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  1. In every single online multiplayer game, there are always objects in the game that become a mark of status for the players that have put time and dedication into the game. As divisive as the current log-in reward system system is, it offers the only example of that kind of exclusivity that can be earned in-game currently. There are no high mastery rank (20+) locked weapons or items, and even if there was, it isn't until you get to the highest mastery ranks (again, 20+) that gaining mastery requires any kind of time dedication. Even then, mastery is only a measure of a players dedication but not necessarily that player's time. You can theoretically get to maximum mastery rank in a month if you continually buy the affinity boosters, rush weapon and warframe builds, or just buy everything outright off of the market. The only real time limitation is the once per day limitation on taking mastery tests. As such, the removal of the current log-in system while also opening those weapons up to being traded is a mistake in it's entirety, but not for the reasons I see being expressed most often. You're faced with a problem that many games have faced before. You've become popular and a significant portion of your player base wants access to a portion of the game effectively locked away from them until they put in the time. Yes, it is an amount of time that is prohibitive and most players would rather not delay gratification for that long. While shortening the time dedication required to gain those previously exclusive items seems like a great idea, you will have just removed the only thing you have in the game that guarantees the exclusivity of something already within the game. You've stated that you don't really want anything to be exclusive, but that decision should not be left up to you. You, as the developer, do not play the game and do not fully understand the almost mystical allure of the log-in weapons. They act as a mark of status for the players that have been around long enough to have gained some of them. They represent something other players can see but can not yet have. It can not be overstated how fundamental a motivation that kind of exclusivity is. Nor can it be overstated how important that kind of exclusivity is for the long term health of Warframe. You need something in the game that can ever only be achieved by few. You need things that can't really be gotten anymore or, if they can, require prohibitive amounts of time to achieve. The scarcity of such items are what makes them so sought after and so valuable as a mark of a players dedication. These items become legends among your player base. Excalibur Prime, Lato Prime, Skana Prime, Primed Chamber, Zenistar, Zenith, Primed Shred.. these are items that few can claim to possess. Primed Chamber is such that only a hundred or so players have it, and as such it has become a legend among your player base. Would I want to have it, yes.. absolutely, but I know that if you were to actually make primed chamber available again you would utterly destroy the mystic and prestige of it. It would just become any other mod, an achievement that loses its luster the moment you have it. I don't agree with making these weapons more accessible, but not because I don't want other players to have them, it's something more fundamental than that. These weapons are exclusive now and, as such, they represent more to the players that have them than just a weapon other people don't have. There are players who have already earned them through all the tedium of the daily tribute system that exists today. You do those players a disservice by removing the barriers they faced without similarly recognizing the achievement of those players. It is akin to making Excalibur Prime available again, even if only one player in a million could ever achieve getting it, it would completely destroy the sense of connection to the game that having that item almost certainly represents. It doesn't matter that logging in doesn't require skill, because what it does require is equally valid: Patience, dedication, and just enough discipline to follow through with a tedious task over a prohibitively long period of time. The sense of accomplishment is real, and I can assure you that you will destroy something in the vast majority of the players that have that sense of accomplishment if you merely remove the barrier to entry. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not proposing that you avoid implementing the new system. I'm not asking you to change course. At this point, I don't think you could change course even if you wanted to. No, what I'm bringing up is something that you need to carefully consider about the very idea of exclusivity. You need to plan for it better from here on out than you have been. You're very close to doing a disservice to your long term players by removing existing exclusivity without ensuring that they still have something to show for it. I fear that you might be making a kind of mistake that has led many developers in to the trap of developing to popular opinion while losing your soul in the process. Those flaws that players cling to, whether it's a flawed tribute system or something like coptering, speak of an underlying desire that is ignored only at your own peril. In this case, part of what makes the game special is that there are rare items that take exceedingly prohibitive amounts of time to get. Items that very few in the player base ever earn or can realistically possess without spending equal time and dedication to the game. Zenistar was always a perfect example of such a thing despite all the flaws in the the existing tribute system. As far as exclusivity is concerned, you did