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  1. Wrong, it is 45 Impact vs 45 Puncture vs 20 Slash vs 252 Corrosive. Here, lemme 4x that for proc calculations. 180 Impact vs 180 Puncture vs 80 Slash vs 252 Corrosive Frankly, those could be in any order, because the game reads the damage values the same way you or I would read a Pie-chart. Here, have a pie chart! And just to prove I'm not fudging it, here's the same chart but with the 4x'd for proccing damage values listed, instead of percentage. IPS does not, and is not, calculated as a single homogenous brick for purposes of status proc. (why do you persist in thinking it does?) If it were, we wouldn't be seeing nearly as many elemental procs as we actually do in game.
  2. Oh I know it, while I was never quite so unlucky as to have the Hemocyte get stuck in the boil, I have suffered repeatedly, through the overgrown zit not playing the death animations for any of it's heads untill you've dealt enough damage to kill all three twice over. (and even then it doesn't do it, it just stops moving, vanishes, and drops a particle pillar where it used to be) And allso thrugh the invisible (because it didn't do the attack animation) unlimited lifetime homing explosives that one-shot any frame. (yes, even a 100 stacks Nidus) EDIT: thinking on it, it even one-shot a Hildryn, it just wasn't mine or a friend's so I didn't really care.
  3. Wormhole, much as I personally don't enjoy it (functionally a Nova main here, I just don't like mobility-only abilities) serves a purpose. Well, 2 really. The first is tormenting your friends/randos. (wormhole into wall anyone? you really thought that was Volt's shtick) The second, and more important, is related to the Plains of Eidolon. That godforsaken drone escort? Yeah, that worthless pile of snot can use the wormhole. This can, and often does, massively speed up/trivialize an otherwise infuriating escort mission. To my knowledge, the only other way to do it, is with a switch-teleport Loki constantly running out way ahead, switching with it, then running back out ahead.
  4. Energy spam for all schools? No, I must agree that that is a bit much. Energy generation at all for the other schools? Oh god yes. (and while we're at it, correct Unairu to actually be about resisting damage, like it's description says it does, and, y'know, like it used to do) As it currently stands, to do any of the "high level" (lvl 110+ EDIT: 150+ enemies) you need to either: Be using Zenurik for it's multiple ways to gain Warframe energy. Be/have a Trinity spamming Energy Vampire on mooks. Bring Dethcube Sentinel and that one Simaris mod that makes him fart out an energy-orb after he helps kill 10 enemies (Energy Generator) EDIT: Or, do all three, Run Zenurik School, while playing Trinity with a Dethcube with Energy Generator. There are no other sustainable/usefull ways to get enough energy to keep using Warframe abilities in level 150+ fights. (and certainly not in level 200+ fights) EDIT: I forgot about Harrow, but given how much better at energy generation trinity is, he'd need to be the guy running dethcube+zenurik
  5. I'm going to have to ask: And? Of sodding 'course it will, that was never in doubt. (allso, do note, OP proposed exactly this. The Conclave mods the one guy mentioned appear to actually add more of IPS) You want to fix the slash-damage-is-best-damage meta? Change the slash proc so it quits ignoring armor. EDIT: EX, stop making it deal "true" damage. There, the slash meta has died a grisly death. Viral and/or Corrosive becomes the next Meta. (you still need to either lower their HP pool, or strip their armor to kill them efficiently.)
  6. Except, the starting values aren't equal. Taking 50% impact brings it from 90 to 45. adding 50% Puncture brings that from 30 to 45. 45x4 is only 180. Corrosive is now hyper-dominant, at it's 300. Backup from the wiki: For example, if a weapon's damage is composed of 20 Impact, 5 puncture, 10 slash, 25 heat, and 50 corrosive; then its total proportional damage is (20 + 10 + 5) × 4 + 25 + 50 = 215. Therefore, the chance for the individual damage types to proc will be: Impact Puncture Slash Heat Corrosive Proportional Damage 80 20 40 25 50 Chance for selection 37.2% 9.3% 18.6% 11.6% 23.3% Do note, despite talking about adding IPS together to figure out the math, the little chart proves that S#&$ don't matter. (it literally treats them as individual values that are 4x what they should be) In the wiki's example, trading 50% Impact for 50% more puncture would allso leave Corrosive as dominant. 80-50%=40 20+50%=30 Only the damage value of an individual damage type matters, IPS is not calculated as a mono-bloc for purposes of what status-effect procs.
  7. Except, the chance of an elemental vs physical proc *did* change, as the game calculates each physical stat separately for proccing. The highest single damage type, not group, is the most likely to proc. So, in the example, it'll mostly fart out Impact procs, because the game does a 4x to Impact, Puncture, and slash (remember, each one individually, not as a group) In the modified example? mostly Corrosive, as the 300 *is* higher than any single physical damage type, even with the 4x proc bonus.
  8. Indeed, given she was *originally* (as of the first teaser during a devstream) the BDSM Spider-frame (the "blades" on her back? the stumps from when they chopped off the spider-legs the original design had), oh lord did she ever get the "pc" reworking. The whip? (her #1) was originally going to be an exalted weapon, like Valkyr(& Garuda)'s Claws, Excal's Sword, Ivara's Bow, and Wukong's Staff. The Strangledome was, IIRC, the bandaid solution after they chose not to give us BDSM Khora. (but, I could well be wrong, it may have started life as her #3) The damn (mostly useless unless it's modded exactly right) cat? Wan't even present. (hell, the Cat may have been the bandaid to patch-over the gaping hole after they dropped the exalted whip)
  9. Niiice. Thank you for the quick response.
  10. Is this *all* specters, or only the Cosmic? Because that's a smidgeon OP if it appies to the lowly Vapor Specter. And Clem.
  11. Seconding this, too many "magnetic" crates, barrels, railings, and goddamn rocks. (magnetic as in, they actively reach out and grab your warframe/operator and hug you to them, not the damage type)
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