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  1. Can't wait for them to nerf wukong into a "support frame" and take away his invincibility gimmick for an invisibility gimmick and god knows what else, "why use any other abilities when you can just turn invincible" right?
  2. 90% is passable DR, it only works for a few K damage before stopping though. basically useless if you intend going past level 20 I honestly have to agree, it's not like the frames they've come out with in recent have fared much better than the ones that are reworked, and the two that come to mind will probably need 2 reworks before they get to a good state.
  3. Yes, his 3 is the only decent ability in his kit, And I will say this as he is my most played frame by a good 100 hours The 2 heal would be amazing if it hadn't gotten nerfed by 10x (1 health orb vs 225 HP) His 3 would be good if they hadn't nerfed it so it still had HP, making it effectively worthless for tanking anything His 4 still retains all the weaknesses of being unusable if there are any ancients within radius of the initial cast. You cannot heal objectives anymore How exactly does this constitute a buff, even if the QOL if using the nerfed abilities has gotten better?
  4. Even outside of editions being able to keep up ring HP would be something I would love to see, and it seems almost necessary in this iteration of the rework.
  5. Since this is actually going to be quite a meh rework at best I thought it would be good to explain a few points While the QOL changes for his 1 and 2 are quite nice, and my only major concern with these is if his fire trail duration will be shorter overall (you can get quite a bit of passive CC going with his 1 if you run around fast enough) His nerfed 3 will sadly have me retire him from use in it's current state. Now this is not such a major nerf that it would warrant me calling this frame dead, It would still be quite useful if not for the ring STILL having HP on top of this, and quite a small pool at that. 90% DR for 1000 damage is laughable even at mid star chart levels, and indeed it would seem that the utility that the team would get from his 3 before this nerf is all but gone with it. The reason given gave me quite the laugh Because his heal is bad Because his CC is mediocre at best The damage his ring could absorb was still very small once you start going past level 80 or so, It might give you a shot or 2 extra of survivability Being able to save the entire team from a small mistake was at least in some part useful when going for longer runs There is no "healing" in the higher levels, everything will oneshot you and CC is king In lower level content his 3 would make you basically unkillable, but the same could be said for ANY frame that could disarm or give damage resistance. Why not just nerf bless so it only takes 400 damage before stopping? (this is not a suggestion btw) His other abilities are mostly fine except for While this is actually quite nice for nezha himself, this nerfs the healing potential of the ring by about 10X. I would suggest keeping the pulse and the health orbs as a bonus. Quite a good QOL change overall, although the ability itself is still going to be worthless in the void with ancients around.
  6. It's actually quite a large nerf to his overall EHP, and will probably kill the frame for me personally. His 3 already scaled with armor mods and still retaining the health based ring while not giving it 100% damage reduction is beyond ridiculous. While his kit needed some tweaking, ruining his survivability (he already had none past level 50) to make him a meh support frame at best will likely turn out to be a larger nerf than buff.
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