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  1. Hello! Welcome to the Forums! Would you like to partake in the worship of Lord Booben? It’s absolutely free. I’m just kidding though. Praise Lord Booben! My top 5: 1. Nekros 2. Vauban 3. Wisp 4. Atlas 5. Revenant Also, I’m a turtle.
  2. Ash (Prime): A- Atlas: A- Banshee (Prime): A Baruuk: B+ Chroma (Prime): A Ember (Prime): C Equinox (Prime): A+ Excalibur (Umbra) (Prime): B Frost (Prime): A Gara: S Garuda: B Gauss: Rating Pending Harrow: A+ Hildryn: B+ Hydroid (Prime): A Inaros: S- Ivara: S- Khora: A- Limbo (Prime): A Loki (Prime): C+ Mag (Prime): B+ Mesa (Prime): A+ Mirage (Prime): A- Nekros (Prime): A+ Nezha: A Nidus: A Nova (Prime): S- Nyx (Prime): B- Oberon (Prime): A Octavia: A Revenant: B+ Rhino (Prime): A+ Saryn (Prime): S Titania: B+ Trinity (Prime): A+ Valkyr (Prime): A- Vauban (Prime): C Volt (Prime): A Wisp: A+ Wukong (Prime): B+ Zephyr (Prime): A- I’ve edited the tier list in the original post. These were the grades before I changed them. I’ve tried to be less bias with this list now that I look back. Also cleared up some confusion about how I graded them.
  3. Good Point. I was wrong to not have stated that this was a casual tier list. I assumed that people would not go back to the hardcore times. While I do want much harder content in the game, I feel the game has reached an all time low for the "meta" of Warframe.
  4. You're still not getting what I'm saying. I don't care how far a frame can be taken to. I've ran a solo Mot with Mag and came out hours later absolutely fine. What I'm talking about it just how efficient they are and how often you're going to be using their abilities to their full capacity. I can literally take any frame beyond level 200 (and done so on many occasions). As a person who has played since endless runs were a thing, I know how well they can stay up in even the most extreme scenarios. However, no reasonable human being would do that now. This list is made with those people in mind. People who do normal content on a daily basis. I do long survival runs for fun all the time but you're being unreasonably harsh. Grow a better attitude. I'm not talking about how far you can push them. I've stressed tested each and every one of these frames and I know how far they can usually go. This list completely ignores that aspect because it's for casuals. If you can't accept that fact, this list isn't for you. I made this list with the knowledge that there will be people who disagree with me. However, you are pushing the boundaries of a healthy conversation and a rant.
  5. While I do agree I do have to play more (I already spent too much time playing this game), you don’t get the point. I know what Loki can do. I know he can do stuff that’s absolutely insane. He’s a versatile frame. However, he’s not perfect. He’s good at normal content but not good enough to be completely broken and make every other frame in the game useless. I don’t care how much he can take. I care about how he can be used. I’m simply saying he’s overrated. I rated him low because he’s not that great in new content. He’s still the same old Loki but the content is growing past him. He lacks the huge diversity gap now. Most frames can do something like ESO or an Arbitration. Loki technically can do that but he has to rely more on his weapons that he himself which is the problem. He can do the content but he’s not really good at anything anymore. Hildryn, on the other hand, is really tanky, and a better tank than Rhino (from a tank stand point). However, that’s all she is. The very specific build that makes her completely invincible is noted but really, the rest of her kit feel clunky and slow. She’s good for people who can deal with that but I don’t like that type of style. This is an opinion. Finally, people who’ve spent too much time on this game has got to really stop trying to make themselves look bad. Grow up and live life. I said my opinion and my opinions can be wrong. However, all you guys do is come here to insult me because of how I’m “wrong”. I’m 100% confident that a lot of you haven’t really stretched out these frame like I have. All of you only take the frame to favorable conditions but never talk about that one area that frame sucks in and how bad they suck at it. Everyone in here is getting toxic. I thought this would be something fun to talk about but from what I’ve seen, there is nothing but hatred because I “underrated” your favorite frame. I tried to take the least bias view and I summarized a lot of the problem I had with the frame. This is my list and make your own. I spent quite a bit of time testing and playing all these frame. Here’s how all of them stand in terms of general usability.