that one right. Of all the daily tribute weapons, it is the only one that you can't ignore. When someone brings it to bear there is an immediate and noticeable effect. Are there better melee weapons? Yes, many melee weapons are better weapons than Zenistar. It's damage isn't great compared to other top tier weapons and other weapons scale better through higher levels, but it's flashy and no one can ignore it when you use it. Players don't want it because it's good. That isn't to say it is bad, far from it. What I am saying is that players want it because of what it looks like when you see someone bring it to bear. It's a ridiculous and gaudy looking weapon that just stands out immediately. While that alone is meaningless, once you see it fire off one of those floating discs, the effect it has is so palpable that you know you want it. I can give you an example of what I mean by that. I started playing World of Warcraft very early in what people would call Vanilla. I played a Warlock, which isn't important beyond knowing that the warlock in Vanilla had three spells that were locked behind very lengthy and tedious quests that most Warlocks never actually bothered with. The hardest of which, by far, was the quest that allowed the Warlock to gain the upgraded version of it's class mount. Every warlock wanted to have that mount, but most did not. It didn't do anything any of the other mounts couldn't do, but the vast majority of players that saw it wanted it. Simply put, it was ridiculously cool looking and it had a presence you couldn't ignore when you saw it. It didn't move faster than the other mounts, but it did leave flaming hoof prints in your wake. So few had it that it gained an almost mythic status because of what you needed to do to get it. It wasn't a difficult quest either. It didn't require much in the way of skill or real effort. Instead, it was just a whole lot of time spent doing tedious and time consuming work to gather the utterly ridiculous amount of rare materials to fuel the required ritual to summon it. I recall it being quite mind-numbing and I still remember the day I finally earned mine. It felt like an eternity spent farming those god damned scales. A month or two later, the developers cut the material requirements for the quest by 4/5ths and that sense of accomplishment was just tainted for everyone who had previously completed the quest. Everything that I had to do, and it was taken away without any compensation. Eventually, what little sense of accomplishment that remained was removed when they made the mount purchasable like any other spell in the game. It was like something was stolen from me. They could have done something as simple as changing the color of the flames, adding a small effect to the version people previously earned, or just giving the earned version of that mount a reskin, but they did not. It would've taken so little effort for them to acknowledge the effort the players made, and when they didn't it was like someone had just spit in your face. I'm sure you all have examples of what losing something like that is like. It never winds up being about the thing you lost, but rather about losing the part of the thing that was exclusive, the part that reflected the time you had spent on it. Hours of your life that you could have spent doing anything else. You sacrificed for something you wanted that you had to wait for, just for that thing to then be given to everyone as if that sacrifice had never happened. It's not about the skill, because there is no skill in logging in, it's about the sacrifice of taking the time every day to do a thing just to have that achievement and everything that time meant taken away in part or in full. As such, the exclusivity is a representation of that time. Whether it is in the form of a warframe you bought years ago in order to help fund a game you believed in, a mod you earned by being the best during an event years ago, or by taking the time every day to spend a few minutes to log it, it's all built around the time and dedication you put into it. The only one of those I can claim to, is that I spent time making sure I logged in enough to get a weapon few claim to have. I've even been proudly working on getting a mod even fewer claim to possess, but, what will that mean after these changes take place? What will we have to show for that time? Don't get me wrong, I understand the reasons behind why you're changing it. I don't entirely disagree with them, as the newly proposed system is just a better system. However, there are players who used a tedious and flawed system to earn something they were under the impression would remain exclusive only to those who climbed the same tedious and flawed ladder they had to. Yes, the old tribute system was very likely a mistake, and now years later you're left in a very bad position in regard to the influx of new players and how to make meaningful changes. It reminds me of another mistake you made in my time playing, and while you were lambasted for your inaction, I applauded you for it. Hema's research requirements were far outside reasonable bounds. To your credit you recognized how much of a mistake had been made and apologized for it, promising not to make a similar mistake in the future, a promise you have kept since. However, in order to preserve the effort put in by the players and clans that had already earned it, you refused to change the excessive requirements. It wouldn't take much to reward that sense of dedication and do right by the players. Even something as minor as a commemorative skin for each of the tribute weapons, given to everyone who already possesses the weapon when the new system goes live. You don't need to stop changing in order to honor where you came from.
