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  1. The "nerf" on energy consumption on revenant's 4th makes him less appealing to be used tbh. The nerf is probably "made" so that he will not be the old banshee 2.0 so I guess I'll go back more on using my speedrun Volt Prime and Mesa.
  2. This plan is nice but i still prefer weapons and equipment are locked every 50 days but with this kinda of setup: Sigils and resources, weapons, equipments and primed mods are obtainable every 50 days but: - Sigils and Resources are unlocked at Day 50 - Weapons and Equipment are unlocked at Day 100 - Primed Mods are unlocked at Day 200 This encourages more newbie players to login everyday for the weapons with minimal effort via number of logins, but gives a potential of not logging in back because of remaining "unnecessary" login reward. But at least it gives a more diverse choice of what does a player really want for login rewards. I'm around 780+ day login now and if I got lodestar syandana at Day 800, maybe it'll be nice if I'll get the lodestar armor set at day 850, just saying.
  3. I was hoping we get permanent twitch drops in warframe: I would be glad gettin' useful resources while watching streams like 100-500 polymer bundle per hour (plus "filter twitch drops inbox messages" feature).
  4. Well Saryn is pretty good now but technically the core gameplay changes depends on what the teammates will do and warframe/s they're using. As Brozime said, I hope she will not get "Gara-ed". 🕒
  5. Am I reading this correctly? That only heavy attacks are only affected by combo counter damage? I believe this will make more melee weapons useless unless they really need to buff all melees and stances with added bonus damage and decent ranges. I was enjoying my zaw w/ Tempo Royale stance and they will somehow nerf the light attacks? Some of my frames got better survivability on my zaw w/ Primed Fury and Berserker mod. The only problem here is the "spin2win is kinda cancerous" but don't get me wrong, even on this overpowered mechanic extends our survivabilty in battle. - Why not just add some damage % cap and crit chance cap while doing spin attack/maiming, since it seems that this is one of the main problem? - Doing combos on stance aren't that fun in the first place, maybe improve better button combination = more user friendly on most players? - Does light attacks still compete on high-level missions + onslaught missions? It better be still that way. - Will heavy attacks ragdoll enemies alot? It looks like the spread of dps on ragdolled enemies isn't that sufficient killing hordes of them. - Maiming on walls is broken, really need to remove it.
  6. - Whipclaw stats doesn't show up the attack speed, so I hope it is affected by the melee attack speed mods equipped, kinda similar stats affecting melee mods with Atlas Landslide ability. - I hope it'll be effective as similar to scarab swarm of Inaros, or might have better mechanic than that. - It's better if we're still able to resurrect Venari by press holding the third ability then fast resurrect, becuse there's a possibility of having a hard time reviving three teammates and 2 pets at the same time, well resurrecting Venari is just my suggestion. - Strangledome stats doesn't show enemies affected, similar with Vauban, and I kinda wish power strength and/or power range is affected by how many enemies affected by this ability.
  7. I would suggest keeping the progression items on the spot so as to prevent it from vanishing after host migration, or add a similar thing from void fissure runs where we get inbox from Ordis recovering such reward/s after a lost connection to the host or a failed host migration.And I would also suggest if a squad is able to get to zone 10 - 16 at least the squad don't get the same award/s in zone 2 - 8, or add more chances on the items we didn't get on the lower zones. P.S. Recently there was a zone where only Grineer Drudge Brazers and Foremen is showing up with very minimal spawns, was that intentional?
  8. Suggestions for a trial: - an enemy having smarter AI movement (smarter and faster than a grineer manic) that can parkour like a warframe - more shooting mechanics on puzzles/bosses (but can't be rushed using gigantic dps weapons) - less puzzle, more shooting, more enemies - succession of a raid is not boosted thru "one-shotting" an objective - add "tutorial stuffs and signs" in the raid, or even add a tutorial raid key where the raid run has a bunch of tutorials but since tutorials were given, in-game rewards are not given on that particular mission. - kinda similar on ambulas and kela de thyme assasination, but damaging a boss needs to be kinda similar on killing a teralyst (without using an eidolon lure and [spoilers] an operator) and there should be a mechanic that we need to shoot a random weakpoint to continue shooting a weakpoint of a boss later on - [WHY OLD RAIDS FAILED TO BE INTRODUCED ON THE MAJORITY] give us UI in the Navigation where you can see auto-matchmaking for doing raids/dark sector To be fair, dark sector is on the right direction. I hope "some players" will not be able to "exploit farming" the rewards on it (thru using glitching, and possibly the raid host might be using multiple accounts on a raid) I think DE should have labeled the old raids as "currently in beta", similar way on the old focus system. It's too easy to criticize DE on why they're removing a core part of the game away from the raid community. I think on all these things that are added in the game simultaneously, especially the upcoming dark sector and all the incoming future contents, I would really suggest they add some kind of "tutorial box"/"in-game tutorial tab" that shows up always in the game, or in-game tips/informations that pop up always per interval that pops up like alerts every 5/10/20/30/60 seconds (and of course a switch on/off on that tutorial thing); And add more UI improvements to the game especially for the new players.
  9. @[DE]Rebecca how big is the upcoming update? More than 1gb?
  10. I'm pretty sure not all veterans doing raids. I don't even oppose DE if they're closing the trials but I agree on some people who still wanna play the trials. Technically the raids are good but in the long run, those raids are not attractive on new players as well. The mechanics on finishing the raids is "pretty complicated" for those new players doing it. Why not close the Conclave also? Are the new eidolons enough to be challenging compared on the trials? I don't think so for experienced players. Are the current trials will be embraced more by the playerbase in the future? That's not gonna happen for sure. But if a small percentage of playerbase is playing raids, that's something wrong and must be fixed. I'm pretty ok with the trials being "temporarily closed" even thou my stats are kinda nothing compared on some vets. If DE will replace raids with a 10x size of a teralyst boss, I'm cool with that. And/Or just leave the trials be accessible for 5-6 months and give us more endgame stuffs in PoE and the upcoming venus open world.Or just keep the trials until new mechanics/ new trials/ new big endgame stuff will be added on the game.
  11. still waiting for a hotfix on those quill cores and other things that might be affected, like the mining ores
  12. LMAO same, i was going to entrance then "network not responding", I killed an Eidolon solo and seeing an eidolon shard loot, RIP
  13. Is there any expected GB size already of how big is the upcoming PoE update?
  14. Harrow and Hunhow captura scenes aren't tradeable. That was a bug, right?
  15. New captura scenes aren't tradeable when I tried to buy the Harrow scene.
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