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  1. Could we please have an option to disable draw damage numbers? The HUD scaling really causes them to be too big (not to mention with continuous fire weapons, they are still obstructing the player's vision when fighting higher level enemies with lower level weapons. Plus using higher damage weapons causes the numbers to be HUGE. So, an option to either scale or disable draw damage numbers and experience points after defeating an enemy would be great!
  2. The hud scaling option is a great idea! What we need next is to have additional options for refinement: -Scaling for draw damage+experience number size OR an option to turn draw damage+experience numbers off. -Crosshair size/color/type options. -Map Size scaling. On a seperate thought: Could you replace the 4 dots under the crosshar with a bar that shows how much energy we have left? I don't think the 4 dots are necessary but the energy info is.
  3. Next week, update 12!
  4. You guys don't understanding (I don't fully either) how their company and most other game development companies work. They have different people working on guns than they do parkour. They also have release schedules for all these guns, its not like they just sit down on their desk Monday morning and say to themselves "hmm, should I work on a gun today or parkour?". They have documents detailing what guns/warframes/features get added and during what month/release etc. Also, they have to have meetings to figure out how changing different systems will break the others (changing parkour might change level design etc.). You can't take an art guy and tell him to program the parkour system, similarly, you can't take the guy working on the movement system and ask him to work on designing weapons. Those responsibilities are fulfilled seperately by different people. In the last livestream Steve gave a mini-speech about how they can dig themselves into corners by taking a certain development path, and then have to start things all over again to change them. Sounds frustrating, doesn't it. Work on something for X amount of hours to find out you have to trash it and start all over.
  5. NOOOOO!!! You fixed the "phase" ability when aiming and sprinting, I used that to dodge enemy fire AND maintain my aim! I loved that bug! -_- DE, please promise me you will make a new movement type where you can quickly dodge either to the left or right like unreal tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, could we have better damage numbers in the HUD (to the person that is working on the HUD). Currently, they appear right where you are aiming so if you aim at the head and hit them with lets say a crit, it makes a huge number show up (like BAM in yo face, literally). Do that with a braton or soma and you get a mess of numbers. You could already be working on this, and for that I say, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Niiiiice!!!! Best part: New UI artist tasked with redoing the HUD, here comes new damage numbers! also New movement!!!
  7. Any word on better draw damage / damage numbers on the player hud when firing full auto (soma, grakata, braton, etc)? The numbers fly all over the place and block visibility. Could we have an option to disable the draw damage or refine it? Perhaps if you have the numbers float to the upper left of the enemy when they have been hit rather than right where the impact of the bullet is? Especially with large damage numbers (500-700), they can block the enemy completely at certain ranges (think outside maps and t3 void defense) Also, any high hp enemy that is taking a lot of rounds will spout a ton of numbers, it looks messy. Thanks.
  8. Hi, are we going to get a fix for the numbers for draw damage being very large and blocking line of sight in large groups/long distance? Its really quite distracting. Please either put a checkbox to disable draw damage numbers, or have the numbers float around the enemy instead of overlaying them. Thanks.
  9. This is a great thread, it has been an ongoing battle to get DE's attention when it comes to movement refining. This game is far from smooth like assassins creed, prince of persia, mirrors edge, etc. add this to the list of other gameplay systems like melee, ability casting, cover system, stealth, executions, draw damage, rolling, sliding, and others that desperately need overhauling. The list goes on, but we are making progress.
  10. If any mods are reading this could we get some clarification? Also, besides texmod, does anyone else know of a good overlay for crosshairs? Id basically like to use the option in warframe to turn off the hud and then use a mod to overlay a new crosshair. Im really not a fan of the way damage numbers are drawn and would like to remove/change them. The only way I can think of is to just turn the hud off and overlay a new crosshair.
  11. Does anyone know how to inject parts onto the hud, lets say an FPS counter or a different crosshair?
  12. Hi DE, just wondering if you guys got around to looking into an option to disable draw damage or move the damage numbers to somewhere other than right in front of where you are aiming, right now they are essentially blocking your line of sight in unzoomed state and long range. Steve said he would add it to the list in the link below. Thanks.
  13. It was said that DE would look into an option to turn off draw damage? Also, could we have some sort of crosshair customization? Thanks.
  14. Just wondering if you guys ever got around to looking into this? Steve said it should be possible to put in an option to disable draw damage but I haven't seen it in the last few updates. I've been playing this game for about 300 hours and I'm still not used to the draw damage. The numbers appear in front of the enemies and effectively block your line of sight. I'd rather have the numbers either disappear altogether or float to the left, right, above, or below the enemy I'm shooting. I have a hard time landing consecutive long-range shots with a rapid fire weapon (think braton/grakata/hind/soma) when the numbers are so big, especially in the unzoomed state. Also, could we have some sort of crosshair customization at some point? Below is the thread where Steve responded to me about draw damage. Thanks! https://forums.warfr...xt-steps/page-7