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  1. I made a topic a little while back about some tweaks to Hildryn but i want to put this up separate since it's honestly a big deal to me unlike the other things where it's more of a take it or leave it. It admittedly doesn't come up much but it's annoying and makes Aegis Storm feel bad in some cases. There's a very strict height limit on Hildryn's Aegis Storm. you can fly a certain bit up but it's limiting like the old "Ceiling" in PoE that archwing had for a while which was equally infuriating. I just want 2 changes. 1. let me go higher just in general. I dunno if i could say it should be unlimited (not sure how it works right off for Titania) but it's not particularly high and things get wonky sometimes when you're moving from different elevations like a lower floor you just drop suddenly and awkwardly. possibly increase shield drain at higher elevations once your CC is no longer touching the floor or something to that effect to discourage just flying up as high as you can or something odd if need be. 2. Hildryn can't actually fly over pits. it's really weird to me her flight ability can't actually cross gaps since it's based on the floor below you just try and you sink into the pit anyways. this at the very least i would say is an important change. flying around in some tile sets doing the balefire aegis combo is fun until you just drop into a pit (or lakes) and feel silly especially since you're up enough you might not notice it unless it's a big pit. this is an actual complaint and a flaw i feel in the power. Now i don't know how easy it would be to actually change this but I at least want to bring it up as it drives me crazy just a little.
  2. it's not a big deal. like really now. you still have the ability to give the bp unlike others. and really hard work? me and one other friend got in the top 10% of ghost clans and it wasn't too difficult. relax and be happy you had exclusivity for quite a long time. and then be happy that the fun is spread around as more people get the weapon.
  3. So i have been playing Hildryn a lot. I really like her even without any arcanes since i'm admittedly being a little lazy about getting them. I feel honestly her Balefire might need a base drain. reason being is that. especially in corrupted missions i can just run around with a corrupted balefire forever with really no work. it's not a huge thing. maybe just having a base drain even if insignificant like a base of 5 shield a second might not be too bad of a thing especially seeing what balefire can do. i swapped from auger message to trans fort and it jumped like 15k damage. so you add 200% more power and range (range by god even with only 75% boost i have a 5.25 meter blast radius that destroys everything) to that thing and it's absurd. but this isn't a big deal. just honestly it does feel a bit much sometimes. Though mostly in the case of fissure missions and being able to just keep the boosted balefire forever. other than that i would like some sort of boost for using balefire and aegis storm simultaneously. multishot boost might be too much to ask for but if not maybe a 35% fire rate boost effected by power strength or something? but when i see two balefire guns. i dunno i just feel for the combined drain of aegis storm and balefire shots and making yourself a big target (even if you can use aviator during it) that's my thoughts on that though. it's not essential per say but it'd really let her ult shine more. I would also like pillage to be castable while in aegis storm. it's castable during haven i'm not sure why you can't pillage during aegis unless it's the idea of you running all your abilities at once and refueling with pillage but that would mean you're likely surrounded and taking shield damage anyways not to mention the added drain from guys caught in aegis storm and haven. other than those admittedly minor things i think Hildryn is pretty perfect to me and i can't think of anything i dislike about her.
  4. I find it silly the people with everything are the ones most annoyed they might have to spend something. Ohno not 3 forma and a piddling amount of standing at worst and for 99% of others it's a new zaw or kitgun.
  5. We'll see if it's still an issue by week 8 now is too early to judge if it's necessary.
  6. Personal problems can arise whenever it's not the game's fault stuff happens it's the same thig as people going at wave 7 of eso plans get borked try again with another team. Me n 1 friend did the 60 min kuva surv so it's doable with just 2 people. Also these are onlly the elite challenges it's 10k total you can miss 13k a week and convict captures chip away at that 13k as well. So relax if a challenge isn't for you you can just do other stuff.
  7. Yup basically. And so far doing everything gets you 4 n some change depending on convicts.
  8. Framkly unbeknownst to you you were missing a HELL of a lot more stuff before with the old alert system than this. This still allows you to catch up to get stuff. But rng decided every week while you were away you'd miss a catalyst or reactor alert and it's just gone too bad.
  9. The dailies stack they don't go away likely until the weekly shift if at all so that's more leniency.
  10. You have to look at what you're replacing with alerts. Honestly my involvement with alerts was the Lotus alerts which are likely still going to appear after each devstream. Sometimes a nitain here n there and once in blue moon maybe a catalyst would float by at 3 a.m. and I'll see it. By mr 3 I ignored basically everything else so alerts are so inconsequential that the replacement to me just feels like a new thing to me. And it's good you're looking to do em. It's a challenge after all.
  11. it's never truly out of f reach due to convicts appearing and they'll appear more frequently as time goes on to where likely you'll just earn 150 standing per mission by week 10 and it'll be a viable grind. This is ignoring you likely already getting plenty of groups i've easily hit 20 convict groups that's 3k EXTRA standing right there.
  12. Some challenges are a little tough. Some a little hard. Most easy. There's a few elite ones but I think everyone forgot you don't need to do everything to hit 30. You can choose to not do something and be fine. Yes 60 min survs can be hard like how Hydrolysts were hard for a lot in last week's Nightwave. But you are not forced to do every task and especially not forced to do it immediately you have a full week to take little bites out of Nightwave and maybe set time aside for the big elite ones. Or if they're not your thing skip em n do missions you do like (Even open world zones) and get convicts for bits of standing to make up for it nice and easy, leisurely even. The amount of times I'm hearing the term "forced" here is in my opinion ridiculous nonsense and for the uninformed at least do not feel you have to do everything on that list of challenges. Yes challenges to challenge you if only a little. That's my piece about it. I just find this negativity in the face of something I have been really enjoying myself and with friends frustrating especially when it's replaced something frankly worthless. We have stuff to do now people just refuse to do it.
  13. This too I'd expect is on the table but I'm just really curious what'll be rotated in and out if i see a Wolf sledge motor on that cred shop in 4 hours I'll be laughing my ass off.
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