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  1. Finally! Now I'm really looking forward to this update.
  2. Props to @[DE]Helen for cleaning up the madness that was my post and its aftermath! After more discussion and thought, I came up with an improvement for the end of mission screen: make equipment section 4 rows high, since we almost always have a sentinel, often with a weapon, and move syndicates to the bottom. This, at least, would solve the issue of having 3-4 syndicates and doing Simaris' scans.
  3. Good morning. Go grab a coffee, or another beverage of your choice, as I am about to ruin your Monday morning. I have been asked multiple times about my opinion on this thread and I didn't have the time to look into it. I've seen memes and some legit discussions happen over the weekend. And now I've found time to check this thread out. tl;dr you've got the right idea, but execution sucks. So, let's start with Abilities screen: Old screen sucked, it needed a remake and you did it. There's one issue though: new screen sucks as well. BTW, new Wiki design followed this idea as well. And it sucks. What are the issues? Wasted space. Ask yourself: what's wrong with this screen? You're trying to "hold a conversation". Your "conversation" uses 10-15% of available space. And it doesn't convey everything it needs to. Why can't I click an ability to expand it for more information? Why don't you show tips related to this ability inside a bigger ability window? You clearly have the space to show all abilities side by side, why is there no button to do that, like Show Base Stats? Why? There's a large number of abilities that do a lot more than is described. We don't need to go far, let's check out Effigy: Drain and Drain per second, Damage, Health are understandable. But what are Speed Increase and Armor Reduction?! Oh, right, I need to read Tips to learn that "While Effigy is active, Chroma receives a Movement Speed increase and Armor Reduction". Okay. Do I reduce enemy armor? Or is my armor reduced? This clearly needs better wording. But there are 2 more rows: Credit Multiplier and Extra Credit Chance. Why is there no explanation regarding this anywhere in the game? This screen is supposed to explain everything I need to know to play Chroma efficiently, but it clearly fails to do so. You haven't fixed the issue, you swept it under a fancy rug. There is however a good part to this: modding UI This screen is good, it shows me everything I want to know (well, almost everything) and it does so in a concise manner. There are a couple things that could be added, but overall it's good. Moving on: market and chat links. I opened the market and saw this screen. It's fine if I want to buy something. I then linked [Pennant] in chat mid-mission to check its stats and got almost the same screen. And there are problems. A number of them. Unless I hover over About I don't see any stats. None. Null. It still baffles me. But when I do hover over the About button I get exactly the same screen as when I hover over Purchase in the market: Why do I see duplicate price, Blueprint Owned and MR icons? Why is Mastered different from the Blueprint screen? Why is there no "Damage" stat, but instead whole distribution? Why are there a bunch of unimportant stats, that I've marked with yellow arrows? But wait, there's more! Let's compare the Blueprint hover: Original is the in-mission link, pasted over is Market version. I've got just one word: why? I would benefit from resource requirements in mission. Immensely. Why did you remove them? I want to see short stats when I link an item (I don't need crap I marked earlier, not for quick estimate). Why do you not display them? There's enough space for them even in the Market screen, if you move Gift into Purchase and compact it a bit. You'd think this is all? Think again! If we had a better Abilities screen, you could have Abilities button here, instead if these hover icons. But that is not the most important part. Can you find stats? Like Health. It's here, in About/Purchase 5 rows of quite important information. But you see, there's an issue here. These are stats for an Unranked Chroma. At rank 30 you will have quite different stats. Whatever, what do I need to build it? Okay, what do I need to build these? I was told we're holding a conversation. I get a feeling I was lied to. More infuriating stuff. You spoke of holding a conversation. 