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  1. Go home DE, you're drunk. It's way too early for april fools jokes.
  2. How have the Devs not noticed this by now and done nothing about it? Frankly, I expected better from DE..
  3. This whole campaign was a giant mess filled with false advertising and abysmal drop rates. I feel like I JUST got scammed. I've come to accept the fact that I'll just never have Nidus, i'm for sure not farming for him, as i've heard the quest is a pain, and the actual farming for his parts bit is an even bigger pain.
  4. Drops have stopped, i'm no longer seeing the "Drops Enabled" text at the bottom of livestream windows. Welp, this entire campaign was a huge farce. Best thing I got from this was the Nitain, as I can always use more of that stuff; so thanks for that I guess.
  5. Same boat. Just today, I got 12 drops through watching a streamer the entire day. 6 credit drops 2 Nitain 3 Glyph Displays 1 Khora Alt-Helm BP Got everything else except what I wanted. I mean, yay, thanks for the free items, but seriously DE, if the chances for the good stuff is so ungodly low, then don't f u c k i n g advertise them on the front page. How about listing the drop chances while you're at it?
  6. I said it once and I'll say it again. I REALLY hope that players will be gifted atleast one of these warframes (slot and catalyst included), if for any reason, just as an apology from DE for how unbelievably appalling these drop rates for items we actually WANT are/as an apology for a lot of people who are not even so much as getting drops at all.
  7. Sure DE, I mean, thanks for giving us free stuff, but for gods sake fix these abysmal drop rates of items we actually WANT, as they're way too low.
  8. I can atone to that. Consistent drops (about 23 at this point), but all of them are either Fireworks or the 7.5k Credits....unfortunately.
  9. THEY DON'T CARE!? DE doesn't care about this farce and the butt-load of problems going on with it!? WHAT THE HELL!?
  10. Everyone better just be given Nidus and Khora as compensation because of all the god forsaken problems/bugs and other crap running rampant in this "campaign"... Yes, yes, people will hate me for saying that, complain that it'd be "unfair to those that already farmed them", but come on, honestly I think of it as only fair because of all the problems everyone's having
  11. So in a sense, you can technically say that DE is breaking Twitch's Community Guidelines?
  12. I'm starting to wonder if DE knows this thread exists or are even aware of the problems that people are having. :thonking:
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