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  1. Even the cat_lady_frame has more armor than this wimp. I understand that Kora is a bit less effective at CC, but she deals quite a decent ammount of damage as well. Vauban does almost nothing. Either increase his armor please, or give him defensive 2nd ability instead of current one and make balls switching by holding key 1 PS. And think about making some of his augments to be exilus compatible. Actualy, not only Vauban's, but for Ash, Valkyr, Atlas and so on. At least some of their augments.
  2. SlicerGT

    18gb patch?

    There is something wrong with your game files i guess
  3. SlicerGT

    Add 3h boosters for 15p to market

    I usualy buy a 3-day boosters on holidays and farm kuva as much as i can. Because than im getting sick of them. This time i bought 30 days booster, but this is because of the event.
  4. SlicerGT

    It's beyond time to fix relic RNG.

    I just want better chances to get Axi S3. It should be at Rotation B as well
  5. SlicerGT

    How do you make some big plats?

    Mostly by selling riven mods or vaulted frames, weapons. You can trade syndicate weapons, mods or parts too. Or you can go to orokin ruins to find some rare mods in vault rooms (dont know they called in english vesion) like Heavy Caliber, but you need a key for this and a team. But good riven mods usualy cost a lot of plat, so this is a best way to get it
  6. SlicerGT

    Veteran Players & Exclusivity

    Program is still a program, you buy this items for real money like others did. On the other hand, of course people were kinda forced to pay 60 dollars (right ?) for a whole pack to get one specific item, but this is exact reason why everyone wants it to be separate. Well, DE can leave old prime packs as they are, allowing us to buy only new packs separately, however, Id like this to be universal change. Everyone will benefit from this, you can buy new stuff separately and spare less cash, new players could pay old stuff as well and DE can earn more because more people will be able to spent less amount of money to buy something exclusive instead of spending 60 bucks for a pack that on 50% consists of things that you dont need considering it is a free to play game. It still remains to be a timed exclusive as i understood. These items could be availiable later, but it could be one or three years later. Even if we could buy any of them, is it so bad ?
  7. SlicerGT

    No more Rift sigil awe

    I got mine a long time ago and almost never equipped it) It looks nice of course, but... nothing mindblowing. And there are still people who missed this event or completely new players who dont have it... Who knows, maybe next rift sigil tactical alert will only appear few years later. I like this kind of things and understad what you are saying, but rift sigil is not that big deal in my opinion.
  8. Exactly. Current system is obviously better.
  9. SlicerGT

    AXI S3 Relic drop rate is too low.

    At the moment when they will fix this I will be tired to death of Void missions. I already feel exausted. So many time wasted, but no results. Screw this. Better to farm more kuva
  10. Believe me, it is a lot better than spending 20 forma on 1 warframe only just for a proper build variations. And lets not forget about 20 lvling ups.
  11. SlicerGT

    nyx/rhino prime low relic drop rate

    The problem here is that Axi S3 dops in Rotation C only, when previously we were able to farm these type of relics on Sedna-Berehynia, for example, which includes Axi relics in both rotation B and C. That is why it is so ridiculously rare. Ive asked about 60 people in the game today, how much Axi S3 they got from start of this event and most of them told 0 or 1 (like me)
  12. SlicerGT

    Chances to get Axi S3 are miserable

    Maybe you got them from previous event ?
  13. SlicerGT

    nyx/rhino prime low relic drop rate

    With current drop rate right now for me it sounds like i have to live 2 months (taking breaks only to eat or sleep) in this game to obtain about 20 Axi S3. And it is not a fact that i will get something useful from tham later. I only got one in 3 days. Other relics are fine. But this one. Ugh..
  14. SlicerGT

    Chances to get Axi S3 are miserable

    Ive been playing for 3 days mostly on Mithra and Aten, wasted ~500k syndicate rep and got only 1 (ONE) Axi S3. How much you got, people ? What do you think about it ?
  15. SlicerGT

    Thank you DE for releasing a new prime mod

    If only i had this prime mod a week earlier. Sold a top Dual Cestra riven with a penalty to reload speed wich was about 7 painful seconds