90% of UI is fine with Icons. You know what two things make this screen work? Item labels and search. The only two things icon tells me are which era relic is from and its refinement. Labels have to be THE default, regardless of number of icons and pictograms over other icons. And it's not just Prime parts: regular weapon parts, arcanes and various keys as well suffer from this. And there's a ton of items I don't know names off the top of my head. Refinement is a bit illogical as well, but I can live with it. You know which other UI has an issue? Lich History screen in the Codex: You know what useful info this screen holds? Very little: it tells me if I have vanquished or converted a lich and if I've traded them. It also kind of tells me their element. You know what it doesn't tell? Their weapon or even approximate roll. Oh, and you see that Search at the top? It might as well not be there - it doesn't search anything in this screen. At all. Not even names. It would've been much better if at least Search worked here and in Trade. You spoke of Railjack UI. Let's talk about it as well, shall we? Please tell me, what crucial information this screen is missing: stats. Speaking of stats, Where's Projectile Speed, total Damage and Projectiles per shot? These are vital stats, unlike Noise. Since we're here, let's talk about other stats. Is this Ablative Shell maxed? And while we're at it: which if these Hull Weaves I have equipped? This UI sucks, there is not enough VITAL information for me to play the game. But maybe you've improved? Let's see the new End of Mission screen: Nope. Left side will almost always have 1-4 items hidden (companion, AW weapon, AW, K-Drive). Having syndicates listed here is nice, however if you have more than 2 syndicates, or scanned at least something, you could explode mere one row up to 3, here's how: - Having New Loka, Perrin, Red Veil and Steel Meridian, do a mission for Perrin or New Loka. - Have Red Veil sigil equipped. - Scan anything. - You gain standing with Perrin, New Loka and Red Veil, lose standing with Steel Meridian. - You also gain standing with Cephalon Simaris. You now need to display changes to 5 Syndicate standings. And I don't recommend displaying only positive changes. But that's not the biggest issue here. How many Credits and Endo did you get? I see you got a Handle, which Prime weapon is that? Kronen, Galatine, Dakra? I saw there's going to be sorting, but can we have search as well, please? There is room for UI improvement. A lot of it, but please, consult someone before implementing UI changes.
  4. tl;dr on Empyrean: has potential, doesn't have "the numbers" to back it up. I've spent weekend playing Railjack missions. Good news? I see potential with the core gameplay. Bad news? Everything around it is bad. I will try my best not to rant about bugs here. I feel like the way Railjack missions are balanced right now, they're antagonistic to everything the rest of the game is. My main two concerns are: Railjack is a slog with overtuned enemies and way too much RNG on top. What do I like in Warframe and why I dislike other similar-ish games? It's dynamic, mowing through hordes of enemies as a space ninja. Other games are slow. I've tried Destiny 2 and I felt like I was in shackles, compared to Warframe. And Empyrean throws that out the window: you're slow, everything is a slog now, deal with it. Other point people really enjoy about Warframe is steady progression instead of dependence on RNG: you put in the work and get same results as the next guy. And a huge chunk of community loves this part about the game. Rivens took some of that away, but we learned to deal with it. Liches still need some work in this regard (I, and a number of people I talked to, really want the ability to upgrade bad rolls in addition to replacing them with better rolls). What did Empyrean bring? All salvaged Shield Arrays, Engines and Reactors have RNG stats: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Railjack#Components. And if that wasn't enough, they can be worse than baseline Sigma parts of the same tier. You have to get the part, get the good roll, and then grind for resources to actually use it. Doesn't this sound like a bit too much? It does to me. Generally, you either grind for good rolls (Diablo, PoE, Desitny) and not resources, straight up drops or blueprints and resources, but not rolls (WoW and Lineage 2, maybe?). We get to grind for both. And what a grind it is. Now, I have a list of issues I managed to remember after a break from Warframe and good night's rest (I had much more to say on Sunday, believe me): Resource costs are exorbitant (I was told costs are being looked at, we all hope they get changed). Archwing weapon "re-balace" is bad: assuming that healing ability in the Veil is bugged, enemies in high Saturn and Veil turn into bullet sponges, making Skirmishes - the omnipresent mission objective - a massive slog. For me this damage balance is a throwback to my 2013 Warframe experience, which I played for a couple months and put on a shelf for years. Also, you should've probably included these in the patch notes: You know what's also bad? Railjack weapons. On top of dealing pitiful damage where it matters, Zetki weapons have such massive heat generation, that they're pretty much unusable. And while we're at it, can we tone down the FX on projectiles and make all them reasonably fast? Or am I supposed to watch from the side how my projectiles miss targets? Enemies - and I mean ALL enemies - are overtuned. How do you feel about getting one-shot by a level 60 enemy? As Umbral Wukong. Or Amesha under all of her abilities. Fun, right? Archwing speed is a joke. Saturn enemies being faster than my Itzal? Really? Do I need Hyperion Thrusters for Saturn? I won't even talk about Veil. You know what sucks more than trying to catch up to enemies all the time? Travelling 15k meters on Archwing with Blink that has 3s cooldown. 