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  1. -Kittens-'s post in Gear for taking down a Level 5 Kuva Lich was marked as the answer   
    You want something that does continual damage in batS#&$ pulses or Burst ala Synapse, Phage or Flux Rifle (not the Tenet one which is about as meh a sidegrade as you can get), Brakk, K Nukor, Spectra Vandal and the hands down best melee because of stupid stupid DR is either karyst or venka on a butt standard CO build with a stance that barfs out slash procs like candy aka Stinging Thorn and Malicious Raptor.
    There nothing special about mods needed other than "does damage rapidly".
  2. -Kittens-'s post in Is Strun Wraith good? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, to a point. The Boar prime is an absolute upgrade in every category, but the strun's base stats are strong enough for the regular star chart though with the giant nerf steel path is a different story, even with the riven disposition.
  3. -Kittens-'s post in Skiajati with riven vs nikana prime was marked as the answer   
    Skj for red crit heavy attack build
    Nik prime with viral for blood rush hyper button mash builds
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