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  1. I've been suggesting this for years. They need to slow down the combat to make it meaningful so that it's not just an ability spam and bullet jump. But that would break what Warframe is right now. Something like this. And then for melee, something like this.
  2. I was also gone for about a year. Just got back into it and I'm going for MR30 now. I'm a mostly solo player since my clanmates (literally just my cousin and my brother) have quit so it's just me. I had no issues getting the railjack and the worst part of railjack missions was the door glitch which required two people at least and that random players would come in and keep blowing up my tethers. I was one of the few, I guess, who enjoyed the railjack. I am not a fan of the redone railjack stuff. As for returning? I dunno. If you have a reason to return or something to grind for, go ahe
  3. Pretty sure many people joined for many reasons and with different or even no expectations. But hey, if you just want to complain let me know and I can just listen quietly. Otherwise, if you're wanting to give something constructive let me know how you want the game to change to make it better in the ways that this topic (and others like it) has desired for.
  4. Nah, if you think so you probably know nothing about computer programming and do not have a background in mathematics. It's much easier to just implement an invite all button and hope your netcode is robust enough to deal with the mini DDOS.
  5. What kind of gameplay would you all suggest to keep the game interesting and fresh? There's only so many hours you can do of running around in Diablo 3 and spamming the same attacks over and over until the game is uninteresting anymore. There are only so many instances of running around in Warframe spamming the same abilities and weapons over and over until it's uninteresting anymore. The game model is not robust enough to provide constantly shifting variables on the battlefield that requires constant and intensive attention and response. In fact, those kinds of games are deemed as too
  6. Then add a bunch of "no Saryn" players to your friends list and/or clan and request an "invite all friends/clan" function instead of this black list thing that isn't very well thought out. -_- Then you can advertise for friends that don't want Saryn, you can advertise for clan members that don't want Saryn, and you can invite all to randomize who you get on your team from your friends and clan list.
  7. No. You're not thinking this through and you're also trying to impose your preferred playstyle on others. Say you put Saryn on your list. Saryn is not on my list and I'm not playing Saryn I can join your game. But that does not mean I don't want Saryn on my team. But under your proposed process I'm stuck in a game that has no Saryn. ======== Here's an idea I put up for you all before. You're over here complaining about how so many people hate having Saryn in their games. How about you all just go start a No-Saryn club. A dojo, whatever. Then you can queue up games with yourselves and
  8. I haven't tried but does the Helminth subsume system accept prime frames?
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