  2. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Lore: Jupiter

    I keep getting the impression, especially from the first line of the Jupiter Fragment, that the Orokin turned Jupiter into a kind of second sun for the outer solar system. The corpus gas mining tileset is just way way too bright for Jupiter to be anything else. It's not a stretch to imagine it either as Jupiter is the largest planet and if it had roughly ten to thirteen times the mass it would start fusing deuterium as a kind of lesser star known as a brown dwarf. It would likely give it a very eerie kind of reddish and orange glow emanating from deep within the cloud layers as if it was smoldering, kind of like this: If so, then the in game representation in the star chart is off while the tileset for Jupiter is probably about right. If not, then I have no idea where all the external sunlight on the various Jupiter tilesets is coming from. I keep getting wrapped up in trying to understand the extent of Orokin terraforming efforts in the Sol System. We already know that Venus has been extensively altered if only because in real life the planet's atmosphere on the surface is akin to several hundred degree wet cement flowing around at a good brisk run. Venus in the game couldn't be more different, and I like that because it clearly shows just how advanced the Orokin must have been in order to pull it off. It's not even remotely a stretch to imagine that Jupiter was turned into a brown dwarf star through feats of almost god-like engineering using technology I can't even really conceive of. It just seems like there might be some conflicting imagery in the game about that. I guess I'd just like to see it more clearly represented. If Jupiter is already clearly represented in-game and I'm just missing something, please let me know. It's been like an itch I can't scratch for a while now.
  3. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Two features this game NEEDS

    In regard to the first one, I'd just like to see the Duplicates tab to actually only show you duplicates for each rank of a mod rather than just by mod. As in, it retains one of each rank of a mod. For example, assume you have the following mods: 100 - Infected Clip at rank 0 3 - Infected Clip at rank 1 1 - Infected Clip at rank 4 2 - Infected Clip at rank 5 3 - Thermite Rounds at rank 0 1 - Thermite Rounds at rank 1 1 - Thermite Rounds at rank 2 1 - Thermite Rounds at rank 3 Given the above, within the duplicates tab, you should see: 99 - Infected Clip at rank 0 2 - Infected Clip at rank 1 1 - Infected Clip at rank 5 2 - Thermite Rounds at rank 0
  4. In regard to Ash, nothing affects his Blade Storm except global melee damage buffs (Steel Charge) and *most* speed mods. Primed Fury/Fury, Gladiator Vice, and Quickening (if you channel your melee weapon) while Berserker doesn't do anything. This is likely because Blade Storm is affected by the combo multiplier and deals true damage, anything more would be excessive.
  5. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Umbra controlled by friend?

