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  1. My thoughts... -Heavy slam feels pretty nice, although kinda seems to leave no reason to use a normal slam except for Exodias? -Heavy attacks feel a bit too slow to be useful and I'm not sure I 100% understand them. Sometimes they utterly wreck, sometimes they just plink off. And sometimes they plink but then I can murder the guy a lot easier? -No way to "quick heavy attack" while holding a gun. Number of times I went for a heavy slam and ended up looking like a chump instead since I had a gun. -If you use a mousewheel to swap weapons, like I do, it appears impossible to enter melee-only mode without binding a new key. Mousewheel weapon/item swap is super common in other games, so this needs to be addressed. -Air melee + back in order to stay airborne feels... off. I'd suggest moving it to air melee + aim/block. -I miss some of the old aerial swipes and stuff. Maybe reintroduce these as forward + air melee?
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