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  1. As everyone said before. You can manually block. It wouldn’t be in the game anymore if this was the case.
  2. Wait... Zarr? How? Why? There’s a reason why no one talks about the Zarr. Judging by the weapons you just mentioned, it seems like you’re talking nonsense. These are all cult followed weapons. There are people who main these weapons. Sure, they’re not the best but that makes any weapon that doesn’t have a variant “MR fodder”.
  3. I still prefer the Grax Skin. No thank you Nova Deluxe.
  4. The lich still spawns even after stabbing it even if you abort. I saw this happen to several streamers. Plus, there’s no reason to really change or not change this. Eventually someone will complain about the hold mechanic. There really is no definitive answer to make this much more convenient for everyone. I’d say add this as an option but not default
  5. What is an Eximera unit? Do you mean Eximus? I feel this comment was google translated or something.
  6. I mean... they’re thinking of buffing Titania. That usually is a confirmation that she going to be the next prime.
  7. Then the game has gotten out of hand. Loki has always been the dominant Warframe over all other Warframes. He used to be the OP of the old days but now he’s only but a memory. However, I have a plan. A Loki Rework. I used th laugh at the idea that Loki would ever need a rework and that he will never be reworked. Here I am seeing Loki being near useless and sitting on a shelf. Passive: Trickery Whenever Loki grapples to a wall, hacks a console, bullet jump or wall jump, he becomes briefly invisible for the duration of the action. He also gains 10 times the duration for Wall Latching. This is so that when sneaking around, Loki won’t be caught as often. It also allows him to travel and be invisible forever without having to cast invisibility. Overall, a change that Loki needs to be better. Decoy Deploy a holographic decoy of Loki. Bullets will pass through the decoy but will force enemies to shoot at it over Loki. Holding this ability will make him switch place with his decoy and triggers Trickery for 1 second. Lasts 7/15/20/25 seconds. Scales with Power Duration. Costs 25 Energy. Costs no additional energy to switch with the Decoy. Combines the only really useful use of Switch Teleport with Decoy. Also makes the Decoy Invincible. This is nothing compared to Octavia’s Mallet or Wukong’s Celestial Twin but it’s better than having a worse version of those abilities. Invisibility Loki camouflages himself and speeds himself up briefly. While he’s invisible, switching with his decoy will increase the invisibility duration by 1 second. Grants a burst of speed (like Saryn’s Molt) by 30/40/50/60%. Scales with Power Strength. Speed lasts 3 seconds. Invisibility lasts 5/7/9/12 seconds. Scales with Power Duration. Costs 50 Energy. With many of his other abilities granting some form of invisibility, this removes the need to constantly cast Invisibility to survive. Adding more duration to Invisibility makes him out of invisibility a lot less which helps him survive a lot better. Displacement Teleports an enemy in front of Loki. The enemy will become confused and attack other enemies. Using this ability will make Loki invisible or add additional time to his existing Invisibility. Deals 100/150/200/250 Radiation Damage plus 15/20/25/30% of the enemies Max HP. Scales with Power Strength. Gives 3/4/5/6 seconds of invisibility. Scales with Power Duration. Confusion lasts 10/15/20/25 seconds. Costs 75 Energy. Kinda meant to be a temporary replacement to Loki’s Switch Teleport and make him much more tricky. Not entirely sure about this ability but it definitely feels like it can belong to Loki’s kit. Also, this ability should add more invisibility to Loki’s kit along with give him some form of damage to pick off enemies. Really adds just more to Loki overall. Radial Disarm Let out a powerful wave that will displace all projectile weapons to some where enemies can not reach. It will also prevent enemies from being able to use certain abilities (such as preventing downed Nullifier bubbles from reactivating or Ancients from using their auras. Enemies also take more damage from all invisible sources. Inflicts 1000/1150/1300/1450 Impact Damage. Also makes enemies take 100/120/140/175% more damage from invisible sources. Scales with Power Strength and based on enemy level. Has a 10/13/17/20m range. Scales with Power Range. Costs 100 Energy. This ability just needs a massive update. This will now disable just about everything and deals massive damage. It also makes enemies’ stealth multiplier more vulnerable. This can be very helpful to other frames that can turn invisible like Octavia. Huge and massive buffs are going to be required if this ability is gonna stand the test of time (again). Conclusion: I want Loki to catch up on what he’s been missing for the past few years. Eidolons then now Railjack. Context is constantly shifting away from Loki’s original intentions and it just goes to show how far Warframe has changed since 2-4 years ago.
