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  1. I left my ship in heavy fire with a lich defender and 2 engineers on board. Breach popped a few times but they fixed it easily. So yeah. It works. The main objective in corpus veil also just stops outside combat en general. So no issues at all while doing those.
  2. Honestly I just jumped straight into Veil, landing me a hefty plating that brought me over my original values. If you go solo, get command to 8 to get a lich on defense. at that point you can pretty much run the other two crew with what you need. like with 2 on repair I could just leave my ship in the middle of the swarm breaches got fixed before they got critical. With the basic plating. If you are in a clan you could check the sigma gear console. The MK3 is not amazing, but its cheap to build and could help a lot if you really need some added padding.
  3. Do have to say that this is a bit different. Like in real life you are not part of a co-op game. This is more like a member just peacing out during group paintball. One could expect everyone is there to at least try to play, not sitting back to let others do everything while claiming the rewards after.
  4. Keep things civil on your side, make screenshots, send those to support using the relevant topics. That is what you can do. I think "leeching" has a place, but when all members agree on it. At which point its no longer leeching anyway.
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