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  1. The "nerf" on energy consumption on revenant's 4th makes him less appealing to be used tbh. The nerf is probably "made" so that he will not be the old banshee 2.0 so I guess I'll go back more on using my speedrun Volt Prime and Mesa.
  2. This plan is nice but i still prefer weapons and equipment are locked every 50 days but with this kinda of setup: Sigils and resources, weapons, equipments and primed mods are obtainable every 50 days but: - Sigils and Resources are unlocked at Day 50 - Weapons and Equipment are unlocked at Day 100 - Primed Mods are unlocked at Day 200 This encourages more newbie players to login everyday for the weapons with minimal effort via number of logins, but gives a potential of not logging in back because of remaining "unnecessary" login reward. But at least it gives a more diverse choice of what does a player really want for login rewards. I'm around 780+ day login now and if I got lodestar syandana at Day 800, maybe it'll be nice if I'll get the lodestar armor set at day 850, just saying.
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