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  1. I hope it isn't anything major that needs changes. I love the current helmet. In all honesty, I've been specifically waiting for Nova Mithra as I don't really enjoy her default look and none of the other skins have caught my eye like Mithra has. Good luck getting it in next round though!
  2. I wonder if DE has considered letting Tennogen artists get access to the Prime Details and to work with them. If they have and decided against it, I wonder why...
  3. Congratulations! I can't wait to see what you do next.
  4. 1. Any updates on the previously revealed Deluxe skins (I.E. Zephyr, Equinox, Wukong, ect.) 2. Have you considered adding the Bonus Objectives from Orb Vallis Bounties to the current Cetus bounties?
  5. Valkyr Mithra changing from a Kitsune mask makes me kind of sad. It was an excellent design and I wish DE let it stay. Khora Mithra has looked fantastic from the beginning and I hope it gets accepted next round. Wukong Mithra is looking extra nice. Now to wait for a rework to bring him into a spotlight. Also, although not mentioned in this post, I hope Nova Mithra gets in soon. Been waiting for her for a while.
  6. For some reason my first thought was "Oh, Corpus Inaros"... I really don't know why. But the Syandana looks good.
  7. Not sure if anyone else in this thread has suggested it, but; ROFL 1. Moa is startled by something, perhaps something like Ordis's "Background Radiation Is a Riot!" transmission, where you don't understand the joke. 2. Moa falls onto its back and begins kicking its legs in the air, moving its 'head' piece a bit as though it is laughing. 3. Moa stops 'laughing' and looks around for a moment. 4. Moa jumps back up onto its feet as though nothing happened, returning to its idle animation
  8. Taking this into consideration, how has the mod Guardian Derision been effected? Does it still work?
  9. I really hope all your skins get in. I think you deserve a lot of praise for all of them. Chroma is excellent (hope they didn't request too many changes) Khora is amazing, Wukong deserves to be in, and Nova is very nice (and would be an instant buy for me).
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