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  1. This is fine, void status needed an improvement, I don't know that this'll be enough, but Xata's Whisper's really just on the edge of good or bad. It's still the lowest self-buff in the game, with inferior numbers to helminth roar, I'm still not sure why. all great changes. grasp of lohk is my favorite ability in Xaku's kit and these are all good QoL, plus the stacking casts should beef it up in practice. This, however, is a bad take. the base range on the guns begs for help to be practical. And I'm not asking for an inactive turret frame; One or two more meters, 10m base M
  2. So I just got around to running Xaku after the changes. I spawned a lich and ran through the whole hunt with just Xaku, getting it up to level 4 before I finished. between that, and leveling on hydron after 2 forma, here are my thoughts on the new community warframe: General the speed up on grasp and deny are much appreciated. I think the other parts of the lost could stand to be bumped a bit, seeing as they are all hold-to-cast anyway. the few times I tried to cast deny or accuse while in a squad (or sometimes with just a healthy grasp of guns), my target was often dead before I
  3. this is good this is less good. Playing Xaku outside of the simulacrum I could never get close to the cap on grasp, I got 3 or 4 at most. I'd much rather see this be additive than just rerolling to try and get a bigger number. Obviously if this was the entire change it could be degenerate as you just keep stealing the same enemy/collection of enemies' and get void orbs until you're full, but with some kind of "been stolen from" marker status I'd prefer it as a buildable effect than the crapshoot it feels like currently. more pulls on the slot machine doesn't make it feel les
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