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  1. If you leave squad does it abort the mission or does it just put you in your own instance?
  2. -Warframe is the most demanding game you play. -You need a new system. The next obvious questions are: 1) What's your budget? 2) Do you have a Windows key that you can transfer over? 3) Are you content with your current monitor, mouse, and keyboard? 4) Do you have any other hardware that you can transfer over from your old build to keep your costs down? Things such as SSDs, HDDs, video card, power supply, case, etc. Anything that you may be content with keeping.
  3. If that's the whole story then that's a pretty lame reason to review bomb.
  4. Best use of Garuda I've found is to not melee at all. 1 and block a bunch of damage, then blast them with the blood ball and then trigger a charged 4 on the group of enemies to make them bleed to death. Rinse and repeat. Use the body spike as needed and the energy thing should basically never be needed unless you just want to increase your damage for a little bit or regain some energy? But really, if you feel like you need more damage or you feel that your energy keeps running out at crucial moments your build probably needs some more optimization. I'm sure some people like it but I can't stand it. That's why I've left Garuda on ignore similar to Khora, Hildryn, Revenant, Nidus, and Harrow. >_>
  5. Hmm... I'm not risking my account. 😞
  6. Just because you're unable to do something with a frame or lack of the resources to do something with a frame does not invalidate that frame's capabilities. Imagine a new player who just bought Loki and then they come here to this forum and post that Loki is completely useless. Just want to state and ensure everyone knows that they have only 1 hour of playtime and just bought Loki and Loki is only rank 1. But all they can do is run and shoot with really weak weapons and Loki's 1 is useless because it doesn't do any damage. And his 2 and 3 and 4 are all just literally useless. Loki sucks. Just FYI, 1 hour of playtime only, no mods outside of like, 7 flawed mods. How valid would you consider their points are to Loki's overall gameplay and influence on the game? ========= I have about 1400 hours in the game. I'm MR 27. Your overview of Nyx is just utterly wrong and it's painful that so many others are in here agreeing with you.
  7. Her 1 is a nice gimmick and makes her marginally more useful in team play and gives her a nice distraction in solo play but it's hardly required. Nyx 1 is comparable to Saryn 2 for their respective gameplay. Nyx 2 is minorly useful and there's really no good way to mod for it at the endgame unless you intend to dump 3/4. Nyx 3 is what gives her decent solo niche spaces. It's not perfect but it allows her to solo a few things that very few other frames can. Nyx 4 is where it's at. You NEED her augment. Without her augment Nyx is practically useless and you shouldn't play her unless you intend to just solo interceptions or you just really like her as there are much better frames out there for doing practically anything else. With her augment and properly kitted up Nyx becomes literally unstoppable. One of the easiest frames to play and one of the easiest times I ever had getting to level 500+ orokin faction enemies.
  8. Dunno. It's working fine for me. If anything, it's simply too strong and needs to be nerfed. o_o
  9. I used to use Catchmoon. Then I found a better secondary. I also never really used Arca Plasmor. I guess I discovered it too late. I've always been reliant on snipers anyway. My most used sniper rifle was the Tigris Prime. Then I swapped to Vectis Prime and now I'm all about the Rubico Prime hype. ========== Anyway, they can easily fix Catchmoon and Arca Plasmor by just reducing its punch through to almost nothing or greatly reducing their damage output. Or they could just keep the damage and then have it only deal damage after it has traveled its full range. Whatever enemies it hits takes the one shot it made divided across those enemies evenly. It'd still clear hallways and be insane to use but it'll be much useful than before.
  10. uAir

    Banshee Shawzin

    If Banshee player has a Shawzin emote then Banshee's 4 should be her taking out the Shawzin and playing it. >_>
  11. People are crying that running and gunning is too weak compared to frames using skills. DE makes Chroma and Gauss to buff run and gun playstyle and still people complain. -_-
  12. Valkyr simply does not die. She has a built-in finisher that, with some luck, can carry you out to 5hour+ solo. With the new melee system it's even better. Wukong is undoubtedly one of the best frames in the game right now. His 2 allows him to speed through content. He gets free revives allowing you to "die" and then figure out it's too dangerous to continue in the endless mission you're on and press 2 to fly away. His 4 allows him to throw out 50k+ damage per hit for a more optimized build or 1mil+ red crits for an equally effective if a little less optimized. There is no stopping his damage output and there is no killing him in any practical use of the game right now. Energy leech will still be detrimental but more so in Valkyr's case than Wukong's. ======= Another dedicated melee frame is Excalibur. Between the three of them I like Excalibur's style the best. I like Valkyr's concept the best. But I play Wukong because neither Excalibur nor Valkyr can hold a candle to what Wukong can do. His 4 just hits too easily too fast and too hard for Valkyr's claws or Excalibur's blade to compete.
  13. Make 1 a multishot buff like what I said in a previous post. Change name to Six Shooter. Every 6th shot in peacemaker is an automatic crit headshot. Every 6th shot with normal weapons is fired with +100% multishot. Charges up the same way. When it is turned off, for every 20% that is charged, she gains +100% multishot. At 100% charge she gains +500% multishot. Make it toggle-able in peacemaker so players can continuously toggle it on and off in peacemaker to maximize damage output for added energy cost if they want. If you don't want to keep toggling it on and off you can just toggle it on and gain that damage buff. (I'm a Mesa main) Make 4 scale so she's actually a good pick for solo endless missions. As she now she's a sad pick for level ~180 and above. Or, honestly, just change her 2 to be a multiplicative damage buff instead of what it is now and have it apply at like, x2 damage which scales a little bit with power strength. That's all she really needs to be able to scale level 500 enemies well and if anyone is doing more than that they deserve to be insane. This would also mean you'd have to expend a bit more energy constantly maintaining 2 and 3 to be up now and to maximize damage you'd be toggling 1 on and off as much as you can while in peacemaker. (I'm a Mesa main)
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