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  1. heres my take nukers arent broken the issue is the fact that many defense missions rely on killing enemies rather than defending the objective see hydron-io-helene-every defense map really and excavations requires total cc lock see any excavation mission where enemies reached a lvl high enough to onehit excavators when those missions will be adjusted to make cc frames be useful then people will pick cc frames more often btw saryn is broken and i tell this as saryn player not some saryn hater
  2. just go on with the star chart you will find the stuff you need however for nitain you need to complete nightwave challenges, then you open nightwave screen, you get wolf cred from there, then you open the nightwave store and you get nitain from there, dont even think about farming sabotage caches for nitain its just a massive waste of time for nanospores, just reach saturn, thats it for orokin cells, you find those on ceres, saturn and derelict, you can drop them from enemies or cell arrays which are special containers that contain up to 2 orokin, sargas ruk usually drop one, if phorid is on saturn he drops them too
  3. hold my kripath...and swing it against groups of baddies for big damage if you got no kripath, i believe this is the best combo, cyath provides good damage with good slash procs, shtung is the heaviest grip with biggest damage, ekwana jai II provides a balance for shtung, making the weapon have good damage and good attack speed, 14% cc is good enough for blood rush, and 25% status is good because on an hybrid you want to many and reliable status procseffects for condition overload
  4. play with 3 people to enhance spawn possibility, wait 4 minutes each.
  5. you can sell imprints along literally every item that can be traded in here https://warframe.market/ except unveiled rivens
  6. i forgot about the existence of that mod, i dont use arca plasmor. and for the other crit shotguns i prefer having flat cc of blunderbuss but for plasmor laser sights seems the best choice
  7. first no point on low attack speed on a status weapon
  8. maybe this, corrosive good against ferrite armor/ infested ancients, radiation good against alloy armor/elemental proc will turn infested against each other so the group with an healer that get radprocced will stop give dmg reduction/heal to other infested, heat good against cloned flash/infested for corpus switch elementals to get a lot of gas, the gas damage tick is toxin, it scales with the toxin damage portion on weapon and toxin damage bypasses shields + innate pt of weapon + ability to him many enemies together is good for gas, also more toxin mods = higher toxin damage on gas proc, innate radiation is still good against machinery (moas + ospreys) if you need utility use the cold mod that gives reload speed i guess edit: instead of blaze you may want to use scattering inferno for more reliable status procs
  9. lets say you are from u.s and you want to play with someone living in france. expect lag lets say you live in California and you want to play with someone living in Texas. Expect no lag unless the host has potato internet connection
  10. whats the big deal, the slash ticks from ult or her first ability? her ult combined with her first? however you cant just write some stuff like: and pretend to be taken seriously, you need to explain stuff in detail, your point was garuda is strong against wolf, but you didn't explain why she's strong against wolf, and then you wrote 2 things that are meaningless to the title of your post, (also this is the players helping players section, you are supposed to ask questions in here)
  11. use archweapon modded with crit and radiation to deal with wolf
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