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  1. Glad to hear about these changes. Also, as mentioned above, Plinx is a MR6 gun, and it performs like one, but it requires parts that come from Orb Heist, so automatically - requires Old Mate. But at that point you can build a kitgun and farm a Pax for it, which is more grind, true, but the end result is way better.
  2. Gendalph

    Chimera: Update 23.10

    Played a couple Arbitrations, thoughts so far: Enemy flow seems broken, not sure if it's due to recent pathfinding changes, Arbitration drones or something else - makes Defenses painfully slow and Survivals always lack in Life Support. Instant death on incapacitation seems too punishing, it's far to easy to catch a random bullet and die. How about making it 0 revives instead? Arbitration drones need further adjustment: for example Arbitration drones and enemies linked to them in Limbo's Cataclysm are invulnerable. Given painfully low chance for new mods to drop and my horrible drop RNG, I would like them also added to Arbiters' store, say 20-40 Essence per mod - sort of fallback for people like me.
  3. Props to devs for reviews/revisits! I was affected by this bug Can our squad get our Autograph added to our inventories? I have screenshot of mission completion showing out 1h 11m run (made with Warframe's built-in screenshot feature and EE.log with said run).
  4. Gendalph

    Coming Soon: Devstream #111!

    So, I asked this on Twitter, but, understandably got no response: I just want to know what where the goals for revisiting all primaries and secondaries and if you have achieved them.
  5. honestly, @Shul said they got to Zone 27 with considerable effort, @Brozime got to Zone 25 and got blocked by Conduit not spawning, so I don't see a real reason to change drain rate, but rather use outliers to investigate possible exploits.
  6. Some players used exploits to get really high scores, obviously, others complained. Devs tried to tweak the drain rate so that exploits would not allow going past certain point anyway and ended up overtuning the drain rate, which made the mode unplayable halfway through second full rotation (people can't go past Zone 12, which is second A after one full rotation, basically AABCAA). Imagine you getting wrecked on Wave 29 in Defense regardless of what you do.
  7. Please, revert the Efficiency drain rate. You cap your daily focus in a reasonable time, getting radiant relics in the process and possibly having fun.
  8. Yay! Understandable ...maybe increase standing rewards too?
  9. Thoughts on Survival so far: This is a reasonable start, needs some bug fixing and adjustments, but otherwise pretty reasonable. How can you make it better? Kuva rewards need to scale. Current reward per capsule is 200 Kuva. Let's use 650 as base reward for Kuva Siphon and 1300 for Kuva Flood. Here's some numbers: 5 minute Survival cycle awards 800 Kuva, takes about 6 minutes to run, ~160 K/min. Single Siphon awards 650 Kuva, takes about 4 minutes to run, ~160 K/min. Single Flood awards 1300 Kuva, takes about 5 minutes to run, ~260 K/min. After an hour of Survival enemies are about equal to Flood enemies. So, I think it would be reasonable if after an hour average reward per minute scaled from about Siphon levels to about Flood levels and capped at, say 2 hours. Suggestions I heard so far: Award 10x enemy level Kuva per capsule and cap out at level 150 - IMO, reasonable, but needs a little lower multiplier, say 6-7 to keep initial rewards at about current level. Increase reward per capsule by 50 Kuva every 10-15 minutes - good idea, assuming 4 capsules per 5 min and 10 min scaling: ~1600 Kuva for first 10 minutes ~2000 Kuva for next 10 minutes ~2400 Kuva for 20-30 minutes ~2800 Kuva for 30-40 minutes ~3200 Kuva for 40-50 minutes ~3600 Kuva for 50-60 minutes Total of 15600 Kuva (~260 Kuva per minute, provided you can do 48 capsules, in reality you will get way less - about 36-40) Increase reward for every next capsule by, say 10 Kuva: Assuming 40 total capsules (200 + 10*(40-1)/2)*40 = 15800 total Kuva Assuming 1 hour duration 15800/60 ~ 263 Kuva per minute These are first suggestions I heard of with some of my comments.
  10. @[DE]Megan thanks guys for slowly fixing those Eidolon bugs. It's nice to see progress.
  11. Gendalph

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.15.1

    @[DE]Megan can we please get some info on Eidolon Hunt fixes? These bugs are extremely annoying, often gamebreaking, and they seem to be untouched for weeks, moreover we get 0 feedback if they're even being looked at. Can we at least get some feedback, please?
  12. Gendalph

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.15.0

    Zaws work in a slightly different way, as for Nodachi - they had stance and model mostly ready, but it needed texturing done, plus that particle effect.
  13. Gendalph

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.15.0

    They are not done, I think their stats are not done, maybe some other stuff too. Those might have been just reskins too. I'm more interested in that new huge sword they showed.
  14. Gendalph

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.15.0

    There is enough content, enough stuff to do. Me and a lot other veterans want Eidolon Hunt bugs fixed.
  15. Gendalph

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.15.0

    I see a bunch of fixes, which is nice. But when are we going to get fixes for these bugs Tbh, I feel like raids had less gamebreaking bugs in their last days than these. I encounter these on a daily basis if I hunt Eidolons, which caused me severe burnout over past 2 weeks. Oh, and a downgrade mechanism for Arcanes would be nice.