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  1. I done it for the riven, already got his hammer, but will re-do it a few times just for fun of smahing Wolf in the face yay!
  2. I dont see that alert O.o they dont show up in game for me iether
  3. I know I already posted it a few times, But since I am not alone: It would be great if they make Wolf spawn more than almost never it would be great. BTW I am saying not that for myself, I manged to get all wolf weapon parts, but its fun to fight him.
  4. Personally, I did not see any difference about Wolf's spawn rate at all, still abysmal as Day 1. The Feedback Forum is full of subject about it, but DE dont seem to care. All DE said is the spawn chance of Wolf of Saturn Six will progressively increase as the event progresses (Devstream #124 at 10:06) Ok....what is the spawn rate and how much they are increasing it??????? As I said, I didnt see any increase from day 1 if you ask me For my part, I am playing this game around 25~30 hours each week, I saw the Wolf 11(or 12?) times and he dropped a total of 5 parts of his hammer (2 BP, 2 handles and 1 head). (take note I didnt get any part until the 6th fight, and I traded a BP for the Motor) I consider myself lucky to be able to get these parts, however it took 6 weeks (150~180 hours) to met the Wolf 11 times. Even if I should not care anymore about Wolf, I was expecting to see him much more than 11 times in 6 weeks. I know some people almost didnt see him yet even after all this time.
  5. Personnally, I didnt noticed any diffenrence about Wolf spawn rate since the very begining. Still very abyssmal if you ask me. I managed to see him 11 times and got 2 BP and 2 Handles, so I was able to trade to get the other parts. However I played 25~30 hours each week. which I think is far too high. I mean, some of us have a life outside warframe: aka school or work (in my case full time job) or just other thing to do. I agree with this:
  6. ...Wolf of Satunr is less tanky but but it does not change the fact he almost never show himself... We are in the 6th week of this Nightwave thing, I saw that Wolf 8 times,
  7. Played around 10~ hours today to expect to see Wolf for a 5th time since the begining of the event that started 4 weeks ago finally saw him and for a 5th times I didnt get any of his weapon parts.. I know DE said wolf spawn rate would increase over the time, but yet very insulting that you have to spend many mnay hours to have a chance to fight that Wolf.
  8. Finally saw the Wolf for a 4th time since the begining of the event...got nothing for his hammer again. At this rate maybe, maybe I will get a part in july 2022....maybe
  9. Wolf's spawn rate is abysmal., I fought him 3 times. got nothing.
  10. For my part I would have named that forum: Wolf of I almost never spawn at all. I saw him 3 times since the the begining of this event, he didnt droped any of his weapon parts 😞
  11. They promised to increase Wolf spawn rate voer the time, I hope its true. Also hope that it will be a huge increase rate. its futarting te see that a few people say they saw him 4~5 a day, when I saw him 3 times since the begin of the event
  12. Since the beginging of the event I fought that Wolf only 3 times and got dump mods everytime. Hope his spawn rate will be much more higher than this.
  13. Wish that Wolf of saturn would appear more often, I saw him 1 time and he droped a dump mod, guess his melee will be hell to get
  14. KI'teer arrow sking still NOT fixed thank guys thnak. (since october) also the ?%?&%& 'X' to do everything made me lost mission reward: the 3 prisonner guiys appeared I took tehm took when I did X to capture them I 'got' back at same time on Kdriver well my point of view cause my frame was NOT on the kdrive. I was unable to leave that kdrive nor quitting the valley via door had too give up mission which made me loss that ?T%?&%&% Kdrive affinity boring to get.
  15. As alway still NOT fixed!!!! Well you ever fix it or I got to spam it everywhere??????????
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