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  1. they should remove the 24 hour waiting time between MR testes. thats Really annoying when you got to wait if you fail (or succed). Failel MR30 because miss last jump to activate the last thing to finish the test. I dont see the point of that dump 24 hours waiting. specially when you did everything else in the game....
  2. Anyone got screenshots of possible locations of clues, it been like an hour of slowwwwwwllllllyy walking around not finding my final f*cking evidence and itsd not fun at all
  3. Each nightwaves sncecrime had the same huge issue: the headache it give only by walking in it X.x
  4. Scintilant marked as common reward in t2 bounties: Got 4 xaku head which is uncommon and the only one scintilant I ever got was from the mech in the vault... Really wish to know the drop rate of bounties rewards...
  5. Need 5 Scintillants to build new framw, can' t even get one.....
  6. I got my the hand cannon after 4 hours or so, my brother is still waiting for his 😞 my personal thought about your ''breaking record'' about people watching the live. pretty sure most was there only for the hand cannon. so I am very not impressed by that record and I think DE intentionally give a new weapon to get viewers. On the good side tho, you are giving updates about the whole situation.
  7. You kinda blaming people for NOT watching the live, just a reminder, even if they thing was ''heavily'' advertised, I noticed it on last minute on the news menu in-game. 2: you seem to forget about timezones, some people said for them the live started at 2AM, so probably missiing it. 3: a 5 hour window to claim the reward is unfair, not everyone are available at the time, dont forget we are not all kids/teens living in their mom's home basement 4: the people who watching it yet didnt got it either Yes, it will probably comeback it the game in a way, but when?, like in a few weeks
  8. Its easy to say that, however: ---->timezones<-------, some people said for them the stream went from 2am to 7am, so big chances they were going to miss it. Its truly unfair the give an exclusive thing that gives Mastery XP that way. For my part, I started wathing the stream at 13h30~ and finaly got the weapon at 17h30. so yay for me But, My twin had to create a twitch account and link it, he finally joined the live at 14h30~ , now its around 21h50 and he didnt got it yet.
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