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  1. Neat. For fishing, remember to bring stealth. Makes things a lot easier without enemies constantly annoying you.
  2. The longest part of the Ropa fight is the run to get to Ropa. >_>
  3. Does it also reset damage reduction on the sentients? I was thinking about this for about two weeks now but have not been able to really get on to play. :(
  4. Her 1 hits 80k+ on level 175 heavy gunners/bombards. Her 2 makes her nigh unkillable. Her 3 allows her to ignore low level trash mobs to some degree but is mostly unneeded. Her 4 is mostly useless in my testing but I haven't done a lot of testing. Hildryn 1 and 2 makes her Steel Path viable and requires a tad bit more careful babysiiting her shields and watching her skills than I'd like but she's by no means a bad frame. If anything, her kit is kind of overloaded and once more people understand how to build and play her they're going to realize how ridiculous she actually is. Pre
  5. I haven't tried but does the Helminth subsume system accept prime frames?
  6. One of the worst, maybe. Still not as bad as Equinox, I don't think.
  7. And your point is that it's too hard to get on your own? Maybe the point is that it's something to do as you're moving along with everything else and something to strive for at the end of the game. Or did you think/want to play Warframe for 10 hours and have everything maxed out already? Like, what's your point here? They already have an event which gives arcanes for a fraction of the eidolon time input. So what more do you want? How much are you going to keep taking away until people have no reason to buy plat anymore and DE folds as a company because no one is spending any plat on
  8. I've seen literally 0 Paris Primes in the last year of playing. My nephew was like, "Oh, I like Paris Prime!" So I gave him my decent Paris riven because I've been trying to sell it for about 9 months now and not so much as a single sniff from any other Tenno. =_=
  9. DE is just trying to get us all to read more books. Grab a book. Set the timer and enjoy a good story or gain some knowledge. Let me know if you want some recommendations. :)
  10. You're doing it wrong. Putting this out there right now but I have probably put over 800 USD into Warframe. Mostly Prime Access. My friends are mostly F2P players also. I have a clan with 5 people in it and 3 active people only. They all have pretty much the same stuff I do minus the rivens which aren't even needed nor the cosmetics which are also largely unneeded. I have about 1600 hours in. My friends have about 2500 hours each. Almost everything in this game can be bought for a few hundred plat if not less. If you want something that is tradeable and its grind is locked behind some
  11. I do wish we could lock people out of certain ship functions. And if you could just extract by yourself. Mission is finished. People can extract and leave if they don't want. Others can stay and look the asteroids and extract when they want. Also, don't make mission select automatic. If someone selects a mission you can just opt out and extract of being dragged into the next one with them.
  12. These kids will whine and complain about everything and anything. You want to experience grind? Go play original Maplestory and come back and tell me how long it took you to get to level 70. Or oldschool Runescape and tell me how you only just got to lobsters after 3 months of gameplay. Warframe "grind" is a joke and it's so easy that even my extremely lazy nephew has few complaints when he's trying to get stuff. So if he's that lazy and he doesn't have an issue with farming for stuff in warframe I can only imagine how much lazier and entitled you have to be to complain about every roa
  13. In the screen, the current mods you have equipped at the top right and the mods that failed or succeeded along the right side do not show the name when you mouse over them. BUT, the mods that you are unlocking as you collect murmurs do show their name as you mouse over it. Is there a reason for this? It just makes it more annoying to identify what mods are needed, what you have equipped, and what you have already tried. Can we please get an update so that they show the name for every mod here in this Kuva Lich screen when you mouse over them? Thanks.
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