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  1. Airwolfen

    Mouse and Keyboard

    On pc its 100% rebindable with 2 input options per action. Maybe they have never officially given it mouse and keyboard control on ps4 as that needs porting.
  2. Rarely fails for me. Then again. Maybe its because I solo most of the time
  3. You need to use the weapon launcher again and that puts it on cooldown.
  4. Tennogen has probably not been made available yet. They would need to make a deal with the creators and steam for that.
  5. Airwolfen

    "stop changing it" (Profit taker)

    It just changes over time automatically as well next to too much damage and operator mode. Whoever yells at you simply does not know what the hell they are doing and should maybe learn the mechanics better. Or else they are going to die from a salt overdose as people "keep changing it".
  6. Toxin hystrix only procs toxin. And will not deal toxin damage directly. And you cant status the profit taker so it wont do a thing.
  7. Neat. same build I ended up with. yeah its strong, but as others have said. Its like the tigris prime. Very high damage, but slow. Building it gas however is kinda BS. Like oneshotting a group of Corpus.
  8. Airwolfen

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    " Fixed K-Drive offsets appearing detached when out in Orb Vallis (appeared correct in Arsenal). " just kiddin, thanks for the fix
  9. Airwolfen

    Would Hysterix be good for spider mom?

    Still need to try try the fight. would have known otherwise. but the grind in another game goes first.
  10. Airwolfen

    suggestion: K-drives & operators

    They are looking to implement this. they just do not know yet how to handle some aspects of it. But they confirmed it to be very likely in a devstream.
  11. Airwolfen

    When to dodge and use transference?

    I just use them in a way I feel is right. dont really know of a "BEST" scenario for either. As immediately going back it could be they use one or two magus elevate to heal their frame
  12. Airwolfen


    Yeah them being only temp use is a bit of a disappointment.
  13. Airwolfen


    Only thing I think is stupid is the self damage. Its unnecessary and uncalled for. rest is fine really.
  14. they may have accidentally used an outdated model for the original shots.
  15. Even without the edit I could have told you that it was new. That is interesting.