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  1. Now I don’t have to be so ashamed of her being so high in my usage list.
  2. As a Nekros main. yes, if you like more loot, Nekros is good. Although, I would also recommend Hydroid because he's one of the most versatile frames out there. He could literally be built to do anything to a certain degree. He just can't Eidolon hunt. Gara is also quite versatile. Ash is very situational versatile.
  3. *cough* *cough* Inaros. This scaling is based on Inaros’ no shields scaling. Like I said, this is more of an altruistic frame. Knowing when to use this is half the battle. Also, Pact is there for a reason. I wanted it to be worth using so I made it super OP at that cost. Also, you have to stack the passive (like that Hikou Prime you talked about earlier). I don’t really see a complaint about this but I wanted to respond in some way about this comment. This frame is for those who are selfless and willing to do anything to get the job done. I hope that was made clear.
  4. A frame that sacrifices itself for other, even if it means him harm. The person who plays this frame must be altruistic enough to use his ability to their max potential. Stats: Health: 300 (1200 at rank 30) Shield: 0 Energy: 150 (225 at rank 30) Armor: 0 Sprint Speed: 1.0 Health Regen: 10 per second (20 per second at rank 30) Passive: No Pain, No Gain Whenever Koschei takes damage, he gains 1% damage reduction permanently. This is also increased and decreased by this abilities. This can stack up to 95%. Soul Trap Koschei traps his soul into an ally. For the duration of this ability, all damage the ally takes will be dealt on to him instead. However, he can not take damage himself. This ability also grants some some passive damage reduction when cast but depletes his passive damage reduction while not taking damage. He only gains his passive from taking damage. Grants 10/15/20/25% damage reduction upon cast and depletes 1% per second after 3 seconds of not taking damage. Scales with Power Strength. Lasts 10/15/20/25 seconds. Scales with Power Duration. Must stay within 35/40/45/50m to keep the effect. Scales with Power Range. Costs 25 Energy. Note: This can be cast on all companions and objectives. Comments: This is meant to be his first altruistic ability. He takes damage on behalf of his allies but he himself can not take damage. This ability synergises very well with his other ability, Pact. Yes, it makes him form pacts that will instantly kill any enemy with no cost of his own. Basically, tricking enemies is the name of the game. Boundless Curse Koschei summons a tombstone and grants a heal over time to all allies within the area. The more allies within the area, the greater the heal. However, enemies within the area are healed as well but are also turned against their allies temporarily. Heals allies for 10/15/20/25 HP per ally present per second. Scales with Power Strength. Tombstone lasts 3/5/7/9 seconds. Confusion lasts 10/13/16/20 seconds. Scales with Power Duration. Allies within 5/8/11/14m are healed. Scales with Power Range. Costs 50 Energy. Comments: For the case that he needs to take damage (particularly for his passive), he would need a means to sustain himself. Look no further because he has CC and healing all in one package. This ability isn't as useful due to the nature of his entire kit but he also needs it due to his passive and costs. Pact Form a pact with an enemy and gain damage reduction for his passive. While the pact is active, he heals that enemy whenever he takes damage from that enemy and the enemy is taunted to hit him. However, when the pact ends, all heals received from enemies are healed towards allies and he instantly kills the enemy. The pact ends if he goes down or dies and the enemy lives. Grants 10/15/20/25% damage reduction. Scales with Power Strength. Pact lasts 10 seconds. Does not scale with Power Duration. Pacts can become unbounded without consequence if they are more than 10/15/20/25m away. Costs 0 Energy. Comments: This is his trick. The cost is in the ability itself. It costs nothing for you to gain back some energy or instantly kill an enemy because this ability. It is meant to be spammed at every conceivable enemy because if they're all focusing on you, they aren't focusing on the ally you're Soul Trapped to. This means you will take absolutely no damage and get free kills at the cost of 25 Energy. However, you have to be smart and watch the timer. Final Rest Koschei captures his own soul and consumes it. While in this state, he does not gain damage reduction stacks and his damage reduction is reduced to 0. For this sacrifice, he grants all nearby allies a damage buff based on how much damage reduction he sacrificed. He is also stunned and completely unable to move until the ability ends. However, he is also completely invulnerable if his passive was filled 50% or higher before casting this ability. Grants allies 7/8/9/10% more damage per 1% he sacrificed. Scales with Power Strength. Lasts 7/9/12/15 seconds. Can be cancelled early. Scales with Power Duration. Allies within 10/15/20/25m of his body will gain the buff if they stay or get within range. Costs 100 Energy. Note: All Soul Traps and Pacts are broken upon casting this ability. Enemies that are pact bound and killed instantly. Comments: This is probably the ability to diversify his kit to more than just killing enemies on the star chart or ESO. Ash can already do all of that but better and faster. However, this ability makes him more useful in other content such as an Eidolon Hunt or something amongst those lines.
