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  1. I always liked playing baruuk, Got a bad rep because of his restraint mechanic. But if you get past that he is quite fun to play. And his 4 heavy dropkicks after the melee rework (and crit buff) are deadly.
  2. Its the way of Baruuk. High power strength, high crit (umbra mods), heavy attack build with corrosive. Only way the lich will survive the heavy attack is by it being resistant or immune to corrosive. And with resistance they still lose about 80% of their bar. Guess the biggest downside for most people will be is that they would have to play Baruuk.
  3. Level 1 Lich, Level 5 lich, There is no difference when you oneshot them all anyway. But what you get is people generally just not fathoming why one would take the slow route over the quick one. IMO, level 5 liches are still very easy to deal with, you just have to put some time into your loadout. So I sorta get why they react weirdly when someone refuses to go the fast route because of it. But for the mission it does not matter as much as long as the lich is dealt with asap.
  4. Interestingy, the later weapons sets with multiple stances don't have this issue. so DE fully knows about said issue, but never took steps to fix the older ones.
  5. @BlindStalker I GOT SUMMOOOOONED 10/10 would have made a chart again if I had the numbers. Sadly the one that got posted on stream tells us exactly... Nothing 😐
  6. Yeah Ok. With a riven. But its not that hard to gain the neccesary % on a Kuva kohm now as the minumum you need is 58% something and although its lower in stats you still get way more then that. So its not like the odds on a normal kohm. But yes, I should have mentioned that.
  7. I'd rather go with heat (well I did go with heat) Reason is that I really do not need more corrosive on my anti armor build. It gets shredded under half a second anyway. Heat is gonna be the element that will end up being the brunt of your damage. Even more so after u26 because of the proc buffs.
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