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  1. silver grove specter mission didn't count for me. rip. I should've done it at the beginning of the week.
  2. The slam attack ragdoll mechanic went from barely tolerable to just stupidly annoying. The fixed radius on slam attacks harmed some Melees with short base attack range and with high slam attack radius. So hard to build up the combo multiplier, if everything flies so far away (or just please bring back quick melee) Even hammers that I don't have problems spamming the RMB combo before is barely useable. Only Arca Titron acts the same way because of its unique passive.
  3. Please increase the Vitus Essence reward per round. 😞
  4. I think my lex riven has stats lower than it should be based on the changes.
  5. Resetting the alarms does not seem to work. Please look on it.
  6. Magus Lockdown Perma sleep I will miss you.
  7. Please Fix Corpus Gas Planet Perma Locking Doors
  8. soooooooooooo.........I can't chain my melee combos because of the auto-parry
  9. I did not rushed to extraction. 🙂
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