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  1. Done ground solo most of the time. Not that lucky with matchmaking. It's doable but it's a slog. Limbo makes it easier to do but be sure to bring hard hitting weap (or zaw with exodia contagion). Thing is, this event is boring. I really fell asleep during each missions a couple times already, whether it's solo or in team. Start >> run to 1st condrix >> blast the eyes >> kill sentients >> blast eyes >> sentients, rinse and repeat until you fell asleep
  2. OP, I share what you've experienced too. I'm in Asia region. You'll meet leechers more often in endless fissures, especially defense. Leechers have been a long time problem in this region. There's nothing else we can do than just quit the mission the first chance we get. Reporting is okay BUT if you're willing to report a sheer amount of them, one by one, with screenshots... too much of a hassle for something we don't even know getting followed through by DE team
  3. Everything is still a hot mess.... Was in the ground team, killing and scanning condrix, yet the space team yells they need kill codes....ffs.... we have like 7-10 ground teams vs 3-4 space teams running. At this stage, this event is a waste of time.... I know your goal is awesome, "real time" coop between land and sky, but the execution is poor. I know you guys still working on it, but look for all the frustrated "beta testers" here.... please consider extending or even scraping the time limit
  4. welcome to the game, tenno also, once you've reached 2000 hours+ in the game, you'll gain the ability to play endless mission while falling asleep
  5. Currently having all kuva weapon that I own with radiation as base... don't know if it's a good choice. Going for viral rad combo
  6. Ivara or loki will do. Bring your hardest hitting weapon, modded to match the lich's weakness (or mod for corrosive if it's resist most damage). Silence your weapon if using ivara, cloak almost all the time. Bring carrier with ammo case, just in case you need lots of ammo to take down the lich. That's what I do, hunting lich solo (never in a group or pub).
  7. Imho, the current 120 cap is more than enough, unless you're trading. I'm sitting at 117/120 with several duplicates I'd like to remove. Thing is, this is a hoarding game. The more lenient cap we have, the more people will hoard stuff and then the cycle continues, creating more server demands to store all those data
  8. Managed to snag some ss to showcase some of the issue. Not the worst case because I'm not fast enough to capture it. Image 3 is the aftermath of the intense splatter on my screen
  9. The case of RNG screwing us. Having the same experience when trying to get aksomati link from axi a8. I've spent lots of radiant axi a8 and no single link to be found till now. Don't look for it too hard, instead just open a random relic and hope for someone in squad cracked it. Eventually you'll get it when you don't actively look for it
  10. made a feedback post https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1175826-toggle-for-color-change/?tab=comments#comment-11436160 If anyone is in agreement towards the suggestion, can you guys please chime in. Thanks
  11. Can you please add a toggle to change the color of allied frames and weapons effect back to vanilla or at least tone it down? This will impact only on the player who turns on the toggle, not the allies. They'll still see the same. Why? Because there are certain color pallete on a certain weapon effect that's so bright it's blinding. I was in a mission with a player using Acceltra with bright white effect. Whenever it shoots on my position, I can't see anything, at all, not even enemies nor wall. My screen became pure white, like a flashbang thrown right in front of my screen. There are cases too where kuva bramma with bright colors gets blown on my position, creates a wall of solid colors, like ink thrown to my monitor. There are also other weapon/frame ability color combo that has so bright it made the screen like a disco ball, except it's all solid color (someone mentioned a golden vauban ball earlier). It's like simulor effect back then. I know I can't force players to modify their color just for me, so let them have it. A toggle would be really nice. This will only effect the player that toggles it, to themselves, not other players in the party Credit to @Chewarette for the idea
  12. Actually, this is a mighty fine suggestion!
  13. I know this is not that important.... BUT Please for the love of all that is holy, tone down your blinding colors! I was in a fissure, and there's a player with blinding white acceltra.... I can't see anything when they shoot on my position (dunno, wukong clone always aim at me since I'm always up close to the enemy). I try to stay away but it follows and then there are players with bramma.... I know it's a good weapon with dang bright colors, please please please tone down the colors.... God knows how many other color combos that can potentially blind other players I know I can't control how people wanna play, it's their choice, so either I suck it up or just quit.... but please please please be considerate to others...
  14. Old Ember was my fav frame Here's why: I play almost exclusively solo except endless fissures. I work full time and another side job. By the time I got home, I just want to play and relax. Old ember gave me that luxury with WoF. I can slowly take my time clearing missions, exploring tilesets without enemies posing real threat. If I have the power to revert the changes back, I would do it, just for me. The current iteration of ember is fine imo, but that made me play ember less tbh. Current fav frame: no one. I do play other frames depending on mission. Loki, mag, nekros, nova, oberon. If I have to choose, it would be mag. The thing I would change for mag is her passive. Seems pointless nowadays since we have UV. Since her kit revolves around magnetism, I think her passive could be innate vacuum, or increased vacuum range
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