    I'm going to be very direct here, because I don't think that platitudes are helpful and criticism is only useful when it's to the point. I want to preface by saying that what I will be saying is not here to sh*t on you or the fact that you put yourself out there and presented an idea, no.. that is admirable and I think it should be encouraged. We need more people willing to consider new ideas with the balls to actually try to present them. I like the spirit of the idea and the fact that you're willing to look at sh*t sideways is a good thing. A lot of people will come up with ideas, present them, get them shot down, and then stop trying. I don't want you to do that, regardless of what anyone else says here. Instead, take the criticism seriously and use it to improve the next idea, and the next idea, and the next.. ad infinitum. Before you realize it, you'll be the guy people come to when they need to expand, refine, or otherwise tweak ideas. I know this because it's exactly what happened with me. When I was a kid I sent out a letter to a game company with an idea for a game. The response letter was encouraging, but direct and critical in the most constructive way it could be. At the time it felt truly horrendous, and it caused me to really doubt whether any of my ideas were worth a damn. I had never faced anyone directly rejecting something I created and it cut me f*cking deep. It didn't take long for me to realize that whoever wrote the letter was right and everyone blowing smoke up my ass all the time was not. That's why I'm going to be blunt about what's wrong with the idea, but I'll also explain how the idea could have been better because the concept isn't without merit but the execution surely is. The reason it won't work in practice is that the second player would have literally no control over whether they're involved or how they're involved. At it's most basic, the idea has two play options, involving two players, controlled by a single player. In the first option, Player 1 decides to play as Excalibur Umbra and Player 2 is forced to spectate. In the second option, Player 1 decides to play as the Operator and Player 2 gets to temporarily control Excalibur Umbra. This isn't a great situation to be in as Player 2. Always remember, one of the most important rules in game design is "Don't f*ck with player agency unless you need to." Your idea would have Player 2's play time decided by Player 1, and that kind of thing breeds resentment and boredom. If such a system were implemented, as is, it wouldn't be used by anyone as the existing play options are essentially already superior. This is because, instead of Player 2 spectating Player 1 until he decides to relinquish control of Excalibur Umbra, Player 2 could just bring his own Warframe and Operator. In that scenario, there are three basic play options instead of two and both players make decisions about which role they wish to take. In the first, both players are controlling a Warframe; In the second, both players are controlling their Operator; In the third, one player controls a Warframe and the other controls an Operator. While there are three basic states for the players to be in at any given point, the number of play options increases exponentially when you consider that Player 2 is no longer forced to use the same Warframe as Player 1 and now has his own Operator to use. The other primary reason the idea isn't worth implementing is just one of effort vs return. The idea would require a lot of work and time to implement while adding almost nothing of value to the game. I say that because your proposal would only ever see use in the specific situation that someone decides to spectate rather than play and then also require that someone brought an Excalibur Umbra. It's such an edge case scenario that it would rarely see actual use but require as much time implement as a feature that will be used by everyone. It would be a better use of time to work on more accessible features. Though given existing game mechanics and some of the stuff I've heard DE doing, there is a possible way for the concept of a player controlling another player's Excalibur Umbra to see more widespread use, though it would still be a hell of an edge case. All it takes is making it so that dead players (as in players who have died enough times to have been eliminated from play) can control another player's Excalibur Umbra. It would be like the world's sh*tiest concession prize, but for those situations where you're dead and would rather stick through it than quit the mission, then being able to control a player's Excalibur Umbra would be a hell of a lot better than sitting there doing nothing. However, an option to prevent dead players from controlling umbra frames would need to be implemented. The biggest impediment to an idea like this is just that, again, there isn't enough return for the work investment. Further down the line, when there are other umbra frames, and maybe even non-umbra frames that can gain the ability to operate independently of the Operator, then ..maybe.. it could become an option to consider if there is enough support for it.
  6. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Did we all forget about Shade/Dethcube?

    So.. Shade is amazing though and no one seems to have noticed. It's ability caused you to enter stealth whenever an enemy comes within 10m of you. There isn't a duration on that ability by the way, if they're within 10m and you don't attack them, you remain completely invisible for as long as you want. If you do attack, there is a 10 second cooldown before Shade will can use the ability again. Here's the best part.. Almost every single offensive warframe ability doesn't cause the cloak to break. It's god damned amazing on a Bladestorm based Ash, Nidus, Discharge Volt, or basically every other caster you can think of.
