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  1. HansLuft778

    Login crash

    Some more information about that would be helpful. When exactly do this happen? What did you try to fix it?
  2. HansLuft778

    Nitro on Discord - REVERENCE PACK

    did you try that?:
  3. HansLuft778


    I am not sure if that works on console, but you can hold the map button to get a bigger sized map. In the buttom right corner you can see an indicator which shows the temperatur.
  4. HansLuft778

    [Warframe Concept] Singarus, The Gravity Warframe

    Oh, okay. Got it 😄
  5. HansLuft778

    [Warframe Concept] Singarus, The Gravity Warframe

    Yeah, cause DE does not accept unsolicited material. But the idea itself sounds pretty nice, but a bit strong, isn't it? 😄 I mean 1600 true damage every 2 seconds on a 35 meter radius can pretty much nuke most so the defense maps in some seconds (without mods). All in all I would like to see a frame like this in the game ^^
  6. HansLuft778

    What Archgun for the Profit-Taker Orb?

    I would use the velocitus. Mod it with radiation dmg, all the crit, multishot and damage mods. You can Basically oneshot everything.
  7. HansLuft778

    What Damage Combo's for Taking Down Big Dudes?

    Always corrosive, on melees viral but that's my own preference.
  8. HansLuft778

    Support Ticket

    just be patient, and do not create a second support ticket! That would only slow the process down.
  9. HansLuft778

    Verteidigung ohne Gegner spawn

    Soweit ich das weiß muss ich dir leider sagen das du in dem Falle pech gehabt hast. Der Support kann selten bzw gar nicht (?) verlorene rewards wieder herstellen.
  10. HansLuft778

    What time does the "Today's Special" kitgun reset?

    It should be 9 pm ET.
  11. A scoliac slam attack can slam teammates off the board, compared with wukongs iron vault augment you can slam them in a 40 meter radius. 😊
  12. HansLuft778

    where is my mods ?

    you probably sold all of your mods as you started your break. I guess no one can help you with that. You should also keep in mind that your codex do not show the count of mods, only the mods you already have collected.
  13. HansLuft778

    Looking to buy

    I wish you good luck, but as a small hint: umbral intesify is not tradable ^^
  14. HansLuft778

    K-drive mastery questions

    Me and a friend didn't get the xp. Another friend of mine says he got xp... Wierd
  15. That definitely does not sound illegal, but the problem should be the fact that you try to change a file, which is not allowed as you mentioned.