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  1. Can we also make it that excal eb ult waves builds combo multipliers with this nerf =D? It just always bothered me that it couldn't build combos.
  2. --Sensei--

    Ash Primes Endgame Viability

    Actually Ash can hit up to a total of 21k bleed tick dmg + the initial 12k raw damage. Also Excal with radial finish augment on boosts support to Ash's bladestorm damage to deal 80-100k per 18-21 targets. Most enemies don't even have 30k hp.
  3. --Sensei--

    So... I Was Pondering About Something.

    Pls not hard enuff, gotta go harder, dual galatines.
  4. --Sensei--

    So... I Was Pondering About Something.

    It's why i suggested Braton because they're pretty small for assault rifles size wise compared to other current assault rifles, and they look pretty cool, imagine holding 2 of them and style killing, I wouldn't want to downsize them. They should also be superior to the bratons in stats, becuz 2 bratons why not? Moar Crit, Moar fire rate =D Wait we already have AKmagnus, how we gonna wield 4 of them at the same time? Yes pls to dual opticors. Yeh I'm actually surprised considering we have so many version with the MK-1 Braton, Braton, Braton Prime and Braton Vandal we don't ACTUALLY have a dual version? lol?
  5. What do you guys think of the idea of Dual Bratons? Since we have twin grakatas, I feel like Dual Bratons would be pretty cool. Dual Assault rifles. Yeh or Nah?
  6. Use the atterax+primed reach Technically the longest reach melee^ longer than orthos prime, unless you counter the redeemer and it's shots too? Since it's also a melee weapon.
  7. --Sensei--

    Valkyr's Hysteria Is Not Overpowered.

    2nd test: lvl30, 250% dur, 70% eff, 34% range, 229% str, steel charge, no melee. Without combo: average regular damage is 85, crit average is 130. With 2.5X combo: average regular damage is 162. crit average is 324. Regular slide attack would appear to deal an average of 195 regular damage and a crit average of 382. Bleed proc from a single slide attack no combo, 2882: *The problem with the readings of Valkyr's slide attack is that she hits fast and multiple times (highest I've gotten was six counts) which can cause multiple procs then she finishes with a head attack which inflicts more damage. I'd have to take multiple videos and slow them down to get better readings on her slide attack. Besides from the massive bleed procs, when not using a melee weapon Valkyr becomes what she used to be. You know you didnt need to go in without any power str mods either lol, since he only asked for no melee mods and his argument was if hysteria as a skill could stand alone without a melee wep in place, which technically it can since with a max power str build the slide atks was one shotting corrupted fusion moas and corrupted ancients without melee mods to support it. But yes I do agree, Valkyr without melee mods is basically pre-rework valkyr.
  8. --Sensei--

    Valkyr's Hysteria Is Not Overpowered.

    imo I dont want them to nerf valkyr at all, I enjoy her, and wouldn't want her to be the next rhino.
  9. --Sensei--

    Valkyr's Hysteria Is Not Overpowered.

    You're actually wrong again, according to new data that was just discovered recently. Hysteria has a... 300 base damage 33% impact, 33% slash, 33% puncture. attack speed 1.5 Crit chance a whopping 50% base Crit multiplier 2x (+100%) Status chance 10% I will actually try hysteria without a melee wep later in the simulacrum and will post results on how effective it is without a melee weapon =] EDIT: Just tested, it took 4 slide attacks to kill a lv 65 corrupted bombard without a melee wep equipped. it took one shot with the assist of valkyr's paralysis without a melee weapon equipped. So without a melee weap valkyr's slide attack kills a lv 65 bombard in 4 slide attacks, with a melee wep with mods, it takes only one. With or without melee wep mods, both is an insta kill with paralysis regardless. 2nd Test with lv 65 corrupted ancients without equipped melee. One shot on slide attack. 3rd Test with lv 65 corrupted fusiona moas without equipped melee. One shot on slide attack. Corrupted bombards having one of the highest defenses for an enemy mob only takes 4 slide attacks to kill without a melee weapon equipped, even then it is still one-shottable with paralysis. Every other enemy in the void of the same level all died in one shot regardless without a melee weapon equipped, as tested with the corrupted ancients and moas. My conclusion: Hysteria is actually strong enough to stand on its own for the majority of the high lv mobs without a melee weapon equipped, and for the mobs she can't one shot, she can cast paralysis for the insta one shot which costs only 6 energy per cast with a negative efficiency build. I'm actually surprised it could still one shot anything not a bombard without a melee weapon equipped, and even then I'm even more surprised it only took 4 slide attacks to take down a high lv corrupted bombard at that. I went into this test assuming hysteria might had been too weak, but nonetheless I wanted to find out for myself, after going through with the test, I can say I'm pleasantly surprised with the results.
  10. --Sensei--

    Valkyr's Hysteria Is Not Overpowered.

    It literally only takes 1 slide atk to one shot ancients/gunners/bombards. Tested myself in the simulacrum with 10 bombards spawned.
  11. --Sensei--

    Valkyr's Hysteria Is Not Overpowered.

    These points have already been addressed before, valkyr can easily deal with nullifiers, and the damage taken in hysteria is non-existant with a max negative range build. Valkyr at lv 50+ enemies is still again nothing, you can go 2hrs+ solo with a valkyr, excal's EB is actually weaker in dmg potential vs Valkyr's hysteria, I've actually answered all this already in the earlier pages, allow me to re-quote myself. In general all the points you mentioned were all addressed and explained how and why valkyr face no obstacles, please take the time to read the thread throughout the pages so you can understand why and so I don't need to constantly re-quote what was already discussed.
  12. --Sensei--

    Tectonics Can Be Used As Shield For Defense Objectives

    The golems aren't that useful to be built around. Atlas's landslide is superior to the golems with good mid range cc and dps. So people build towards Atlas's 1 not his 4. No one really cares about his 4, even with no duration mods on, Atlas's golems last around 30-40 secs, which is still a long time. Atlas's bulwark is pretty useful though in many things too, such as blocking the consoles in interception to be set off.
  13. --Sensei--

    Valkyr's Hysteria Is Not Overpowered.

    This is false and I would like you to try not to spread false information, "effectively the same" is not the right usage in this situation so I would have to question if you even know what it means. Invis is good yes since enemies cant detect you, but you can still take damage while under invisibility. For example I was once soloing t4s to get some loot, and used irraditating disarm. I would run to get LS from time to time while killing things after using irraditating disarm, when it got higher end I would take random stray crossfire bullets from non radiated targets targeting the radiated targets behind me and it would insta one shot my loki prime while under cloaked. Invisibility does not nullify dmg, especially when DE is adding in Anti-invis units that can see through invis and atk them soon. Another example was when I was doing draco solo to level up some melee weps and irraditating disarmed a whole troop of grineers so I can go in and melee, this was a bad miscalculation on my part they were all melee-ing each other under radiation and I jumped into the middle of it trying to melee while under invis and got rekt by a stray melee swing. Another example while I was farming eris akkad for credits, under invis a group of toxic ancients insta-rekt my loki prime under cloak from the toxic DOT. Invis does not protect from dmg nor does it nullify it. Point is, it is not "effectively the same" blanket statements like that do not serve any legitimate purpose other than to throw everything under one umbrella to wrap/cover up any potential flaws something has. Don't use blanket statements, they're a sign of a bad argument. Invis is not the same as invul, it just removes aggro, does not mean absolute protection. In this case toxic ancients. or any environmental hazards such as infested moas, arc traps and the soon anti-invis units to be implemented. Lord have mercy on your soul when a platoon of high toxic ancients are near you while invis as loki,