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  1. What if I have every single Warframe subsumed? You guys expect me to burn through resources to level 5 more times?
  2. Volnus Prime is an MR14 hammer, but it's outperformed by Arca Titron which is MR10 and flat out destroyed by Fragor Prime, MR12, albeit with a quirky build. I've compared Volnus Prime, after I invested a Stance Forma and 2 regular Forma into it, to Titron with one Forma on level 150 Corrupted: Titron outperformed Volnus Prime very significantly despite build tweaks to Volnus. Steve mentioned, when discussing balancing, that higher MR = higher calculated DPS, but here we see a weapon that's 4MR lower outperform an MR14 weapon in the same class. It makes no sense! I suggest either dr
  3. Railjack cache rewards need to be looked at. To get Nautilus or new Penta you have to do the optional objective marked by white waypoint, and you seem to get 2 rewards per mission. Problem is, there are 2 reward pools (A and B), and you only sometimes get reward from B pool. So instead of it being 24% to get a part (4 x 6.06%) if you did the objective, it's more like 33% to get a 24% chance to get a part, and there seems to be no way to influence that, at least we couldn't find any way to do that. Either give us a way to influence which pool we are getting bonus reward from, or squis
  4. ...and now it's not worth doing. The whole reason I -and many other people- are not doing Eidolons, is because Eidolons' Arcane drop rate is bad. Really bad. This was the reason why people went ham on Scarlet Spear and Orphix Venom - you could put in the effort and pick exactly the reward you wanted. And now we're almost back to the Eidolon situation. 3.33% to get an Arcane Avenger, once about every 20 min? Even Eidolons have better % rates, but out of my 77 Hydro caps I got whole 3 top-tier Arcanes (2 Barrier and 1 Grace), which had drop rates 5% per. Nobody asked for this chan
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