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  1. Thanks for the help. I just posted a ticket. Lets hope it gets solved. I'm not losing a 5 % drop rate item on a mob that hardly appears...
  2. So 5 minutes ago the shadow stalker appeared and dropped the smoking body ephemera. 5 seconds later a host migration happened and the mission failed. (returned to the ship & message to continue appeared). Can I get the drop the game decided to deny me getting the moment it dropped please ? Can't provide screenshots cuz it happened in under a minute...
  3. Can you make Rhino not lose iron skin when he enters and leaves archwing mode in the Plains? Just like Nezha does. It's kinda annoying having to recast it everytime I leave archwing,
  4. My game still crashes at random after the buried debts patch.
  5. Biostorm147

    Game crash

    After the Buried Debts patch my game started crashing randomly. Three times during an Eidolon fight , 2 times in sorties . The screen freezes for 1 second and game just crashes. I haven't seen any crashes before ( I have 1000+ hours in this game) until the last update. Anyone else having this kind of problems?
  6. The EEE combos should be replaced with the quick attack ones. And a personal annoyance : have you ever tried firing a redeemer shot while being fired at by more than 5 enemies? It's almost impossible since you're locked in blocking all the shots animation. Disable the primary weapon zoom toggle when you're in melee mode and replace it with the old bullet blocking stance.
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