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  1. Just experienced this again today. Selecting Dry Dock and afterward stuck in the transition "warp" with no way to hit escape key or anything. As much as I enjoy railjack, this is the initial issues that continue to creep back into the gameplay that are really subtracting from the experience.
  2. Did anyone see mention of when the new Ordis dialogue will be put into the game? Just wondering when that will be since that contest a while back...
  3. One thing that I could see changed is his 1st ability. Making it instantaneously pop out of the floor rather than travel from him to the target. In addition, I would make the base range and width (more of a fan shape than line) at base without mods added much larger to be a better catch all. As others have noted here, he has aged well, but other warframes seem to surpass him where it is hard for him to obtain stacks before enemies are obliterated. His stacks are everything to his kit and if that can be ramped up for players it will be much easier playing with him going forward. :)
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