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  1. Paxis syandana yay. Its rare to get syandanas that work on Nova without clipping. And this one is even designed for her.
  2. Could this be changed to "on primary kill"? I tend to use Shotguns. Thanks.
  3. They actively chose to not have that option (announced that at the time). So don't think its gonna happen.
  4. Yes and? That is the weapon itself. The thing is that rivens do next to nothing to it. That is why they removed it from the table at the time.
  5. O helloo there old thread o mine. They link starts from time to time so honestly it would not surprise me they did another at some point when they feel like showing it. Though it will probably be other stats. Would not mind a yearly rollout though. It was fun to make those sheets.
  6. I doubt we get the full melee 3.0 update in that time. even more so cause there are at least 2 parts to go. So no. Melee rivens are still not in the next balance pass.
  7. They wont touch the Ninkondi because melee rivens are not in the riven balance pass yet so that is kind of duh moment...
  8. What? Where did I say Kohm usage was low? You are twisting things around in so many ways.
  9. Statistics are still statistics. Calling it bias because it does not fit your case at that point wont change that. Fact. 120% status rivens for the kohm generally only barely go over that count. Fact. The implecations of that going sub 120% hit WAY harder then a 20-5% effectiveness loss on a straight DPS weapon with DPS riven stats. These are not bias. you can measure and see them yourself in game. One player can play damage Kohm and another Status. But that wont make those points any less true.
  10. But you did already ^^ You could try, honestly. But you wont have a point that can win you anything. Its no direct purchase, as in you trade with platinum that was bought already. and the price was set between players. DE had nothing to do with that other then adding the scarcity. But that does not count in that. That + a boatload of other things makes it an unwinnable case. And to top it all off stats were noted as not being fixed from day 1. That alone is defense enough to cover them in. Trade at your own risk is the end result.
  11. Serious answer here. Kohm is a special case for now where a small dispo change would crash most, if not all, of the high status rivens as they would fall below 120%. and 120% is the thing that makes the Kohm so strong as far as the riven goes (for those that actually use its full potential at this time). So its a tightrope where there is small step down. Its either up there, or on the ground. No real in between as far as those builds go. Yes, there are other good builds, but unlike all other weapons, this is not just a small DPS drop we are talking about. So for now they opted to not nerf it. For now, at least. (I believe there is a second weapon that has this as well I believe, they were listed in the first round) Personally I would like to see DE increase its status so that the riven can get its nerfs in. a possible need would be to nerf the 12 pellet count as well to make up for the base buff as well. Anyway, its not exactly "bias and irrationality" cause the reason is very much rational.
  12. would I be sad if they do end up nerfing the Kohm, yeah, even more so because it would actually drop off hard unlike most others that just lose a insignificant amount of DPS. Is it the end of the world? Hell no. Bit of adapting and all is fine. But sure is lovely here innit.
  13. Is calling someone a white knight the best you can do?
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