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  1. well to be correct the first shot of kuva kohm has 90 base status then the consequential shots will have the status chance divided for the number of pellets and the number of pellets of a fully spooled kuva kohm is 12 meaning 7.5 status when fully spooled up still agree tigris prime needs a buff...the base kohm, a mr5 market weapon S#&$s out damage quite hard. if i were a new player and i knew that with hell i would waste (currently on wf-market) 45-50 p on a tigris prime set when kohm is easier, cheaper to get and even stronger
  2. inaros is a mummy... the revive passive is thematically cool but thats it, i wish he had something that has an use when i play rather when i get downed. But really why would I or anyone use sarcophagus which is slow and situational (you need enemies around you), scales terribly (75 true damage x second is bad) when i can: a) wait for a teammate to revive me b) just use a revive c) bring a vaska kavat d) bring djinn with the sacrifice/reawaken combo e) git gud. Dessication is a great ability which doesnt needs any change. (except the augment really needs
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