25% cooldown reduction at rank 8 Tactical is a bandaid. Blink cooldown needs to be reduced significantly, probably halved, also front "dodge" needs to go, it only gets in the way of Blink. You know what sucks even more than that? Railjack being as slow as it is. I'll die of old age earlier than I'll get to where I need on my Railjack, unless I have decent Mk III Engines. Forcing people to use Forward Artillery or going inside Crewships to blow 'em up is asinine is not the best idea, IMO. I understand why it was added, but I still don't think it's a good design. I also assume that I often get bugs where my Forward Artillery doesn't deal damage (either at all or some arbitrarily low amount). Moreover, Forward Artillery being useless on high Saturn missions and in the Veil is bad as well. It takes a lot to use it, and it being completely useless where it matters? Unacceptable. Rewards. I don't need to elaborate on this one, just go check r/Warframe. Does every single pickup needs to show up in the corner as rare? It's annoying at best. RNG stats on parts. I have elaborated on this earlier, but something needs to change about this. This is just too much RNG. Drop rate for actually good Avionics. I've spent days trying to get the good Bulkhead. It wasn't fun. Maybe make them tradeable? After playing this mode over weekend, I got burned out. I'm considering taking a break from Warframe after my active boosters run out this weekend. Leave it be for a month while the team goes on holidays and addresses most of my complaints. I really hope this is not left the way it is, and we won't get Archwing 2: Electric Boogaloo or Hema 2: It's Raining in the Derelict!
  5. Enemy base stats are overtuned, for both ships and crew. Archwing and Railjack weapons don't have enough damage to deal with anything at higher level missions in reasonable amount of time. The way it's all balanced right now doesn't feel like Warframe. Amesha dying with all buffs active to a stray missile is not ok. Getting evaporated as Umbral Wukong by a couple of lv60 crewmembers is not ok. Archwing and Railjack weapons need a damage buff across the board, that includes Forward Artillery on Railjack and all the damage-dealing abilities.
  6. I really dislike the decision to make Flux Energy not regenerate passively. During a mission where you need to use it, you don't have the leeway to gather resources to craft Flux charges, effectively limiting you to 350 total energy. This discourages use of avionics, saving it for most dire of situations. I can understand the desire to limit Revolite, but I'd like its craft price lowered or some other way to passively replenish it (maybe enemy drops?). Yet another gripe is Tactical avionics impose their cooldown on Battle avionics: using Fire Suppressant makes me unable to use my Battle avionics for 300 seconds.
  7. I tested melee for a bit and here are my initial impressions: it was balanced for enemies up to about level 80, so my tests against level 100 corrupted felt really underwhelming. New combos are good. Heavy attacks are not. Reach/Primed Reach need to be 2/4m up from 1.1/3m. Blood Rush is fine. Condition Overload: gimped, see below for explanation. Covert Lethality: gimped, 100% Finisher Damage is just not worth it. Block mods adding combo looks interesting (used Guardian Derision), waste of a mod slot in practice: this level of combo generation is just not worth the slot. Now, about Condition Overload: While this looks fine and all, this is just a tiny part of the picture. Let's bring ALL the base damage into calculation: Old: (Base + Primed Pressure Point) x CO = (1 + 1.65) x 1.6n. New: Base + PPP + CO = 1 + 1.65 + 1.2 x n At 3 statuses you get half the damage, here's the table damage multiplier (times): Statuses Old CO New CO 1 4,24 3,85 2 6,78 5,05 3 10,85 6,25 4 17,37 7,45 5 27,79 8,65 6 44,46 9,85 7 71,14 11,05 Do you see a problem? 1 status - ok, we lost some damage 2 statuses - well, still manageable 3 statuses - nope 4 statuses - status builds, anyone? 5 statuses - dual wield? What's that? I would understand capping CO at 3 or 4 (quad to 6.55 damage), but this? Kills the mod.
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