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  1. Liches do need a bit more oomph to them. dunno fi this is the way to go about it though.
  2. so from seeing the data here and seeing the bows you have.... stick em together until you eventually get your perfect bow. you're the one pushing fo rthe perfect stats it makes sense it's going to take times. most rng systems in most other games aren't even close to this lenient for something that is literally perfect.
  3. because people always confuse general discussion with feedback for some reason. so the angry people come here cause they don't know where they should put their threads. and there's always the obvious of happy people don't come here to complain. Like myself personally I've been happy with the update myself but I also haven't been trying to aggressively farm for and ephemera within like a month of the content drop cause that's how you burn yourself out.
  4. then just build your railjack. if you've done enough railjack to have potentially gotten mk 3 parts you should have that pretty close as well. if you don't have a railjack this stuff wouldn't matter to you generally speaking. and in all likelihood you'd end up building some of those mk2 or mk1 things first anyways unless you're really realllllly grinding and trying to skip the entire progression system of the mode anyways. like it or not you're appearing as a stubborn outlier for no real reason. most people's reasons to go into railjack rewardwise would at the start just be to get the materials (pustrels etc) to make their own jack. When really in most other games you wouldn't be allowed to go in at all or even save these resources you have no use for at the moment. They gave you the inches needed to get this done you don't need the mile if you're not going to complete your stuff.
  5. actually it means that you only need a riven until you get the prime or better variant. then the prime performs just as well and i won't need to put in a forma just for a riven. it might occur to people that they don't need a riven for every weapon (not that you needed them before but people did it anyways). There will always be a need to own all of the weapons or at least level them for mastery. the rivens don't give that and are now much more expendable to the general public (who hoarded rivens a lot of the time) which will mean prices might not be as stupid in general and things could relax. it's all good as far as i'm concerned. Rivens were treated as a necessity for every weapon and people gouged eachother to hell over them now they can be seen as a true luxury for some weapons but really not needed for others.
  6. Actually now that i think about it this might in the long run make rivens actually do what they INTENDED from the get go. use on lower end weapons to bring them up while higher end versions might not even WANT them at all and will perform just as well. Honestly this has me pretty interested.
  7. are you going to assert that it's a majority of the playerbase? 51% of the playerbase is doing 5x3 and 6x3? Since my claim is a hell of a lot more likely than yours. actually they were popular for getting around fast in general. this was before the time before the focus schools gave people the massive dashes but most people still don't have that or use Zephyr out in the plains anyways. And they still will be used for getting around quickly and for shooting at stuff from the air and for the archwing missions themselves obviously I didn't say 1% of the players were doing Eidolons just that 1% are likely doing 5x3 6x3.
  8. It will also effect people who do 5x3 is the only other thing you came up with who are still getting 12 arcanes and a mountain of cores and shards if if kills their runs this is all you have it isn't much of an argument. these groups of people are very minor that DE shouldn't have to worry about them it is almost irresponsible to acount for such a small group when you have to make changes to your game that DE believes are for the better. If it stops people from doing a 1x3. the BASE. THEN it is enough of a problem to start to reconsider it and nothing more. To be worried about the top 1% is silly since the world isn't all about them either just as much as it isn't about me..
  9. I use console so i don't have that update yet and likely won't have that issue though I did see Reb rebind her keys If shift is the only thing to allow it consistently THAT is something to give feedback about and ask for maybe an alternate way to do it or what have you.
  10. If it does stop a 6x3... like plainly... who the #*!% cares oh no I can only get 15 Eidolons captured every couple hours....It would be silly for DE to be worried about THAT of all things in my opinion. That said in another thread I suggested if anything to give a mod for faster cooldowns since ti's a luxury kind of thing and by no means a necessity.
  11. I'll admit I'm a little sad no Daikyu Prime but ehh I'll live, The weapons are fine not crazy about them but I am in love with her new look it's unexpected and unique I will have fun playing with it and if ultimately I don't care for it there's a deluxe on the way I will in all honestly like anyways. The armor i like but I'm really running low on cash so I'm trying not to think about it lol...
  12. it's 3 seconds... 3 whole seconds oh no. We aren't going to get blink SPAM on every archwing we just aren't. IF anything maybe make a mod to allow for faster dodges much like we have for our ground dodges now with the amalgam mod because while it would be nice to maybe be fast it is in no way necessary it would be a luxury
  13. I think she great to be honest. I was concerned her. Prime would kind of be in the same Vein of her Deluxe of Archery but no they went the natural poison route of from poison tree frog to poisonous jellyfish and it was pretty unexpected in the sense I didn't know i wanted that and I am happy with her and can't wait to play with her colors with those bright energy effects adn the darker tones of her outfit maybe..
  14. it just seems like again you're in a hurry trying to rush a system that isnt' really made for that. though that's how a lot of people treat a lot of the things in warframe just try to marathon through it and complain of burnout after. they have talked about a clan contract trading thing if it bothers you that much jsut wait until that comes around.
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