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  1. It's basically those big ships you see fly in the air and deploy the enemies for you to fight. If you have a weapon that can easily one shot the ship or pick out the enemies that are on the ship like aoe effects or sniper rifles to take them out, you can find plenty of these on the plains of eidolon while doing the bounty missions, just pay attention to the sky
  2. That is an intriguing idea! Doesn't require too much resources and seems simple enough for DE to implement in their next patch 🙂 However i would also be happy if they removed the blocked off area around it to begin with! Quite a passionate distaste i have for such.
  3. Ofcourse, i've implied that they could keep the restriction, just simply lower the size of it to just be where the doors meet when it's opening and closing
  4. Indeed i can agree with you on that one... With a but! I've been clipping through rooms and making some super cool "outside" areas by clipping through the map for years now, at that i don't see why they'd keep limitations to prevent less creativity near our pretty doors. I wouldn't mind if they changed it so it just blocks decorations from being in two rooms at once (meaning clipping through the door). The only demand i'm asking for is to just remove the annoying invisible decoration block that are in front of all of the doors, since it really limits how much we can transform the insides of our dojo rooms. To make it more fitting; they could even add custom interiors! Such as customizable doors in it's form/pattern/texture and use vignettes on our dojo rooms. Hell how about a customizable aquarium with that too! Also to answer your question: Yea, i'm sure that's what it was for at least. Simply that they made the decoration restriction box a bit too big for my tastes and many others as well. I'll even bet 30 plat that more than 95% of dojo decorators dislike this decoration block in front of doors, whether it leads to a dead end or not. Not that it ruins our decorating experience, just that it's a nuisance to work around with!
  5. As a person who loves to think up of ideas to decorate rooms in a dojo; Do you want to know what i really Hate about it? Let me set an example of such: When you think you've perfectly placed those decorations and made it look all cool and fancy, but then you realise something strange that would eventually end up becoming a frustrating color to constantly have appear. So shall i explain it in rhymes? For il Sough our pain lit and din. You see red engulfing the held decor, true to be insulting your felled deplore. "Why oh why, so wry i be." Place a pace, you trace the brace. "The door, the door! Such a sore to bore!" The hatch reddened the vase, a patch you threatened to lace. Your workaround had left it be, a sour turnaround had cleft my glee. "The point of limitations? a flagrant joint i say!" "Here i pout our piddle, my drought flowered a twiddle." "The name's Leno. So fellow Tenno hear out my complaint, after all; our freedom is my great request!" Write down your thoughts in the comments down below, and hopefully in time, we shall receive our freedom at last! Freedom for all to create without friggin door limitations. Lastly, thank you the reader for reading. I hope to see this become a reality so that i may do some really neat stuff near doors without it turning red when i'm trying to get creative 😄
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