  6. I feel Limbo is better at other things besides defense and he takes a lot more to keep up his bubble (since it shrinks over time). Limbo is good at other things besides defense but Frost can defend a point and not have to worry about his bubble going down constantly.
  7. Buffed some things, nerfed Slipstream but now it has a fire rate, his 1st ability isn't only like Limbo. While he's the only who freezes time, there are plenty of frames (such as Rhino and Vauban) who just hold enemies in place. The Time Leap no longer makes allies invisible but allows allies to blink now and slow enemies inside the rift. Reverse TIme remains unchanged.
  8. Well, the point is to get rid of boredom. I mean, I respond to everyone seriously but as a person who has a lot of experience playing all these frame, I feel like having a place to let loose the opinions of just another random person. If you don't like it, please make a list of your own. I mean, I'm not saying I'm the first person to rate every frame based on how often I use them. This is purely just the opinion a random guy has. I feel some frames have problems and other frames have more problems.
  9. Augment for Venari: Venari Bodyguard https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Venari_Bodyguard
  10. The only problem is Khora is too random. She can heal objectives but it’s heal isn’t significant enough to warrant a use over someone like Nidus. Her damage scales pretty well but Venari isn’t consistently stripping armor which makes it possibly falloff. Also, Venari can die so, if she dies, her damage doesn’t scale that well. Her Strangledome makes it too hard to hit enemies. And her 2nd ability doesn’t always work as you want it to. Overall, Khora can do all those things but she can’t do it consistently enough.
  11. I’m sorry? I don’t listen to IGN so idk. Not very exciting but to cause controversy.
  12. The point of this topic is to look at Loki but also a little bit of Vauban. To be honest. Vauban’s only problem is that he doesn’t survive well. He is among the squishiest frames in the game. However, if everybody is on the train on reworking Vauban (in which he undoubtedly needs) why not look at Loki. Both of these frames may seem different but serve similar purposes. Yes, Loki can do stealth mission. That’s the only advantage that he has over Vauban. The main point is, utility is kinda useless now when you can just kill everything. That was the argument that blew Vauban down and I’m afraid Loki isn’t far behind.
  13. Well, it’s a good way to play Ember and bring her to late game content. Doesn’t matter because she still sucks 🙂
  14. Nidus isn’t as great as everyone says he is. I have over 1000 hours in Warframe. Nidus is good. Yes, but refusing to admit that he has problem is just stubborn. Nidus isn’t perfect. He falls off eventually albeit very difficult to make him fall off. He’s also not very good if most of the time, he doesn’t have enough time to get stacks before everything is dead. Nidus isn’t bad but he definitely does not need a nerf. Hildryn is just a frame I don’t like. Not everyone is supposed to like her. I do feel she has major problems of being too reliant on Adaptation. What you’re trying to do is bring toxicity to this seemly innocent topic just because it’s my opinion. Does anyone here actually play Revenant as much as I do? There are many problems with Revenant. He’s not the perfect frame. I use him for general gameplay and I can say, he’s not wrecking stuff like a Mesa would or something. To be honest, I think it is you who needs to spend more time on these frames. They aren’t as great as you think especially for the content I bring them to.
  15. Reasonable, but I think Wukong won't really be as favorable until Melee 3.0 comes out. Hopefully Hysteria would better than it is now. However, I am not that moved on your stance. Yes, Wukong has better damage. However, I feel that Valkyr can still do sufficient damage while Hysteria is active. Warcry also has the benefit of buffing melee weapon speed and slowing enemies around you. Wukong does have problems that I do not like overall because it's my opinion. He lacks any form of duration based CC for example. It may be my own distaste for Wukong but I do like the new Wukong. I just feel he doesn't have as much flexibility as Valkyr.
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