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  1. In all honesty I really enjoyed the first take on the helmet. Maybe you could keep it for a different frame, like Ivara. The new helmet looks pretty great too, can't wait to see Garuda done.
  2. I'd like to see if you could make Mag an infested skin. Not sure if she's very kind to the infested style, considering how minimal she is, but I'd still like to see.
  3. This is my favorite time because of how many items are put onto the workshop to be looked at usually.
  4. Alright, I have a few minor questions. 1. Have you considering giving Titania her own floating movement like Wisp has? It feels strange watching Titania go from floating to running on the ground, like the plebs. Meanwhile Wisp gets to float around all the time (Except when she has a melee weapon equipped, which is an understandable limitation) 2. Have you considered adding new rewards to old, somewhat abandoned, gamemodes? It's quite disappointing that those gamemodes have not had anything added to them to bring players back to them. 3. There are a few weapon types that feel a bit lacking. Rapiers, Gunblades, Claws, and Nunchaka only have 2 weapons (Excluding Zaws or prime variants) in each class. While warfans only have a single weapon. 4. Have you considered added new Prime Weapons between Prime Warframe releases? 5. Will there be a way for Console Tenno to get the Fae Path Emphemera?
  5. 1. Any updates on the previously revealed Deluxe skins (I.E. Zephyr, Equinox, Wukong, ect.) 2. Have you considered adding the Bonus Objectives from Orb Vallis Bounties to the current Cetus bounties?
  6. For some reason my first thought was "Oh, Corpus Inaros"... I really don't know why. But the Syandana looks good.
  7. Not sure if anyone else in this thread has suggested it, but; ROFL 1. Moa is startled by something, perhaps something like Ordis's "Background Radiation Is a Riot!" transmission, where you don't understand the joke. 2. Moa falls onto its back and begins kicking its legs in the air, moving its 'head' piece a bit as though it is laughing. 3. Moa stops 'laughing' and looks around for a moment. 4. Moa jumps back up onto its feet as though nothing happened, returning to its idle animation
  8. Taking this into consideration, how has the mod Guardian Derision been effected? Does it still work?
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