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  1. At this point, just let us in. I've been dying to farm exploiter and already scanned hashe.
  2. The glyph was yesterday's. The scanning one is today's. They also removed sortie seasons. Let's not forget raids either. This may be the first weekly rotation but it's more of the same for veterans: do challenges and then wait for more.
  3. There is 1 daily. The one that rewards 1k standing. Rest are weekly. After you do the weekly and dailies, you're pretty much out of luck and just waiting for the next cycle. Also quick maths have been done and basically if you miss just a few weeklies you are kinda boned from getting the max tier.
  4. There is one daily challenge, rest are weekly. You get 37k if you do every challenge that week. If you miss a few weekly challenges you are kinda boned. You literally cannot get to tier 30 without capturing 10s of thousands of fugitives to make up for it. And the wolf is the namesake of the nightwave. He should be rewarding to kill. I suck at explaining with words but if you can't get the last tier if you have a life, it's not that great.
  5. 3 can spawn at once. They spawn purely from rng and aren't that common from experience. They only give 50 standing each. 50 standing each. That's 150 standing IF you can capture all 3 of them due to bugs. You need 10k to rank up at all. If you only captured fugitives you would need 2000 to rank up. They spawn infrequently enough that they should actually be worth capturing. I'm not saying they should be worth 10k each. I'd say maybe 750 each. That's 2.25k standing for 3 captured. That's a respectable amount to capture 3 fugitives. Now the wolf himself. He has next to no point of fighting him after getting his weapon. I suggest to add a guaranteed amount of standing (Im thinking 5k) and some wolf creds to incentivize actually farming these instead of only doing challenges. I also think either more dailies should be added or have their rep gain increased. Though unlikely to happen, if you only do the daily challenges you would only have progressed 7 ranks over the 10 week period.
  6. Great job man. I was wondering what would happen if you sold all your warframes, and I assume you would get SUIT.
  7. Wasn't the whole thing at the end of Vox Solaris is that Nef would stop repossessions? Also Solaris are cool looking but uh head in my torso is a no thanks. Cetus probably is kinda humid and there's nothing cool there. So I guess duviri or something
  8. Cats, Dogs, And Rats I can't do music for the life of me so I'll just put this here.
  9. Who is him? Not Rell, Ordis, or anybody else we've seen. I think him is Test Subject 9.
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