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  1. They started announcing them the week before so people don't have 3 hours notice on the Monday one.
  2. They need to update their UI if they have a 2 level rarity structure in bounties. Don't call stuff common and have sub 10% drop chances. Or just make them all the same. We'll be doing bounties for a bit. No need to screw around with drop chances. As it is now it's just misleading.
  3. I was so excited for this and have to say I am incredibly disappointed. The resource buckets are frustrating because there's so many categories. Some are over used such as Bile but have terrible choices for how to replenish them. Amounts are terribly balanced, especially Railjack resource numbers which no one I know can cover even one chunk of. Resource costs to even apply abilities kills experimentation and fun. Like I don't want to stare at excavators for the next month to keep subsuming frames. Disappointed with a system that had lots of potential. Hope
  4. Oof that's not very good. You only increased Scintillant in one place while making it much more tedious. Swing and a miss
  5. Yeah the point is that's a bad design. Like it's.fine to do this a little to bump twitch views but including RNG is kinda S#&$ty.
  6. I don't know of a single person who has had one drop today. Even if it's intended, the drop chances are hilariously low for something so central to progression.
  7. How about the bounties that don't drop them at all?
  8. After farming for hours, talking with others in game, on reddit, twitter, etc. It really seems like this drop is bugged in the two T1 bounties. Hours of farming commonly yielding nothing. This is a major progression stopper for the Necramecha, Xaku and Father. Please acknowledge and address.
  9. Standing is from tokens now. You can earn a weeks standing in a sitting. It's actually faster with the current system and let's you play less because you can farm in one sitting and redeem for days.
  10. Good Lord this is overdramatic. What a first-world problem. lol
  11. Speaking of Heart of Deimos, Scintillant, one of the key resources, is impossible to farm. It's in 2 bounties but seems to have a bugged drop rate. This makes Xaku impossible to farm. Is this intentional to drive plat sales? Or just a bug? If a bug when will it be addressed? This is pushing out build timers more and more.
  12. They fixed it within a day. Chill.
  13. Scintillant is still near impossible to farm. Currently it's near impossible to build Xaku. At least acknowledge it.
  14. Helminth system. Really excited for more options and personalization of builds.
  15. Been trying to get some fishing resources and both in PoE and Orb Vallis there are not visible hotspots. I believe they still exist as I can throw bait in some spots where I've had luck before and it still seems to work but it's a guessing game. Hopefully this can be fixed before the new new player experience.
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