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  1. A game like Warframe will and should. Go up in intensity over time. Otherwise it'll just end up falling way below the current quality standards in gaming. Even in the past some players got left behind. But if that never had happened the game would probably been a lot less popular then it is now. Jupiter may work for you, at leadt better then the open worlds. But you still gotta have to look into a PC upgrade if you want to future proof your ability to play.
  2. Agreed. Like many frames can be build quite tanky. But oneshots can still happen in that mode. Like a lucky crit headshot. Like the revive mechanic as is is a bit harsh. But if 3 people get gheir head out of their overimportant behind then the run will be back to full efficiency in no time at low risk.
  3. Its like every other normal stream drop based on what they said.
  4. Yeah the Tennogen works need to be licensed to be brought to consoles. DE actually negotiates with the Tennogen creators themselves for that and probably steam as well. With that license they basically make a deal for payment over a certain number of sales DE expects to make on the skin. They do not get a live cut over each sale like what happens on steam. This is at least how I understand it from the first batch that went to console.
  5. Because on some frames it simply did not work well and they would need to edit it frame by frame with a system not designed to have it in the first place. so they removed it temporarely instead of leaving stuff broken. That was the right decision imo.
  6. Yeah that one takes really fine control. was lucky to get it in one go tough. But let be warn you, you are not going to like the mr 26 test if this one is harsh for you. Its the advanced version and also goes vertical.
  7. Then... Skip that mission? Sure its an elite, But you'll be fine even if you miss 2 elites every week. Even more now that Nightwave extends well beyond 10 weeks.
  8. Look. the guy made the comment minutes after the patch. I'm fine with criticism. and constructive feedback even more so. But at least have played what you bash.
  9. Have you tried it before raging about it?
  10. In that case... Leave the mission? As you say, its rare so it's not like it's a huge setback all the time. However excluding such spawns from specific missions is a no go.
  11. The umbral forma is a gimmick. We were fine when it didn't exist, We will be fine without.
  12. The armor is not eternally exclusive, when, how, unknown. But it will return.
  13. Yup. as long as you keep refreshing it's as stealthy as Ivara
  14. There may not be a suitable color in that set to reach that form at the start. Shouldn't be bugged at least as I always start in night form.
  15. I believe there is a limit on new accounts for when they can actually use the forums to post. Doesn't tell you about that though. Probably an anti-spam measure. As to when or how the block lifts? no idea. Originally could not post with my Ps4 account. but when I tried a bit later I could. Might have been a bug, But I think it was a limitation at play.
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