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  1. Many of us are aware that the PS5 has been announced, but what does this mean for Warframe? Most likely, the game will continue to exist on the new console, but one feature I'd really like to see and would appreciate is account migration from the console over to PC. I'm aware that the PC version of Warframe is ahead when it comes to updates, but it's not like both PC and PS4 versions of the game have to be synchronize to perform such a task. It's simply converting one account into a different system. We know that the PlayStation is strict when it comes to cross-play, but migrating an account has nothing to do with that concept at all since the genre "Cross-play" basically means "A game in which users can play all together from across different platforms." I've been playing Warframe on the PS4 for 4 years now, and after working so hard to earn a gaming PC, I had hoped that Warframe would have the option of converting accounts over different platforms like how it did years ago from PC over to PS4 and Xbox. Perhaps is we discuss more about the topic, this will catch the eyes of the developers and allow them to take such into consideration.
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