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  1. I'm sure it's been thought out a lot at DE so there have to be some limitations but I feel it's going to push powercreep so much further while simultaneously stripping identity from the warframes themselves boiling them down to a few powers. The implications from the little bit seen so far in Tennocon while it's neat as a little fun idea it can lead to so many busted things (the quickest being just put spores on everything. Inaros being now the likely template for anything since he's very tanky with very little effort) with things leading to now the new literal "Metaframe" amalgam with maybe some later content balancing around this which then if you don't partake you are stuck. And personally now stripping the parts of the warframes away to me is saddening and personally I think it's a reason to not really properly balance some abilities. Oh Chroma's spectral scream is lacking well just replace it we don't need to balance it. I'm not saying that will be the case but the idea is there. I think there need to be heavy restrictions or the abilities themselves should be used to a lesser efficency if we must continue with this otherwise for me personally I can see this kind of killing the game. No offense to DE of course but these are just my thoughts on it. I don't want to lose identity for more powercreep, boiling down new frame arrivals to powers to strip down and move to other frames.
  2. Just wait for the hallway hero trend to really take off with hard mode people think they'll be just fine only to run out and die over and over and over.
  3. if you think rhino's only useful skill is the skin you're a silly silly person. and yes Ironclad Charge really goes a long long way for that.
  4. sounds like people just want stuff to flaunt and flex on others as exclusive rewards and not emotes and statues. like really just admit that is what it's boiling down to for you.
  5. iirc they never intended to even release umbral formas in the first place which honestly i don't like the idea of umbral forma either since it does somewhat ruin some of Umbra's uniqueness if they make other Umbral frames as well. So with that in mind I'd say it's doin find with the slow gain of them as another in the thread put it it's not supposed to be the next baseline of power.
  6. my mindset is pretty casual that's why you don't understand it you're forcing yourself to throw hours into something you really don't need power wise and taking it so seriously when it's like well if i rolled a junk riven well put a regular mod back in it's place who cares or after 10 rolls when the price maxes out just junk it if it didn't work out and get another one down the line for a different weapon and see what it can do. the game is essentially built on rng but now suddenly this is where it's a big problem when you like see what a riven does cause you need that superfluous power out of the mod?
  7. you're paying in kuva there's no plat involved it's a little endgame grind if you wanna get extra power out of a specific weapon. you don't need a riven for any content in the game they've said this many a time. you don't need a perfect roll it's your choice if you really really want that perfect thing me personally i just look for 1 stat i really want on a weapon and the rest is flexible. lastly if you're paying people plat for rivens that's your choice (albeit i find it to be a dumb one which ruins the discovery of a new riven and experimenting with a weapon you generally haven't played with in a while) and if you're paying for godrolls on meta weapons that's you throwing your wallet away on a stupid choice. people go way too hard into a system that is completely extra for any weapon ever it is never something you need. Something in all likelihood DE didn't think people would take so seriously when it's something to be like "oh hey i found a bronco riven well screw it let's pick that up and fiddle around a bit" I'm not going to say the riven system is perfect but when it's not required for ANYTHING since we have a full set of pretty effective mods for just about every weapon some layers of rng are hardly something to pull your hair out over. i blew what like 150k kuva i had saved up on a drakgoon riven cause i wanted more multishot. i got it with a few flaws but like ehh #*!% it i shoot more shrapnel around i'm happy.
  8. no what we'd get instead is how making liches aren't working when they're hitting the finisher button and how people didn't know to hold it and that goes against how finishers work that dosn't make sense and whatever other complaints. you aren't every going to please everyone. This is about as close as you can be right now.
  9. honestly with the flashing and talking fanfare and the marker and i think they said they patched out the larvaling teleporting to you like other enemies or were planning on it I would say they've done just about everything to make it as opt in but it'll never be perfectly idiotproof. i mean you saw it was next to the locker just wait like the way... 20 seconds or something for it to die off? either way it's not like it's the end of the world anyways.
  10. I mean it grew to be a fine mode to me that's kind of how Warframe itself came to be good so I can say they did a good job yeah.
  11. up the draw time and drop either crit or status chance. likely drop the status since it can multiproc anyways. that would put it in line pretty well.
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