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  1. when i started out i had a mk1 braton a lato and a mk1 bo and mag in the pve but what i mean is that i found several people with mr 0-1-2 with only skana
  2. the operator used the last strength he had to control the frame and remove the sword from his chest
  3. then what is this thing with mr 0-1 with only skana equipped? im not joking i encountered excalibuts-volts-mags with only a skana what it this a new tendence between newbies?
  4. of course a player that wants to use bows should do that what i meant is: the very first equipment provided you by the game its just frame + skana the suggestion was to at least add a braton and a lato to this very first loadout provided by the game its the third time and probably more i found a mr 0-1 with nothing but skana equipped then they get killed a couple of times "wow everyone has a rifle which i dont have ofc i get killed" then they leave
  5. first why do i have a mr 0 with only a skana equipped im typhoon second why do people which start out the first time get only equipped with a damn skana do a better starter conclave equipment a braton a lato a bo "but htey can change the equipment themself" well apparently in the ocean of menus in warframe the mr 0 dude doesnt know how to get to the conclave loadout and simply join thinking to go with the pve equipment dont put bows or other crap that are hard to aim its no use for soemone starting out, for example i cant aim for S#&$ im typhoon mr27 some rhino main manbaby joined after and burned teh dude alive with a ignis about 4 times before this poor soul finally got enough and left ignore config names im quite salty rn
  6. same For me miter too and ogris and zarr and tonkor, adn twin vipers and single viper and karak and drakgoon, and twin rogga and machete. And twin basolk and twin krohkur, single krohkur too, also buzlok, ack&brunt, brakk. Probably nothing else damn i have a lot to farm
  7. I collect rivens for garbage weapons 💩💩💩💩 kinda need to put my hands on a baguette rifle riven
  8. if i could equip that nikana skin on my sepfahn zaw nikana i would reinstall the steam and the steam version of the game just to buy it.
  9. no one should ever farm nitain from sabotage missions, unless you want get nauseated by the game
  10. real melee players use empowered blades
  11. DE worked on unreal, unreal tournament ut2003 and ut2004... I think the bad ai of enemies and index bots its intentional
  12. what about very strong bots unreal tournaments bots (i played 2004 and ut3) and counter strike source bots on high difficulty were no joke
  13. good morning its not easy to find players having to rely on other people to get my standing its annoying see for k drive i didn't have to rely on others to do my grind for conclave i managed to reach typhoon but it took a lot of time i believe having bots would be good for conclave, would make people be interested in playing maybe? i already said that but: in case you dont know you can only gain standing with game set to public so you cant really abuse bots friends only, clan only, alliance only doesnt make you gain standings only public matchmaking makes you gain standings you make me load in and play with bots then if someone shows up good if no one shows up at least i can grind anyways let me finish my grind godamit
  14. you add bots so you can get some standings, when someone join one of the bots go away, since the standign can be earned only with game set in public you cant even make a custom lobby with only bots coz you would earn nothing btw do you want to do lunaro challenges this time its like 10k easy standigns we do challenges then we play normally and then its done in less than 10 mins
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