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  1. TheoAurigae

    Virtuos Creation (Amp Arcane Concept)

    I felt like the task of hoping into operator, shooting enough stacks, hoping back in, and then meleeing would be enough to lessen its effectiveness. I just want an amp that shoots pure death by creation into enemies. I want my operator to be able to do high level combat again.
  2. I had an idea with the release of the new amp arcanes recently, what if as one of the rewards from say The New War our operators get an arcane that deals every IPS/Status proc? This would be a total of 14 procs. In order to make it fair, it would need to nerf the amps total damage so I was thinking ((Damage/48)*14). The reason for these number is that its a quater of the damage then divided by the amount of status procs (condition overload multipliers) then multiplied by status damage types. This would turn the Tier 2 Fortuna primary from 600 to 175 but allow it to fire all 14 procs (IPS, base status, combo status, and void). My reasoning for this coming with The New War is its the reverse of a sentient. Where sentients negate, creation forms. I would love any input so I can try to write up a proposal to DE about this.
  3. At this time Magus Husk when paired with Basilisk Scales provides 71.43% DR, while Firewall provides 75%. The difference between the two arcanes is that one is always there while the other takes a total of 18 seconds to generate all the DR particles. During this 18 seconds the life span for each particle is ticking down, with the first only living a little over half its intended lifespan. I would like if the particles charge time were decreased by two seconds so at max it would be six seconds to charge every particle. On top of this, in order to give it a reason to use over Husk I also propose that the damage reduction increases with each rank. Starting at R0 with 7.5% per particle, R1 would be 10%, R2 would be 12.5% and lastly R3 would provide 15%. This would allow the operator to have a reduction of 90% which decreases 15% for every time it prevents damage.
  4. TheoAurigae

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    1. Will operators get anything with Orb Vallis? 2. Will focus get a change for that? 3. Can Operators use more arcanes due to lack of mods? 4. What happened to our new hair?
  5. After mastering every focus school I feel I can happily apply for this casting call. Here is my operator right after finishing his final school. Hood down Hood up
  6. TheoAurigae

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.3

    So the kiteer operator gear is still red on black colors and blue on white colors when the main is the oposite...
  7. TheoAurigae

    Coming Soon: Devstream #96!

    With the approaching of PoE and with it Tenno Armor, will we have the opportunity to place syandanas on our operators any time soon? Also for those of us who enjoy our operators current outfits, will there be an option to hide the armor, or perhaps still see portions of our suits under the armor?
  8. TheoAurigae

    Last Post Wins

    Very nice
  9. TheoAurigae

    Last Post Wins

    Win what?
  10. If there is still space for another Tenno I would love to join your clan. My ign is TheoAurigae. Thank you in advance.