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  1. as explained before the connection is p2p. pub will try to connect you with the best ping possible but not guaranteed. p2p is peer to peer you are not connected to the wf server but to another player. if your host cannot maintain the connection then you will be disconnected.
  2. the problem is not wether the player can defeat the next 5 rounds but the problem is they are leaving on the last second on the timer. thus making you stay on the level alone for next 5 rounds. my tip always be ready to press abort on the last second
  3. unless there is a massive outcry where the first 5pages of the forum.talks about this topic then DE wont consider it. just saying... Now there.are.ways to do AH without the so called effects you mentioned are from happening. like only showing items when the player is actively online, still applying tax and trade count limitations, removing player items in ah for a while if the player is detected as inactive or afk.
  4. then you can put it in ah as 500p just like in trade chat it will be ignored. trade chat is vulnurable to scammers overpricing on new players and giving them a bad experience.
  5. actually there is a toggle for operator chat. just add the toggle when you start the mission. turning it on mid mission. but seriously how hard it is to toggle off the operator chat before replaying.
  6. funny how DE asked the question "Are you prepared?" when the community have been waiting for it a loooong looong time ago.
  7. I like the idea, maybe allow to invite other player into your crib and have your own trading station there?
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