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  1. Please let us separately change the colors for the ephemera, with the new wing ephemera we have now the same problem like we had when our syandana was bound to the attachment colores.
  2. To Xaku Round 2: I overall think that Xaku is fine now, even though I won't accept the argument of why you are refusing to increase the target range, you can't compare Grasp of Lohk with World on Fire, because GoL has a line of sight, WoF has not. When you don't want to encourage an idle playstyle, then give us options to increase the range by doing specific things. Also what I do not enjoy is the Void damage buff, it is better but it still punishes you for missing the head, and not every weapon gives you the perfect opportunity for hitting heads. If there is really going to be another ro
  3. I slowly get the feeling that DE wants to hush up this topic.
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