  8. Suggestions. Keep his passive the same but add in heavy blades and two handed nikanas. Also, make it so his passive increases the weapon range of applicable weapons. Slash Dash Make this so he can target random enemies nearby like old Bladestorm. However, keep it minimal. Radial Blind Add this to Radial Javelin. Give him a newish third ability but keep the Radial Blind animation. Radial Javelin Summon blades that circle around him. Using your melee weapon will summon the wave from Exalted Blade and consume a blade. Otherwise, nearby enemies would take damage. Exalted Blade Summons the exalted blade but no more blind on spin attack (and no more additional cost). No more wave without Radial Javelin. Make the range much longer and make it so heavy attacks have some special effect.
  9. A bit of a twist on Warframes where is secretly becomes a tower defense game. This frame is sorta more a minion summoner with some aspects of tower defense except there are no real turret towers. Stats: Health: 75 (225 at rank 30) Shield: 75 (225 at rank 30) Armor: 15 Energy: 200 (300 at rank 30 Sprint Speed: 1.2 Something to note about the stats. Since he will be mostly staying out of harm's way, he's quite squishy. Direct combat will be difficult but there are some unique mechanics that allow him to attack directly from a more safe distance. Passive: Reanimation He can revive allies from a much longer distance and can revive multiple allies at a time as long as they can be seen by Canjar. Minions are revived twice as fast. Has a range of 25m. Notes: Basically, ranged revive. This will synergise with a certain ability in his kit though. Minions Summon 1 of 4 minions. Canjar will summon the minion automatically at the start of a mission. Whenever the minion dies, it enter bleedout. If the minion dies, it will automatically consume 5% of your max HP and revives the fallen minion. Casting this ability will make the minion change its form. Holding the ability will despawn the minion until allowed to return (by holding the ability down). This does not cost anything and will fully heal the minion when summoned again. This will also automatically revive the minion but will consume some energy. All minions can only take 1 damage from all sources. Notes: HP Scales with Power Duration 1st Minion: Tank Minion This minion will draw aggro and take damage. Upon switching to this minion, it will grant Canjar a brief moment of invincibility. 2nd Minion: Slow Minion This minion will have significantly less HP but will slow all enemies near it. Upon switching to this minion, enemies near it are briefly frozen in place. If it enters bleedout, the slow will have double the effect. 3rd Minion: Assassin Minion This minion has a lot of damage. It also has a copy of Canjar's equipped melee weapon along with the mods it has on it. Upon switching to this minion, remove all defenses (armor, shields and defense buffs) of enemies near it. Will occasionally turn invisible. 4th Minion: Healer Minion This minion heals allies over time. Upon switching to this minion, allies near it will receive 100% additional healing from all sources. This minion will always follow Canjar and can fly. Costs 25 Energy. There is a 1.5 second delay between each cast. Notes: This ability is his only minion ability. The rest of his kit revolves around this ability and the different minions. Not really on the minions themselves but the type of minion summoned affects the abilities he can use. He's basically a frame with 4 sets of abilities. Warp Teleports your minion to you after 2 seconds. Warping the minion will allow your minion to perform special attacks. They will also be restored to max HP. Costs 50 Energy. Notes: This ability is basically your minion's first trick. It will allow you to actually control your minion in a sense. It's the only ability that does this too so, use it as you see fit. Command Cast an ability based on the minion summoned. The effects all have the same duration. Costs 75 Energy Notes: Show off the fact that you can utilize their power and create better versions of them. This ability adds quite a bit of survivability to Canjar and can create some interesting situation. Infest Infect nearby enemies around you and slowly mutate them into infested creatures. Based on the minion summoned, the enemy will turn into the minion's thrall and serve your minion. Tank Minion: Enemies infected will mutate to draw the attention of your enemies. Tank Thralls will draw aggro but will still be able to attack you. However, they will not be able to attack other enemies. Slow Minion: Enemies infected will mutate to grow floral appendages that will spread slow spores in the air. Slow Thralls will slow surrounding enemies but will still attack you. Assassin Minion: Enemies infected will mutate to grow whip like limbs. Assassin Thralls' limbs will flail about and strike enemies around it and inflict damage. Heal Minion: Enemies infected will slowly mutate and grow extra legs that are shaped like walls. Healer Thralls will protect the Healer Minion and any incoming damage the minion takes will be dealt to the thralls. All mutations last 17/19/21/25 seconds. (Scales with Power Duration) All mutations spread in a 10/14/18/22m radius and have a 9/18/27/36m effective range. (Scales with Power Range) Costs 100 Energy. Notes: A very powerful ability that can create a lot of havoc and chaos. It's effective range means the effects range like how close the thralls need to be for the Healer Minion to drop off the damage at them. Probably too powerful but this frame is heavily AI reliant, I don't know if this is enough. Conclusion: There you have it. A minion controlling(?) frame with the ability to abuse and form a health relationship with the minions. I spent too much time making this concept. I hope people like it because I feel that this would definitely be fun at least.
