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  1. When Wisp will get her augments? greetings from Chile
  2. yes just 50 i check my standing
  3. The normal NW enemy just give 50 standing even if they are 2 why?
  4. did you check your Twitch Conections (Twitch->Config->Conections->Other Conections)? I get Nekros Prime Today
  5. i get some help for my riven I would like to know how is the riven now? Stats of the weapon Riven (9 meters with normal reach)
  6. have fury prime but first i neet to max it and as you saw i have berserker
  7. Hello, i made a Zaw with the plague Keewar + Plague Bokwin + Ruhang II I would like to know the stats that should have the riven , at least put in capitals the stats that should have if is only one of the best( this means if the best riven is +Dmg, +CC,+CD -FD) the one that should keep is the one that has +CC, +SD, -FD. PS: FD=Factional Damage Moded Original Stats
  8. So from what time should we start watching for the Lotus Ephemera?
  9. so at what time start for the Lotus Ephemera? the Nekros Prime Start at 6pm so the Ephemera at 5pm?
  10. if a warframe partner change his glyph it also change for the ones that claim it before the change?
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