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  1. After the disruption new update, when we link rivens in chat, it doesn't show the challenge anymore. It just says you need to prove yourself worthy... Not only is this a problem for those who want to ask questions in region chat, but more importantly it is a problem in trading as people cannot see the challenge when others are selling a veiled riven. Please fix this. Thank you
  2. Yeah ping really affects it. Practice makes perfect I guess. Thanks a lot for the explanation.
  3. I recently got propa and went to 5x3 and well it wasn't good. Is propa really the best? Is there a way to use it right that I dunno? I mean I prefer shraksun but squads won't let me in unless I use propa! Why is that? With right vs charge and shadow+ uw I can easily 1 shot with shraksun. With propa I cannot even aim well or match the timing and at least I waste 2 shots. I know it is stronger for solo but in a squad too? Any advice on how to use propa? Edit: I'm learning the timing and well I still waste shots, but less than before. Well it is fun to use new stuff and propa is pretty strong and funny.
  4. status chance Musltishot and -dmg to grineer (I can max the riven if needed) https://imgur.com/a/2Ncbfrc
  5. Opticor 1.1k Stradavar 1.1k Vectis 2.5k Open for negotiation/ trade 🙂 You can see my online in game status in here https://warframe.market/profile/Crimson_Ruby_313 P.S. I you'd like to trade it would be like lower amount of plat + what you wanna offer Thank you ^^
  6. Hi I have a riven cc cd status duration -dmg to corpus Do not reply if not interested ty
  7. Happy now? Players suck each other's blood on sentinel weapons -___-
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