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  1. There were another two issues with this: Certain looting abilities still stacked according to numerous tests, despite patchnotes telling us otherwise. Certain dumb grinds became worse with this change (think Mutagen Samples). I think your original thought process was a bit flawed: preventing loot abilities stacking didn't give players more choice, instead you took choice away As it was originally players had three major choices: take all the loot frames and try to loot every single corpse as much as possible, balance out lootframes and killframes (more bodies to loot - higher chance of getting loot, which is obvious), and third choice being ignore previous two choices and bring whatever they want/have. As a veteran player, I've been in all three scenarios, all three are valid and all depends on who you're playing with, how and what are you trying to get. After the change in Jovian Concord we effectively lost the first option (not quite, but that's no longer relevant): there was no longer any point in trying to bring more than one lootframe. This could have been fine, if not for one detail: drop rates weren't adjusted to accommodate for the change. This was, effectively, a nerf: the only change was negative from player's PoV with no positives. Given that reaction in the community, I think you can see how players received news of Mod Drop Chance booster, regardless of what intentions you had when implementing it. Other valid concern was how it would affect platinum sources for players, especially free-to-play and in newer players, who very often rely on farming and selling rare mods - this booster could severely change economy for them in a quarter or two, when veteran farmers would optimize using new booster and farm mods several times more efficiently. In the end, I'm glad the you guys decided to revert the change too looting abilities, however I'm still uncertain about the new booster.
  2. Hey, @[DE]Megan can I get a confirmation that this issue was noticed and added to the issue tracker? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, can someone take a look at Sacrifice Somachord Fragments? I think there is a bug there
  4. My clanmate told me that the whole Sacrifice had exactly one Somachord fragment for a while, which makes tones unobtainable, because according to Wiki:
  5. Talked to some people who have all of these fragments: The Sacrifice Somachord fragments are guaranteed to spawn if you don't have them scanned yet Fragments always spawn at the same spot Fragments were added to Sacrifice after its initial release I haven't touched The Sacrifice after its initial release, so I should have had 0 progress on fragments. I've ran that mission twice four times, but didn't get the fragment. What's the intended behavior?
  6. Hello, I've decided to catch up on Somachord scans and it looks like the first fragment is just not there. I'm referring to walkthrough on wiki and a random YouTube video but the fragment is just not there With the amount of Loot Radar I have I should've caught it if it was anywhere else, but it's nowhere to be found.
  7. Let's take a closer look at this change, shall we? It takes about 4000 pearls to get everything. It takes about 3000 pearls to get everything exclusive to this Tactical Alert. Let's do some math: let's assume it takes about 6 minutes per match, loading and wait times included 3000 pearls total, at 50 points per game = 60 games 6 min per game puts us at 6 hours total Now, a realistic killcount is around 30 kills per game, which is 30 additional points per game: 3000 pearls total, at 80 points per game = 38 games 6 min per game puts us at about 3 hours and 40 minutes Which is still a bit too much, but then again, you're getting one of every exclusive item. A bit more realistic scenario is getting the Palette, Sekhara, Sigil, Captura Scene and one of the expensive floofs, 2350 points total, which is about 32 games, a bit over 3 hours... much better but still too much. I honestly feel like getting everything (3k pearls) in this event should take players about 2 hours, any more than that would become tedious. But let's also address the elephant in the room: this change promotes kill-stealing, since you're getting pearls only for your kills and not for all team kills, and there are two ways around this issue: kills should award 2 pearls and assists should award 1 pearl or players should get bonus pearls equal to total team kills
  8. I bet you don't have 2FA on Steam either. Can I please have a link to your Steam account please? I really want all your games.
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