  10. Ok, at least you’re not completely nerfing the frame to the ground. Titania isn’t that bad. Her Razorwing is so OP that she’s good. However, with the recent announced changes, she will definitely be much more comparable. Razorflies is kinda redundant. I think keeping it in her Razorwing would be better than making it an ability. Without an ability that makes enemies float in the air, Titania’s Razorwing and archwing mode is kinda a gimmick. I would suggest keeping Spellbind at least, make the Razorflies respawn when you cast Spellbind in Razorwing mode and make her passive deal more damage to enemies in the air. Totems would be a nice change but the name doesn’t fit her theme. I would suggest they make this an augment. Also, I feel that this would force Titania to stay in one place and on the ground rather than in the air. Not particularly useful to Titania overall though. I would change it so the Totems follow Titania and that she can grow her totems buffs by making the totems absorb other totems. I would also make the Totems cycle like Ivara’s Quiver as mentioned in the announcement. I would just suggest combining Spellbind with Lantern. The idea of sacrificing her Razorflies to heal allies would be quite OP. Any healing would be quite OP. Instead, I would suggest that this be replace with buffing her Totems or Tributes. I mean, the buff aren’t really that great to begin with even the reworked version. Also, the buffs will definitely be toned down since the Light buff would make Titania incredibly unbalanced. So, this ability can definitely be used to beef up all buffs, not just her own. Would definitely be interesting in an Eidolon hunt. Razorwing is unchanged but I feel Titania should have abilities that revolve around this ability. She’s a pixie that should be free to fly and be mobile. The rework you’re suggesting is kinda forcing her to contradict herself. Her Razorflies are much more mobile but forces her entire kit to stay still since the Razorflies now follow her. Her Totems make her stay in a single area with little room to fly up. Her Ritual just forces survivability on to her. Overall, I feel this rework has lost what Titania is meant to do. You have basically made a brand new frame but with Razorwing that has a completely different purpose to what Titania should do.
  11. I feel this is nerfing Nyx in a way. She has always been able to to do what your rework is doing. Now she has no armor stripping and no real way to protect herself except relying solely on luck. Her Mind Control doesn’t specify any buffs to it but also nerfs the cost of mind control. Her damage for Mind Blown is very measly and is not comparable to the damage that enemies can deal to themselves. Confuse and Influence looks like they’re are Chaos but they are splitting up Chaos to make a much more complicated and energy inefficient way of applying Chaos. Overall, I think this doesn’t really improve Nyx, just makes her more complicated and weaker.
  12. Well, Wukong can do everything but so can many other frames. Take Ivara for example. She can one shot Eidolon Limbs and can cheese all mission types. In fact, she's so cheesy that no one likes using her too often. I'd also like to point out that Wukong isn't particularly good at defending objectives. He can doesn't mean he's good at it. All frames can technically do all the mission types with no sweat. Wukong is just particularly good at survival and spy. However, he's not the most efficient frame for much of anything else. He's sorta good in spy but so is Wisp, Ivara, Loki, Limbo and Octavia. They fulfill a very specific niche of being good at spy mission. Just because you liked old Wukong doesn't mean everyone liked old Wukong. I would say Wukong has definitely improved. I do the sortie all the time solo with any frame I feel like playing. The sortie isn't hard. Just the other day, I was using Oberon to assassinate Vay Hek on the sortie. He's not the most effective frame but I could do it easily no sweat. Any other frame can do it just as easily. I've done it with Inaros. Even Loki. If I'm feeling particularly frisky, might as well throw in Nyx. I do all my sorties solo so I know very well that all of them can do the sortie. Some frames can do certain jobs better than Wukong. There are just an influx of Wukong players a good while ago because Wukong got reworked and got a prime. Other than that one brief moment, I still see Wukong occasionally but not as often as I see Saryn or now Ivara because her prime just came out.
  13. So, the Brew ability creates this pot that you can interact with when you’re close to it. When the brewing is active, the pit stirs on its own for 3 seconds before immediately pulling out to provide the buff to everyone. That’s what I intended. Basically, you cast your ability and you gain one of the buffs. This is added to your next interaction with the pot. Just set it and go and you’ll be able to fight while stirring up a brew to provide all allies. I hope this clarifies what I wanted it to do a bit better.
