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  1. you could say it could be a necessary drawback on the others since you can put the exodia's on a bunch of different weapon archetypes while the vitrica is the vitrica
  2. I think for Xaku Prime in this case they would have to do something like the Euphona which si to say simply a different frame. I can see them bending rules for certain frames but for this one seems a bit too far out there or they may simply not get a prime at all.
  3. upon actually hearing the mod description and seeing a bit on here it sounds like a fine mod to me and that OP is just being silly.
  4. sounds like they're trying to break away from hours of farming setups like with most other things which is a good thing for me. This is what kept me from actually going into steel path much is that if i really wanted much essence i was going to have to just go up with a farm group and just sit there. So I'm good with the change.
  5. so i'll likely get less essence but not have to waste my entire day at the same node farming the same S#&$ and maybe have fun trying something different here and there that sounds fine to me tbh. it also might be a little tougher with the acolytes jumping in here and there so steel path getting a little bit tougher.
  6. Guys I just want powercreep gimme powercreep. There's the thread.
  7. I like it as is since its functionally an infinite ammo gun.
  8. So even ignoring genshin impact's gachaness with the worst rates and its resin world level as an idea sucks since it's not decided at your pace at all and quite a few people are finding once they leveled up a lot of characters the world level has gotten too high since they didn't focus on 2 or 3 characters which is S#&$ty design. You can't go level up nezha prime you gotta fully kit out your other frames so you can grind in the new world level and not get stopped dead in your tracks. Yes there are ascension quests that you can opt to not do but you will still end up raising y
  9. Destiny is sunsetting every purple piece of gear in the game throwing any time farming for them in the trash. Of all things you can say destiny is doing better respecting your time is not one of them.
  10. Mesa with Energized Munitions. Rhino with Empower Excalibur with Shuriken Gara with Radial Blind Trinity with Spellbind Nekros I was thinking Well of Life or Blood Altar if they can heal the shadows. Khora with Master's Summons to see if it works with Venari but haven't tried yet. Want Ivara with Mark for Death soon. Might try Protea with Tesla Nervos. will think of others later on.
  11. Viver. really most of the new things people are complaining about are a lot of overreactions which is normal for any game forum.
  12. you've been playing a game for 5 years that says it all it doesn't matter what game you're playing after 5 years yeah you might not wanna play it anymore. It's not a fault of the game or yourself the fact you can get 5 years out of a free to play title is a lot when most games you can buy for 60 bucks give you 10-30 hours.
  13. sure add one. no two. no three. you know what just give me four mod slots like on the necramechs for free for no reason let's do that. /s in case people think i'm serious.
  14. ehh i get the idea but practically turning your first power into a mod slot is ehh for me in this case. I did it on rhino but here I'd like the option to add on some void damage since nothing else can and it's been areally good buff so far since i have a high status weapon i just bullet attractor them immediately and tear them apart.
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