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  1. my take on valkyr rework passive: attack speed buff that stacks with enemies killed up to 30% and at 55% knockdown recovery, you need to kill 5 people to fully stack the buff, last 30 seconds before expiring (gives range up to 2 meters to valkyr talons 1: ripline is now: a toggled abilty that is a stacking buff stat gives generic damage boost up to 100% stacks with strength it doesnt drain energy x second but you need to kill enemies to stack the buff, lasts 30 sec before expiring 2:warcry: toggled ability that doesnt drain energy x second but needs to be stacked like ripline, gives attack speed 30%(scales with power strength) and stacking damage reduction up to 40% (scales with power strength up to max 85%) 3: paralysis: unchanged 4: hysteria: no more invulnerability, gives 13% damage reduction, no more drain but has a set duration, talons gain range that stacks with the number of enemies killed and 10% life steal valkyr talons get a 15% status chance buff
  2. Sharkgoblin


    i will check out that augment that would be helpful i get in missions where i manage to not finish my energy ...maybe its because i threw an arcane energize in there, in another build i removed augur reach for rage it works so i think imma stick with that build. still dont like the energy drain, i mean ember needs that ability to make her other abilities to work properly and gain some survivability
  3. Sharkgoblin


    can you remove that energy drain thing from her 2, its really obnoxious and doesn't contribute to anything. if my energy doesn't get depleted by the passive from her 2 then it will get depleted anyways because i'm using her third ability to stop the energy drain and then 5 second later energy starts bleeding again mind that i run max efficiency + rage or max efficiency + primed flow oh and what about removing that min damage - max damage thing with the charge time from her fireball. why not making the ability always do full damage.
  4. i gave the cat 5 vasca curatives in 5 different missions and yes i always hit the cat directly with the damn thing, infact after using the vasca the red S#&$e disappeared just to come back in the orbiter
  5. i like to use regular frames even if i have the prime variant of it 🤷‍♂️
  6. kuva twin basolk kuva miter kuva argonak kuva vulkar kuva twin vipers kuva hek
  7. you should be able to swap from electricity to toxin with the valence union thing
  8. its fine now, theres is nothing to complain about anymore really
  9. i use bullet jump mods such as lightning dash, ice spring, toxic flight and firewalker on volt, frost, saryn, volt and ember, etc for example and i have yellow energy color but the energy color of the lightning dash visual effect is blue. wouldn't be aesthetically more pleasant to have these mods to replicate the energy color used on the frame rather than having a fixed energy color that would contrast with the energy color of the frame?
  10. Grendel sucks (sorry for blunt opinion but i cant find any real use for him) Hydroid is good for 1 thing which is tentacle swarm w augment Nyx assimilate should be default not an augment, nyx 2 should be aoe, nyx 1 should be tweaked a bit banshee silence stun is too short and enemies can easily detect you anyways valkyr instead of 2 defensive abilities should have 1, her 4th could use some status chance her first should simply be removed with something else like, first is a buff to damage and attack speed, second cc, third damage reduction up to 90%, 4th exalted claws
  11. no seriously i hate that damn stagger at the end of broken bull
  12. can u remove the stagger from the forward animation on cleaving whirlwind i didn't like spin to win with whips, staves and polearms but i can see myself spin to fun with a galatine prime from start mission to extraction using gauss, wisp, volt or valkyr without having the combo interrupted every 5 rotations
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