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  1. SlicerGT

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Any plans for changing melee riven disposition ?
  2. SlicerGT

    AXI S3 Relic drop rate is too low.

    At the moment when they will fix this I will be tired to death of Void missions. I already feel exausted. So many time wasted, but no results. Screw this. Better to farm more kuva
  3. SlicerGT

    nyx/rhino prime low relic drop rate

    The problem here is that Axi S3 dops in Rotation C only, when previously we were able to farm these type of relics on Sedna-Berehynia, for example, which includes Axi relics in both rotation B and C. That is why it is so ridiculously rare. Ive asked about 60 people in the game today, how much Axi S3 they got from start of this event and most of them told 0 or 1 (like me)
  4. SlicerGT

    nyx/rhino prime low relic drop rate

    With current drop rate right now for me it sounds like i have to live 2 months (taking breaks only to eat or sleep) in this game to obtain about 20 Axi S3. And it is not a fact that i will get something useful from tham later. I only got one in 3 days. Other relics are fine. But this one. Ugh..
  5. I dont have it, but this is a good idea. Sounds logical. Actualy, this should be done already. It is kinda nobrainer thing.
  6. SlicerGT

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.8

    Please fix clients stuck bug after the host migration in Void fissure mode
  7. How about that everything will stay the same, but every 10-20-30 minutes kuva station will give bigger ammounts of kuva, like 1k-2k-3k or something (more or less) ? So, you will be rewarded, but you need to stay another 10 minutes to get it. Until then, 200 kuva per station