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  1. Play once a day one of the past event with connected reward.
  2. Would be so easy to incentivate the upgrade of a necramech: just add a QoL every forma installed. Like for example the first forma adds the vacuum. The second forma adds minimaps. Third forma removes stamina, etc. Mine are just example, feel free to change order and utilities. Necramech at the moment is really less appealing compared to a warframe power and agility at least give it the same utilities or doubled to justify the player's choice. For example I can decide to use a necramech instead of a warframe for the double loot radius or for a 50% more drop chance from enemies killed by the nec
  3. Yes, I agree because it needs to be Einstein to notice that once you applied this firma you have still have mod full mod capacity. Of course there would be still people leaving some slot empty and going to level their warframe no matter if is still maxed..... Come on be serious! If you don't like the idea just don't interact in the post with this kind of argument. It is a really empty answer like mine now but sometime I can't stop my hands.
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