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  1. Yes .... what a great community. Loving it more and more ....
  2. Yeah I forgot. I now remember watching a video like 1 year ago that said that too. My bad sorry. Why do I even think anything would help DE in thinking clear with theyre head. They alreadyd proved that constructive criticism is something they also will just put of as "Personal attacks" and such ... Edit: My comment wasnt much of a constructive criticism. But it surely wasnt rant or rage or anything like that. Just a "If DE listenst to the community as much as tehy seem to do. It will not end well .-."
  3. Oooooh. Now I see. Yeah. Dont be a meany. Always include a "YOU ARE AMAZING DE AND WE LOVE YOU" or you might get put int the rage/rant group. .-. JESUS
  4. Yesterday I posted something called: Unpopular Opinion With the Description: This Community will be DE's downfall.Thanks for reading. Now my question is. Why did my post get deleted ? Anybody have an idea ?
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