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  1. If the host leaves squad after completing the mission, all the clients will recieve a mission failure and be taken back to fortuna. I dont have time to play the game but seeing as it's Easter I thought I'd catch up. Big mistake, i just keep wasting my time as i keep getting a failure mission. Double resources complete failure and waste of plat for boosters. Compensation please.
  2. What is the player count of the Edilon runs compared to Raids? Are we at around the same level or is Eidilon runs so much better? When will we have our fun raids back with DE hosted games? Lots of tenno miss having that social aspect of them and way less visual cancer compared to Eidilons imo. What kind of features will rail jack bring? Will this be something much deeper than what was shown? For example will clans be able to design and build their own ships? Have to constantly move from planet to planet as the various factions try to search and destroy? The ship essentailly maybe be our dojo and need to protect? Maybe introduce various security features and have clan members, their pets/moas help defend our flying dojo mothership from severe destruction? No point writing more as nothing ever read out 🙂
  3. Raids? All I want to know about. Other systems will be out in a few years so no point asking, like the super gun for example 🙂
  4. I think you have the date wrong 😄 im sure we are not on the 24th any more 😄
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