  14. This frame is based on witches and rituals. She has some strange abilities that seem to do things that are weird. Things people don't really expect. Stats: Shield: 100 (300 at rank 30) HP: 75 (225 at rank 30) Armor: 15 Energy: 150 (225 at rank 30) Sprint Speed: 1.1 Passive: Lingering Magic Casting abilities successfully will grant a small damage buff to all weapons and abilities. This will last for the duration of the mission until it is consumed. It stacks up to 10. Grants 2% more damage per stack (up to 20%). Bind Bind an enemy with a ritual. After binding the enemy, all of Yaga's weapons and abilities will be granted extra damage based on the enemy's level and will persist until the target dies. The target will be put to sleep while this ability is in effect. This can only affect one enemy at a time. Consumes all stacks of Lingering Magic and adds the damage on to the weapon for the duration of the mission (but caps out at 100 stacks or 200%). They don't disappear after you die. Strength: Range: Costs 25 Energy Comments: This combined with the rest of her abilities make her scale forever. She can gain scaling damage from one enemy then proceed to wipe out an entire room of enemies before she kills the last target. It also takes an enemy out of the fight. The enemy she binds with is basically already dead so, there is very little reason why you shouldn't use this ability. Also allows her to gain 200% more damage permanently for the rest of the mission so there is a plus. Weaken Weaken an enemy to the point that their weapons start to wither and so does their armor. When an enemy is weakened, their armor decreases over time until all of the armor has withered away. it also reduces all damage enemies deal by a small amount every second until the enemy no longer does damage. Strength: Duration: Range: Costs 50 Energy Comments: This is used mainly for the armor removal. This allows her to scale a bit more easily with her damage buff. The damage reduction is nice and all but there is already an ability that can take an enemy out of the fight permanently enough. Brew Create a pot to brew potions in. Enemies hit by other abilities will grant the next potion brewed with an additional effect. Only one effect can be brewed at a time. After brewing the potion, the pot will pulse out and heal all allies within range and grant the effect. It takes 3 seconds for the pot to finish brewing the potions. Notes: Pots last indefinitely. Pressing interact near the pot will brew a potion regardless of if there is a buff or not. Only one pot can to out at once. Brewing potions does not cost energy. Bind will grant Soul Tears. Allies with the Soul Tears buff will constantly regenerate shields and create overshields for a short period of time. Weaken will grant Will o'Wisp. Allies with the Will o'Wisp buff will have reinforced armor. Ritual will grant Flesh of Fire. Allies with Flesh of Fire will set enemies on fire whenever she or her allies take damage. Strength: Duration: Range: Costs 100 Energy (to move the pot) Comments: This is a form of healing. She can heal every 3 seconds for a while or she can cast abilities and get buffs and heal her allies. This ability is meant for camping. She basically gets all these free heals and buffs if she uses other abilities. Basically, that's all this ability does. It costs a bit to cast and move it but it's more than worth it for a fairly reliable source of healing. Also, all the healing and buffs scale with Bind and Lingering Magic! This makes her armor scale as indefinitely as her damage. Ritual Channel a powerful ancient power causing a void rift to form. Allies within the area will be given the power given by Bind and Lingering Magic temporarily. Enemies within the area will constantly take damage near the rift and begin to become influenced by the void. Enemies can be confused if they stand near the rift. She can not move while channeling this ability and will be vulnerable to damage. Casting this only grants 1 Lingering Magic stack total. Strength: Range: Costs 50 Energy + 10 Energy per second Comments: This is her main damaging ability. She deals damage and it scales with her Bind and Lingering Magic. Seems pretty basic. However, this ability also grants all allies the Bind buff making their damage scale infinitely. With frames such as Saryn or Equinox, this can prove to be really powerful. However, she's also completely vulnerable to attack plus, it has a pretty costly upkeep. Make sure to buff up before casting this ability. Conclusion: If you made it this far, thank you. From my perspective, this can be a very unique buffing frame. Her primary goal is mostly to be support but also deal some damage herself. I wanted her to be a dedicated buffer and less focused on healing. I also wanted her to require a lot of set up to utilize properly. She has a kit that focuses on these aspects and does it in an appealing way. If you have any further ideas (or balance issues) please feel free to comment.
  15. I have edited to make more sense. I was rambling on earlier but I am concerned about the state of Warframe damage abilities being overshadowed by future frames completely in the near future. Thanks for reading these ramblings of a crazy living organism.
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