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  1. ah, forgot to mention, I don't have helminth (yet). Perhaps I should have it first before continuing SP. Tried using max range stasis limbo on interception, didn't end well lol I'm concerned with the boss fight especially ropalolyst and ambulas, same with you usually I put gas+magnetic when vs corpus but it seems weak, like shooting wet noodles on a brick. Perhaps it's my weapon of choice that didn't have much DPS. it's ok when vs humanoid but when the moas and friends came....well it's like prodding them with a twig lol for frames I'm comfortable with: 1. Lo
  2. Hi, I just started doing SP (I know I'm waaaay late), and doing it solo. I can do Exterminate, Capture, Rescue, Sabotage quite easily with Loki, Spy with Ivara. Thing is, when it's MD/interception/disruption/defense/Boss fights, I find it's quite difficult doing it solo. Recruiting is out of the way bc most of the time, there is no one playing the node and my connection sucks. For starters, I'm just a casual player, I have most of the weapons and mods and some decent riven to support. For frames, I have most of them except Lavos and Octavia Prime. Not really on min-maxing stats but I
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