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  1. You don't know what they do when you're offline
  2. 1. That's amp ammo, the circle dude is the energy. 2. Agree 3. Don't mind 4. Aim better next time
  3. Sounds fun. Knight could be Excal Queen could be Lotus King could be Teshin or something Priest thing could be Harrow Pawn could be something. I don't play much chess
  4. Should be Iron Wake or something because CoH requires TWW
  5. Okay, how about a quest frame that's a prime but will never have a regular version?
  6. The Maw does in fact have to travel a distance, so try running when it's far away. If this is the first Maw encounter you just have to make sure you run at the right time. If it's the second time, then dash into the air to get more distance from your dash. Also, it might help if you got some rest before doing the quest. It took me awhile to get through that part and it was 2 AM for me and I was kinda tired.
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