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  1. Is there any updates regarding current thoughts and developments on vaubans rework?
  2. The idea of vauban with a raknoid army and orb steed fills me with a joy I never knew I needed.
  3. Perhaps we could hear some of y'alls current thoughts and ideas for that vauban rework you mentioned last time? ouo
  4. could do what they did with gara, make them available for purchase before the quest was fully done IF the update is not doable this week
  5. impact proc is just the stagger, impact dmg is actually hurting the enemy and also able to proc the stagger.
  6. It deals impact procs, but not not impact dmg. it's a pure radiation weapon.
  7. arca IS a shotgun. it fires plasma slugs (a type of shotgun round) and uses shotgun MODS Phantasma is a BEAM weapon, it fires a constant beam of damage and chews through ammo very fast (which is why people have said the magazine is bad). and uses shotgun MODS.
  8. Leave him be, he doesn't understand that beams and shotguns are completely different v-v
  9. nobody is saying to change their mod type. you are misunderstanding.
  10. arca plasmor is a slug style shotgun. opticore is a BFG laser. quanta is a constant damage laser. Beam weapons are already regarded as their own type of weapon, they just dont have a custom mod type. Weapon FUNCTION determines what a weapon is, weapon MODS determine what mods the weapon scales off of. not once did I say they should be lumped together, simply that for a laser those stats are not great.
  11. it's more like an ignis with shotgun mods, not an actual shotgun with pellets.
  12. except it has a fire rate of 12 and is beam based not bullet based. it will be reloading every 2 seconds.
  13. radiation that procs impact, just, a lot more radiation damage by far.
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