  7. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Why Limbo's upcoming changes are a buff, not nerf

    Also, I wanted to explain why I'd like to see both mechanics, the old and new, implemented. Basically, it would work a lot like charging Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm. If you just cast it normally, you'll get the reduced duration and reduced effect version of Stasis while charging it will allow you to cast the version we have now. I realize there is an insane fear associated with the idea that a Limbo player might be able to actually choose which to use. The implication, no matter how baseless, being that Limbo players will always choose the most disruptive way to play because unlike all other players, and even those same players when playing anything else, Limbo players are either selfish or trolls. Well, I'm just going to assume that isn't going to happen and you don't have any proof that it will.. so, I'll move on from the accusations of future malfeasance. No, the real reason I want to have the option is because I regularly run either solo or with friends and having the ability to actually set up a series of perfectly timed and prepared shots is incredibly useful. I can not express how many very difficult Rivens I've opened using Stasis. "Get five head shot kills during a single slide without taking damage with a hobbled dragon key equipped..." No problem at all for the current Stasis, but impossible with the new one. I've actually played in a team where we methodically executed every single person in a mission room by room like a bunch of professional badasses. Me and two friends.. enter a room quick and clean then freeze time.. set up shots.. give the all clear.. start time.. everything dies. I can't express how amazing that feeling is. Beyond stuff like that, it's just a really cool mechanic.. I know myself though, and I also know other Limbo players, and as cool as it is to freeze bullets in time.. Given the power to choose, I know I'd choose what's best for whichever group I'm in. In reality, as much as I hate the Limbo bashing that's going on in a lot of these threads, I do think the change could be an amazing boost in Limbo's ability to support the squad, so long as his ability to play solo or with an organized squad isn't nerfed in the process. Make it a variable cast ability and we get the best of both worlds. Though truth be told, the main reason I want to be able to choose to still cast the old one is so I can freeze a bunch of Kulstar rockets at extraction while waiting for other players so I can do fireworks shows when they get there. Given the whole magician theme associated with Limbo, nothing looks cooler than standing there while a bunch of rockets explode at your feet into a few dozen cluster bombs that just drape you in explosions as the rest of your team approaches. You even finish with a bow.
  8. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Why Limbo's upcoming changes are a buff, not nerf

    Ok, sure.. public groups will absolutely benefit from the change. The general player will find Limbo ever so slightly less annoying without ever questioning whether the problem was their own ignorance the entire time. I say that because I've seen a lot of dumb comments from people trashing Limbo over the years. Comments that make it clear that the vast majority of players don't use Limbo, don't understand Limbo, and hate him because it's the popular thing to do. Players that interpret every thing that you do in the literal worst possible way. When you play Limbo publicly as long as I have you realize that you could do literally nothing, never entering the rift or using a single ability, and still be told that you're doing something to #*!% with the squad. I have several builds that I've personally dubbed the "Limbro" builds, each with their own particular uses and niches and each purpose built to be as compatible and nondisruptive to group play as possible. One has an extremely small range and high duration so that cataclysm is so small that the infested could be within melee range in Akkad and still unable to hit the objective. It works well at protecting the point while also usually keeping all other enemies within the the material plane so that it doesn't slow down Defense missions. I have another build, typically fit with a Furis modded with Winds of Purity (20% life steal) along with the Haven augment (Banish heals 25% of an allies maximum health). I bring that one to Sortie defense missions in order to keep the suicidal operative alive. I don't typically banish any of my allies unless they tell me in advance that they would appreciate the save if it looks like they're about to die. There is the occasional time where I'm aiming at the rescue target or suicide objective and an ally runs in front of me, causing me to accidentally banish someone else, but I just pop into the rift and push them right back out. Even though I am purpose built to not interfere with anyone else's play style and I pay as much attention to what's happening around me as possible so I can be the best damn Limbo anyone has ever played with, I'll still hear complaints about the things I'm doing. I could have a tiny bubble protecting the objective, and just the objective, and I'll still be told that I need to stop putting S#&$ in the rift. I've been accused of being a troll more times than I can remember. My personal favorite was the time a player kept complaining about how I was using banish and how it was screwing with everything, except.. I hadn't used banish or Cataclysm at all that mission. I had an Excalibur get angry over how much Cataclysm was screwing with his ability to deal damage.. with Exalted Blade. I really can not tell you how many times I've been accused of doing something that I hadn't actually done or wasn't actually having the effect