that, so yea more you progress in the game himself more you can do eidolons hunt faster?. Both are not create in the same level deisgn way
  12. Wind_Blade

    Endgame = Objective Completetion Time?

    Well honestly i love eidolons to but their are more meta than raids. And raids can be for newbie to if some people teach newbie how to do them .. but for eidolons without the good stuff you can't really do a triodolon
  13. Wind_Blade

    Endgame = Objective Completetion Time?

    Wow. Toxic and elitism.. can we pause one second and watch for eidolon that ask for 200-300 caps.. yea no that only for people that want 5x3, so no max run asked was like 20-30 run only for most elite one and even. Most of people that play raids was friendly .. (that not because you meet some bad guys that represents the whole communty) The fact it's was daily without ask to farm it allow player to meet their friend daily for 3 runs of raid (3 raids or 2 if you don't do the nightmare are enough) without speaking that no one want to teach new players about eidolon. The raids ? their is a whole community created for teach the new players into the raids. So yea .the community is not toxic it's even frendly, don't confound people that want to speedrun with normal runs. So yea endgame mean it's can be even when you finihs the game, the raid was the only gamemode where their community still play them after years. (the reason are sayed) early And the bug, yea that a big cliché of the raids, they was bug .. but the true bug that break the gamemode was rare. We got some of theses bug but it's often get patched quick, i do raid daily for mounth and i get gamemode bug breaking only one time for 2 month of playing So yea this cliché is totaly false The game design of jordas was really cool, why ? because it's was the first gamemode of the game to using the arcwhing correctly. Arcwhing is good but don't get any cool gamemode where it's correctly used, that why nobody play arcwhing. Jordas Verdict use perfectly the parkour system of warframe, you know the parkour system that make warframe really unique in his genre. And it's was the only gamemode that ask true cooperation between players. yes some people don't like the fact that you need to play coop in a COOP GAME.. it's pretty stupid. And yea some gamemdoe can't be solo, that because it's was never intented to be playing solo, it's a GOD DAMMIT COOP game, that why some of the gamemode in Warframe are not intented to be played solo. Raids also introduce the 8 player gammode, it's also the essense of the raids, because it's help for people to coperate between them and allow for newbie to play with veterans because their is enough space for them to come. Without speaking of the fact it's allow players to bring what they want. Meta in raids don't exist.. when you don't know really them yes cc is better, but after you litteraly can do raids with 8 zephyr and only mk1 weapons as long p:layer are cooperative. Which is good in a coop game where some people don't like forced meta. The only bad point about raids is the introduction of them, most of player only know the existence because some friend told them about or a youtuber make a video about it. They was hidden in the market without any introduction. + the fact that game don't teach you how to do them but that nothing to do with the gamemode himself more how the game introduce them. That was raids is truly are i don't paint them don't stop a gamemode only because you don't unserstand that some people want to do speedrun, play with your friend if you don't find casual squad in region chat but don't blame the gamemode. So yea all your argument are cliché and false things about raids