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  1. i'm looking forward to the change to focused defense adding more of a cone as well. so that and guardian derision i think will be fun to properly defend.
  2. I'm just not a huge fan of her look I know she's a great frame. still no bad frame in game.
  3. you might have to shoot something with one of your two guns
  4. sounds like a perfectly fine companion to me tbh.
  5. covert lethality was nonsense. you can still kill people with stealth finishers. just maybe not level 10000s. covert lethality wasn't really a build just an OP mod.
  6. nerf or not i'm not too worried it's honestly good for us if they trim the power we have a little bit.
  7. it's like they avoided making it completely blatant powercreep or something and instead maybe make it a little tricky to really do or fully commit to.
  8. the lose lose situation the devs face every day defined by the two posts above
  9. D2 as a f2p game is a worse f2p game then warframe and this is after paying for expansions i'm not too worried. I do remember anthem being hyped up so much. a lot of it was from fans themselves. honestly it's just a depressing story and bioware, while it is there fault also got in over their head and it's a bummer.
  10. waiting for empyrean to just roam around and screw around in space just not in a rush to do a bunch of stuff. a friend bought me D2 and after they went f2p a lot of things feel worse to me so i'm dropping that for now too after i do moon campaign with a friend. Not saying it's horrible but it's a big disappointment and I was under the impression they'd listen to a lot of things but they didn't' and the pulled the reigns too tight on a lot of things not letting anything really flourish. And the game is very solo unfriendly anyways. Vermintide 2 i'm picking back up a little cause i didn't really delve deep into that and it's a fun game. and just hitting my backlog and keeping an eye on warframe for when deluxe skins and stuff releases.
  11. you actually progress it very very little by doing that. you mostly want to bounty span and even then after your first 5 ranks that week your gain is SEVERELY cut down to where unless you're going in super hard in grinding out bounties you aren't making much progress. and you have to do at least 50 of those ranks like that too since 10 weeks. the FOMO is much much higher in that then spending say like 2 hours doing everything in nightwave for that week and only having to really do 65% of it. I gave up on actually getting to rank 100 or even 70 at this point just due to that fact and also the fact that engrams have also been severely cut down since the update came around there's very little rank to rank gain.
  12. honestly I'm not too worried as playing destiny is just frustration after frustration. they almost always have good ideas but they're too timid to give a little slack to really let it breathe. that and it's actually worse f2p wise now than it was before the change. which was already worse than how warframe does it. I have many problems with it but those are going to be the big ones that push them back down honestly
  13. nothing wrong with how we have it now your suggestion along with being a ton of work would be so overly complicated and might not even be what people want to play. people might like stealth but when they get loki they wanted Ash instead for some killing power or something like that. this would just be the same problem if you even want to call having a starter warframe a problem.
  14. destiny also has 100 levels where after 5 you're basically inching your way forward and will have to devote significant time to to get to 100. where nightwave I did weeks before the end at a leisurely pace. so no I wouldn't want them to do it like Destiny 2 especially if they're going to do 2 tracks where you'll need to buy the premium one which has all the good stuff. also it really cuts down on how many engrams you can get with 19 out of the season where in that 10 week period you could get 90 engrams.
  15. You put more effort in making and responding in this thread than it'd just take to do the challenge.
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