they thought it was.. all because I was playing Limbo. Why am I bringing all this up? Because it's become so popular to hate Limbo that people don't even need a legitimate reason anymore. Years ago, when you couldn't roll out of the rift and Cataclysm made it impossible to loot anything in the bubble, there was legitimate concern with how disruptive Limbo was to other players. Then the rolling mechanic to leave the rift was introduced but players would still complain about Limbo banishing them and how it's bullS#&$ that banish can last a whole minute because there isn't anything you can do... when all you had to do was roll. Players didn't seem to notice that Warframe powers worked on the rift and the material at the same time. I used to banish Mesa players whenever I saw them spamming Peacemaker, but I don't anymore.. and it's not because the power makes it impossible to use Peacemaker. There is a vitriol towards Limbo that goes beyond reason. A hatred that stems not from 90% of Limbo players going out of their way to troll whoever they can in the most annoying ways possible, but rather from ignorance and prejudice on the part of players who don't question their own feelings long enough to understand them. People who don't care about challenging their own biases because enlightenment is hard and often painful while just trudging along the same ignorant path while scapegoating a bunch of players is easy and make you feel superior for a little while. What we're seeing with Limbo has nothing to do with Limbo and everything to do with the ugly side of human nature. When people choose someone to play the villain in their life story that poor bastard will always remain a villain so long as enough people choose to perpetuate it. It doesn't matter how nondisruptive his powers are. It doesn't matter that there are already almost effortless ways to avoid the effects of his powers. It doesn't matter if a Limbo player just made a simple mistake or is new and hasn't figured it all out yet. It doesn't matter what you do to Limbo, because the problem isn't, and hasn't, been with Limbo.. not for a while anyway. Many people will still complain about him because, to a depressingly large number of players, the moment a Limbo player becomes nothing but another troll is the exact moment he uses any of his abilities. Just by showing up at all you've already got at least one person in squad watching and waiting for you to "screw up" so they can confirm their bias against you. Only trolls play Limbo... Except is he really all that disruptive? Because I know that I'm far more frustrated when a newbie running Frost puts Snow Globes all over the place than I've ever been with any Limbo player. Have you ever experiences the clover pattern? For those not privy to the experience, it's a special set up of all four Snow globes that interfere with each other to such an extent that it is effectively impossible to shoot in or out of it. I've seen Frost players actively do that so they could top damage. Mag's Magnetize is another good example, especially one with 280% Range, because basically everyone's guns are being affected by that one. Yet, I've never heard complaints while running, or running with, Mag. Hell, I even hear people praising Zephyr, despite the idea that those damn tornadoes can turn an otherwise quick wave into a skeet shoot for the next few minutes. Sure, careful use of those tornadoes can save a mission from disaster, but it would be really easy to use them disruptively. I've even seem them used like that, but why no complaints about Zephyr? Hell, even Nekros gets in the way when you can't tell which of the enemies you can barely see were raised by Nekros and which you can actually shoot. I'd argue that Limbo is no more disruptive than most other frames at this point, and hasn't been. Instead, there is just a kind of constant resistence to Limbo. It makes sense to some extent, there was a time when he really was actively disruptive and literally nothing could be done about it. For some reason, the infamy from Limbo's past follows him no matter where he goes or how he is updated. People don't want to consider him because he's the one you're supposed to hate. People do like their hate after all, feels powerful and really good. So, it doesn't matter what changes get made, players will still find a way to blame all their ignorance and unwillingness to adapt on Limbo instead of themselves. It's actually really disappointing.
  9. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Titania's Exalted Weapons + Limbo: A Quick Workshop!

    I use Limbo to open Rivens. Have a Riven that requires you to kill 10 enemies with headshots in a single slide without taking damage? Stasis... Line up your head shots.. slide.. during slide, end Stasis.. win. I primarily play Limbo in solo or with a group of my friends, and no longer being able to rely on setting up our shots is just.. disappointing. I'd much rather it be a casting option like one for Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm. Use the ability normally to cast it with the lower duration and effect as detailed in the original post or charge it to use the current version with full duration and projectile stopping effects. I understand that a whole lot of people seem to have this distrust of Limbo players, but I think it's born out of assuming malice where there is likely only ignorance. People here are arguing against using both by suggesting, essentially, that Limbo players will actively choose the most disruptive way to play and I think that's kind of a #*!%ed up assumption to make. I know if we had the option to do one or the other the vast majority of us would only be using the old effect when it was absolutely needed. Anyway, that's what I'm hoping happens. I'd rather see the current Stasis effect survive as a charge effect for Stasis.
