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  1. Side note: flox syandana has blue energy that is not changeable
  2. I recently purchased the flox syandana to realise that i rarely ever see it open (which was the reason i bought it). I know there is a bunch of syandanas people have spent plat/money on that have a open/close feature and i believe a lot of ppl can agree with me that a toggle feature for open/close/reactive would be a great addition.
  3. The bonus saying get 30 enemies using only 3 sacs is basically impossible unless a frame with a grouping ability is used, even then some tilesets are too small and you are unable to group multiple enemies. Not only that but this bounty is the most time consuming one by far. Please change this.
  4. ive spent 3 hours+ in new t3 bounties, not a single part... pls fix this
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