  5. It’s not so simple as it was before. Destiny is much more popular than you think. If you think Warframe is still doing well, you’re terribly mistaken. Warframe is dying and Destiny 2 is rising in popularity. Eventually Destiny is gonna topple Warframe at this rate. If Warframe messes up, it will die. It’s not 100% immune anymore just because it’s free. There are games that are free and do what Warframe does but better now. Warframe is very generous with its content but it made people expect too much from it.
  6. Well, before, it was free for certain groups of people. Now it’s completely free. However, I feel Warframe is only gonna be dead for awhile until Shadowkeep dies down.
  7. I just wanted to come in and talk about Ivara Prime. I also do want Ivara Prime more than Atlas Prime but I know my dream of he being first will never be.
  8. Yes, and make them miss that sweet sweet Christmas revenue from releasing Ivara Prime from releasing Ivara Prime during the Christmas season. Atlas Prime will most likely be cut short to make Ivara Prime come during Christmas anyways. And before you say they can just release the next female Prime during Christmas, I would like to say Titania is next in line to be primed after Ivara.
  9. Just to respond to everyone first. I am now aware that Khora and Gara need stat sticks now. I forgot that they do scale off of melee mods. Also, Ash’s Bladestorm only scales off of melee combo multiplier. The mods don’t directly affect it. However, I would like to present that Atlas isn’t in a great spot not because he’s weak. He’s very strong and pretty good at soloing content. However, he just has too many “there are better versions abilities”. I would like to change Atlas so that he can still be as strong as those abilities at least. Just a response, not an argument. 2. I do agree he needs to build for Rumblers but the Rumblers are too weak. They don’t last long enough to make an impact for his ultimate ability. The duration is too small for them to do anything because they are so slow and can easily be killed. I feel that increasing the duration without increasing the strength of the ability is at least warranted. 3. I mean, this is for QoL. It isn’t buffing him. The taunt would help it block more damage and defend objectives. This would make the wall do more than block corridors since enemies can just easily walk around it. Also, it’s not see through like Volt’s shield so it makes doing anything with this wall kinda annoying.
  10. Now that Atlas is getting a Prime, I think it would be best for Atlas to get some love. Atlas isn’t in the best spot and while he’s good, he’s a bit strange. I would like to suggest changes to Atlas to make him more accessible to most other player. QoL Change 1: Moddable Landslide Landslide should be able to have its own mod build. Being forced to have a stat stick shouldn’t be a thing anymore considering no other frame needs one. Make Landslide moddable. QoL Change 2: Make the Rumblers last longer Wukong has a stronger and smarter clone as his 1st ability. Atlas only has this but worse. Either nerf Wukong’s Celestial Twin or make Rumblers last forever. QoL Change 3: Taunting Walls Make the Tectonic Walls taunt enemies like Octavia’s Mallet. Do this and his wall would be a lot better. These are only some changes that can happen without making Atlas completely broken and still make him better. DE, please make some changes to Atlas. He deserves better.
  11. I mean, that’s what he does. Ninjas have tendency to only appear solo or rarely a group. The fact that Warframe forces you to play as a team contradicts Ash’s concept. He’s unique because he’s for solo players and the only one to do so.
  12. About after Second Dream or right out after the tutorial. Everything before the Second Dream is a huge mess in my opinion. I feel there should be some hand holding while in the process of getting to the Second Dream. I think most people don’t quit after the tutorial is because there is someone guiding them through. Otherwise, Warframe’s early game is just too daunting. There should be guides on how to mod, how to increase mod capacity, how to get primes and so forth. After the Second Dream, most players become frustrated because of how they don’t have to work themselves to the War Within because they done with the grind and can’t handle it. Very few can handle the grind Warframe offers but what keep this game going strong is because of players helping players.
  13. Please, if you’re going to nerf these weapons, at least nerf some melees too. Yeah, Melee 3.0 but people are still abusing them. Melee 3.0 has been rolling around for at least a year now. The current state of certain Rivens make melee too OP and ranged weapons feel weak.
  14. I think they are influenced by the Orokin. Heavily influenced. Both of them have contact with the Quills who can apparently predict the future with the help of Orokin Technology. While they did make it themselves, there is a very likely chance that they copied the Orokin is some way or had created it due to Orokin influence.
  15. You forget, the Orokin made Warframes. They also had some form of honor or something. They could make more powerful technology but they won’t. While you may think that Fortuna made their own technology, they probably took it from the Orokin and replicated it. Also, the Unum is probably responsible for their advancement who is a tower made by the Orokin. That by itself made the Orokin far superior. The other thing is, the Orokin didn’t only make weapons. They made their entire civilization. The Fortuna and Cetus residents have not achieved the civilizations that the Orokin had. They could barely get off their planet. Orokin technology isn’t really more powerful but it’s more civilized. They just weren’t ready to face the Sentients at the time because they had their own civilization to run.
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