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  1. Passive: Antipode Gain 100% elemental damage to all weapon attacks. Every 5 seconds this elemental damage type changes to a different one. You can change which elements it rotates to using your energy color similar to Excalibur's Exalted Blade. You pick two energy colors, every 5 seconds it swaps from one to the other. Can also include black and white to be impact and slash or something like that. 1: Spire Drops a piece of yourself on the ground and attaches a void tether to it. You cannot move or be moved outside of a certain range away from this Spire. You can press this again to instantly bring the part back to you and allow you free movement again. While you are tethered every enemy killed in your area is dragged to your Spire. When it is fully charged, the Spire will untether itself automatically and you will be free to move. This Spire remains as a permanent fixture on the map and each time you die the Spire is consumed instead of a revive. Each Spire also Reduces damage taken by all allies in the area while it is up. Even without enemies, the Spire will slowly charge itself up to full. You can hold down 1 to consume the nearest Spire and whatever excess charge it has will recharge your energy and a portion of the energy of allies around you. 2: Repair Charge Toggle, for every enemy you kill you restore a percentage of health. For every enemy killed while health is at 100% you increase your damage output by 1% and gain temporary shields. This damage buff remains until your shields reach 0. 3: Sidearm Toggle that augments your armor to turn into extra arms to fire your other weapon at enemies around you. If you have your secondary equipped then the augmented arms will fire your primary weapon in short bursts. If you have your primary equipped then it will fire your secondary in short bursts. If using melee weapon, it will alternate fire between your primary and secondary. 4: Fusion Use void energy to reform your original warframe. Gain two Exalted Weapons. Gain increased fire rate and increased armor. Gain holster speed. Reduce movement speed. Gain damage reduction. Toggle and continues to consume energy while on. All other abilities are still able to be used, only the stat changes and your primary and secondary weapons change. Primary becomes a huge sniper rifle that innately has 200% of your combined elemental selection added into it. Does a normal enemy hit and damage that has innate punch through. If no trackers from your secondary are up, it will simply fire straight. If trackers are up then you can use alt fire instead to unleash a bloom of energy beams that pierce every tracker. Multiple trackers can be placed onto a target and be hit with multiple beams. Secondary becomes becomes a fast firing weapon that shoots out adhesive trackers. Has a 30 round clip that recharges ONLY when holstered. The trackers are hit scan and do very little damage. Each enemy hit by a tracker is slowed by 50%.
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