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  1. Glad you're acknowledging the repeating pattern here. I especially seem to be noting issues about rewards and time to get to desired rewards. Too much grind for the basic rewards can be quite off-putting. Hope it improves.
  2. Maybe it's not a whole second mode but I just want numbers while I'm working on builds without having to go to a separate menu or hover over stuff. Ability impacts shouldn't be as separated from modding.
  3. To me frogs are predators so still they're ignored till they pounce. And color isn't that big a deterrent in a rainforest which already features many bright colors. The poison is irrelevant as no part of Ivaras kit is poison and poison is entirely Saryns thing. Jellyfish like float into stuff? But are exceedingly easy to see and avoid since they glow. But once again poison is irrelevant to Ivara. Jellyfish and archery still have zilch in common whereas frogs can still attack prey at range.
  4. Maybe I'm alone but I hate this Prime design. It's so weird and seems to completely miss the theme of Ivara which is stealth and archery to me. Ah well.
  5. Lich feedback response was pretty dismissive and condescending. There's obviously some disconnect between player feedback on Liches and what the developers are understanding.
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