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  1. I suggest you also look at Xenorhast drop rate. You need grand total of 29 Xenorhast to craft everything that requires it, and 42 Necrathene to craft everything that requires it. After crafting literally everything and turning Necrathene to Otak once or twice, I still have twice as much Necrathene as Xenorhast. And all this was obtained before the adjustment.
  2. That explains why I couldn't find a familiar thread. Thank you.
  3. I'm calling you out on this. Any score over 30k (maybe even 25k) should be invalidated, unless we get proof that it's possible to achieve score that high without exploits.
  4. It took me whole 5 missions to come up with two dozen cases of LoS check failing. Some of them caused Whipclaw casts to do no damage at all, which did happen before, but much, much more rarely. It got so bad that sometimes kills are so inconsistent that I now sometimes run out of energy with 130% Efficiency and full Energize set, which, again, was never the case before. LoS detection in Warframe is broken, as per https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1236913-whipclaw-line-of-sight-checks-report-false-negatives-in-level-geometry/
  5. Thank you guys for making them suck more.
  6. Bubonico particle effects, especially on its alt fire, cause massive FPS dips.
  7. I don't have the time to make gifs and add more explanations, but this should work well enough: https://imgur.com/a/UfOb89a It doesn't include Corpus Ship tileset, which is also extremely annoying in this regard.
  8. These are really annoying, and as far as I understand there would be a need to optimize shaders every time I update drivers. If this is the case, I would like to have the option of offline shader optimization through the Launcher. Lightning might seem a bit different, but otherwise no glaring issues, aside from significant stutters, after a couple missions.
  9. Khora being LoS is fine, as long as it's consistent with skill description and in actual gameplay. And current implementation is anything but consistent.
  10. Let me preface this with my stance on this change: I understand the thoughts behind this change, I expected it to happen eventually, and I more or less agree with it. What I dislike is the implementation. tl;dr: Khora is still playable, but very inconsistent and thus annoying and way less enjoyable to play. Relevant stats my Khora has: I run 220% range, which means my Whipclaw hits in 10m AoE up to 22m away. And last, but not least, ability description (from Wiki): I highlighted the important part which I am building my feedback on: only line of sight from point o
  11. I get the thought process behind this, I do... But did anyone do some actual play testing on this? It sucks - you don't hit enemies you think you would hit because of terrain and wall relief: you hit a doorframe, and it hits literally nobody. This should be rolled back and needs some more testing for this change to not duck over Khora so hard.
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