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  1. Hello Everyone, actually our Operator can choose only one path per mission. Thanks nice and cool but i missed a bit the individuality. Why down we just learnd every Path and combine the skills like we want. void-rush: heal, regenerate energie, decrement Armor, ... void-woge: creat a shield in front of you, set a magnetig bubble agains your enemy,... and so on, wouldn't that be more funny how player would play there Operator? Greetings Riju
  2. Hello everyone, what the F***? I can not act with anyone who did not do this authentication? Why? Why is this enforced and prevents us from playing normally? Are so many people unable to secure their account that it had to be FORCED? I am now here shortly after the beta, of course I keep pausing and not every change I like but this is really too much that I have to write a feedback about it ... If this is just offered and you can continue to play normally then that's okay, why is a f2p game so cut? Not even with those people who are beginning to live in my clan I may act if the one does not want to do that ... Greetings to the community Riju
  3. I start Playing Warframe 2 Month to late xDDD
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