  10. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Titania's Exalted Weapons + Limbo: A Quick Workshop!

    A simple proposal: Do both mechanics. What about the people that actually like Stasis the way it is? It is by far one of the most interesting mechanics you guys have implemented thus far. The sheer number of different ways it can be used makes it one of my favorite powers to use when running solo or with friends. The problem isn't with Stasis, it's with forcing the current Stasis on people without input. It's a player agency thing, I get it. However, this new Stasis is just another cc stun of shortish duration with requirements that other cc stuns do not have. The new Stasis would, effectively, be like a really bad cc only version of Volt's Discharge, except cost the activation of two separate abilities, at least, and deal effectively zero damage in comparison. I understand the need for the change, but I would humbly like to propose an alternate solution, a best of both worlds kind of thing. I would like to suggest, instead of entirely scrapping the old mechanic, you leave it to player choice. If the player taps Stasis, Limbo casts the new version of Stasis with the limited duration. If the player holds Stasis, he instead casts the old version of Stasis complete with projectile weapons being affected. I understand there might be concerns about trolls, but I imagine no more concern than you have for how disruptive Frost can be with Snow Globe. I think instead, trust that Limbo players, myself included, would gladly make use of the new mechanic in groups where players do not want Stasis to affect their ranged weapons. Additionally, there might be concern about the "newb factor." Basically, that newbs not knowing better would use the full Stasis effect without realizing how disruptive it can be. There might be problems with that, but I don't think any more problems than we already face from new players learning how to use Frost. Additionally, making players have to hold the button to cast old Stasis would lessen this possibility considerably if only because they won't think to hold the button down. I'm also fairly certain that the change could be implemented in the time frame presented. Rather than throwing out the old Stasis code, leave it in and change the activation method, perhaps even give it a charge time to further justify the old duration and effect while also decreasing the likelihood that it will accidentally be cast that way. Something akin to how Hydroid can charge Tentacle Swarm or Zephyr with Tail Wind. I know you guys are busy as hell, but I really would appreciate if you at least gave the idea some thought. This alteration to the proposed changes should require the smallest degree of change to put into effect. I just know I really truly do not want to lose the ability to play a game with my friends where we all enjoy stopping time for a minute to line up some interesting shots. It's just too damn cool for me to feel ok with loosing it. I mean.. How else will I fire several Kulstar rockets at myself while waiting at extraction without dying? It's my favorite way to end a mission as Limbo.. with fireworks and showmanship.
  11. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Prime Gaming Giveaway

    Blame your stupid province.. They're the ones that decided to force anyone holding a contest that includes Quebec to register 10 days in advance of even announcing the contest (with paperwork filed in french), put up a ton of money for a security deposit (in the off chance someone from Quebec might win), and generally make it a huge pain in the a** to hold any kind of contest where a person from Quebec might win. If you think it's disrespectful, blame the people making laws in your province not the company who would rather avoid your province's pointless bulls**t. Also, in regard to your last question, you're aware that Quebec hasn't been a territory of France since the Treaty of Paris in 1763? You guys share a language and a cultural heritage.. the similarities pretty much end there. How does an American know more about your province's history than you do? I shouldn't know more than you about this.. this doesn't feel right.
  12. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Prime Gaming Giveaway

    Blame your country for passing restrictive laws that make giveaways like these difficult, don't blame the company that doesn't want to get roped into your weird a** country's tax/gambling/prize/trade laws.. It's your legal system that screwed you out of eligibility. DE has very little to say about who and where they can send prizes won in such a giveaway.. unless you expect them to.. somehow.. have a giveaway that is legal in their own country and every other country on earth. Don't be so shortsighted.