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  1. I'm sure I'll trigger some people but look at how Destiny is doing their season pass because it's so much more enjoyable. Always progressed, you choose what kind of bounties you want. You can catch up any time but make solid progress just doing dailies and weeklies. It synergizes with playing no matter how you play. Nightwave feels like chores.
  2. I realized this weekend I hate Nightwave because it's time limited. Even with the changes it just feels like a mandatory chore that has to be finished before a deadline or I miss out. My opinion won't change anything but I don't think I'll keep up with these. Maybe one day they can just not have time limits so we don't lose access to all that stuff?
  3. All I can say is dang. If it makes you feel any better this happened in many games I play. Usually it gets sorted out, probably at the cost of performance. Appreciate the effort!
  4. I know this has been the trend lately but it sucks. You're just diluting drop chances to drag out content. I much prefer earning BPs via quests or getting them from the market and then chasing the 3 drops.
  5. Change your text scaling in display settings in Windows to 100%. Makes Warframe work but you computer text way too small.
  6. Windows text scaling options mess up the application window to the point of uselessness. Can only see top left corner. Play on a 4k tv with text scale at 300% normally.
  7. When will Melee 3.0 be finished? Can we get reworks of all the lackluster frames before we get another frame? Why have the themes for Warframes gotten so muddled lately? Revenant, Wisp and Khora as examples.
  8. Beware, heh Also that name is atrocious. Scott was right.
  9. Warframe rework updates? Melee 3.11111? Damage rework? Nightwave season length? Changes for next Nightwave?
  10. Here I think they swapped a challenge as this happened on all platforms. I think they can't modify acts but they can swap them. Still, all consoles were updated last week. Could have dumped some extra acts in to be safe.
  11. I've heard resetting the button layout to default fixes it. It should be bound to alt fire but the controller layout currently won't allow it to be bound to anything but quick melee, fire or since.
  12. Controller bindings are all jacked up. Melee channel can only be bound to quick melee, shoot or aim. Quick melee no longer exists so I can give up aiming and aim gliding or shooting....
  13. I know we are eagerly awaiting Melee 2.99. what about the balance pass, stance revisions and 2 handed katana? Any timeline for those?
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