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  1. I don't understand why anyone thinks DE doesn't take it seriously.. This very thing is a category of support ticket on the support website. They ask that you send as much evidence as possible, screenshots and the like.
  2. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Make Hysteria be unaffected by nullifiers

    It is unknown how warframe powers function, but one can expect that nullifiers temporarily sever a common element within all warframe powers. In regard to Valkyr though, she may very well be quite pissed off while within a nullifier bubble and yet unable to gain any fantastical power from it. Generally speaking, warframe powers seems to function on making absolutely ridiculous things manifest physically. One example of something that ridiculous is Rhino's stomp. He stomps his foot on the ground so hard it causes time dilation. Valkyr's power is equally ridiculous in that her rage manifests as the ability to quite literally become invulnerable. It's as though she gets so unreasonably angry that she forgets that she can be harmed and therefore can't be harmed. Given that, It makes sense that the nullifier bubble affects Hysteria. It doesn't matter whether or not her rage is affected because the insane Orokin space magic that makes her invulnerable and gives her energy claws is.
  3. I use Limbo to open Rivens. Have a Riven that requires you to kill 10 enemies with headshots in a single slide without taking damage? Stasis... Line up your head shots.. slide.. during slide, end Stasis.. win. I primarily play Limbo in solo or with a group of my friends, and no longer being able to rely on setting up our shots is just.. disappointing. I'd much rather it be a casting option like one for Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm. Use the ability normally to cast it with the lower duration and effect as detailed in the original post or charge it to use the current version with full duration and projectile stopping effects. I understand that a whole lot of people seem to have this distrust of Limbo players, but I think it's born out of assuming malice where there is likely only ignorance. People here are arguing against using both by suggesting, essentially, that Limbo players will actively choose the most disruptive way to play and I think that's kind of a #*!%ed up assumption to make. I know if we had the option to do one or the other the vast majority of us would only be using the old effect when it was absolutely needed. Anyway, that's what I'm hoping happens. I'd rather see the current Stasis effect survive as a charge effect for Stasis.
  4. A simple proposal: Do both mechanics. What about the people that actually like Stasis the way it is? It is by far one of the most interesting mechanics you guys have implemented thus far. The sheer number of different ways it can be used makes it one of my favorite powers to use when running solo or with friends. The problem isn't with Stasis, it's with forcing the current Stasis on people without input. It's a player agency thing, I get it. However, this new Stasis is just another cc stun of shortish duration with requirements that other cc stuns do not have. The new Stasis would, effectively, be like a really bad cc only version of Volt's Discharge, except cost the activation of two separate abilities, at least, and deal effectively zero damage in comparison. I understand the need for the change, but I would humbly like to propose an alternate solution, a best of both worlds kind of thing. I would like to suggest, instead of entirely scrapping the old mechanic, you leave it to player choice. If the player taps Stasis, Limbo casts the new version of Stasis with the limited duration. If the player holds Stasis, he instead casts the old version of Stasis complete with projectile weapons being affected. I understand there might be concerns about trolls, but I imagine no more concern than you have for how disruptive Frost can be with Snow Globe. I think instead, trust that Limbo players, myself included, would gladly make use of the new mechanic in groups where players do not want Stasis to affect their ranged weapons. Additionally, there might be concern about the "newb factor." Basically, that newbs not knowing better would use the full Stasis effect without realizing how disruptive it can be. There might be problems with that, but I don't think any more problems than we already face from new players learning how to use Frost. Additionally, making players have to hold the button to cast old Stasis would lessen this possibility considerably if only because they won't think to hold the button down. I'm also fairly certain that the change could be implemented in the time frame presented. Rather than throwing out the old Stasis code, leave it in and change the activation method, perhaps even give it a charge time to further justify the old duration and effect while also decreasing the likelihood that it will accidentally be cast that way. Something akin to how Hydroid can charge Tentacle Swarm or Zephyr with Tail Wind. I know you guys are busy as hell, but I really would appreciate if you at least gave the idea some thought. This alteration to the proposed changes should require the smallest degree of change to put into effect. I just know I really truly do not want to lose the ability to play a game with my friends where we all enjoy stopping time for a minute to line up some interesting shots. It's just too damn cool for me to feel ok with loosing it. I mean.. How else will I fire several Kulstar rockets at myself while waiting at extraction without dying? It's my favorite way to end a mission as Limbo.. with fireworks and showmanship.
  5. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Prime Gaming Giveaway

    Blame your stupid province.. They're the ones that decided to force anyone holding a contest that includes Quebec to register 10 days in advance of even announcing the contest (with paperwork filed in french), put up a ton of money for a security deposit (in the off chance someone from Quebec might win), and generally make it a huge pain in the a** to hold any kind of contest where a person from Quebec might win. If you think it's disrespectful, blame the people making laws in your province not the company who would rather avoid your province's pointless bulls**t. Also, in regard to your last question, you're aware that Quebec hasn't been a territory of France since the Treaty of Paris in 1763? You guys share a language and a cultural heritage.. the similarities pretty much end there. How does an American know more about your province's history than you do? I shouldn't know more than you about this.. this doesn't feel right.
  6. Rurik-Vaeringjar

    Prime Gaming Giveaway

    Blame your country for passing restrictive laws that make giveaways like these difficult, don't blame the company that doesn't want to get roped into your weird a** country's tax/gambling/prize/trade laws.. It's your legal system that screwed you out of eligibility. DE has very little to say about who and where they can send prizes won in such a giveaway.. unless you expect them to.. somehow.. have a giveaway that is legal in their own country and every other country on earth. Don't be so shortsighted.